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Crown Mouldings



 Back to the misadventures of Cartmann99 and the fixer-upper house that she and Mr. Cartmann99 bought...

It's obvious that at some point in the past, this house had owners who loved it and tried to make improvements that would increase its value. For instance, someone put in a water softener system, a sprinkler system for the yard, a decorative rock area with drought resistant plants, and several raised plant beds. We also have six trees in our yard including two beautiful crepe myrtles and two pecan trees.

Then, someone decided that adding crown moulding to the kitchen and master bedroom would be nice. If you've ever put up crown moulding, you know that there is more to the job than just cutting it to size, and nailing it to the wall. When we bought this house, this is what the crown moulding looked like in the master bedroom:



Notice the ring of yellow glue between the ceiling and crown moulding, the visible nails, the dirty smears and fingerprints, and the complete absence of painters caulk where the moulding meets the wall and between the lengths of moulding. :doh: The wall color is ours, you can see a bit of the original dark grey paint peeking out underneath the moulding on the left side of the picture. 

Painting crown mouldings makes me cranky, it definitely doesn't come easily for me. Also, our central air died before I finished this room, and August in West Texas is a tad on the warm side. The crown moulding was subjected to some rather harsh language and some childish temper tantrums when I got frustrated at my progress and the temperature in the room. Still, I met my standard of "At least 50% better than it was". I apologize for the picture quality. Trying to get a good picture of white crown moulding next to a white ceiling is challenging for me. :pb_redface:


I forgot to get a before picture of the kitchen crown moulding, but it looked very similar to the before shot of the master bedroom. The previous owners chose a dark green color for the kitchen walls, but I chose to lighten up the room with a light yellow color.


I bought crown moulding for the bathroom last Fall. Sadly, it is still stacked up in the former dining room. At the rate I'm going, I'll be buried with an assortment of tools and with paint splatters on my feet. :dance:






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