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New tooth!

Elvis Presby


Sometimes I think I an keeping my dentist in business.  Maybe even providing his family with cars!  

3 weeks ago yesterday a crown lifted off while I was eating a Gusher.  I didn't notice it came off so I just chomped on the gusher while wondering why this particular gusher was so hard.  :my_confused:  

The next day I went to the dentist and he put a temporary crown on the tooth and decided to replace it with something more durable (this was the 2nd time this particular crown had come off).  The temporary was so nasty!  It always felt dirty.  I am sort of obsessive about brushing and flossing, but I had been told not to floss around the temporary so I tried to avoid it as much as possible.  From time to time, I just couldn't stand it any longer and had to floss.  When I did it smelled like ass!  Last night, I had dreams that the tooth was crumbling and I was trying to make it stay in place until I could get to the dentist.  This morning the first thing I did was make sure the temporary hadn't actually crumbled.

I say all that because I wan't to shout from the rooftop how happy I am to have my new, tougher, crown!  I can floss it to my hearts desire and it doesn't smell like ass!


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Oh, I'm a dentist's dream, too. I have never had any cavities and therefore no fillings or traditional crowns, and I was genetically blessed with good, hardy teeth... well, except for the ones that didn't ever make an appearance :pb_biggrin: I have congenitally missing adult upper laterals (the teeth between front teeth and canines) and I have had a dentist, cosmetic dentist, dental surgeon, and periodontist all on call over the years at various stages. I do have dental implants, but the left implant crown doesn't like to stay cemented to its post, so I have to go in once or twice a year when it feels loose to get it sandblasted and stuck back on.

Teeth are so glamorous, aren't they?

ETA: forgot to include my long-suffering orthodontist in the list, who dutifully followed instructions to torque my front teeth this way and that during three different braces-wearing experiments in order to move a root out of the way of the "overhead space" needed for the implants. Ugh.

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Elvis Presby


One thing I got very lucky about was having straight teeth.  Just that one thing, dentally speaking.  When I was in elementary school I got cavities like they were going out of style.  I even had an abscessed tooth when I was 8.  It had to be pulled, the area was cleaned and closed, and then a spacer was put in because my adult tooth was a long way from ready.  

I never really have new cavities anymore.  My dental issues come from old fillings breaking down or getting loose.  I do have some small "spots" that my dentist is watching, but so far so good.  Not to sound like a hippy, but lately I make my own toothpaste that is supposed to heal the spots and remineralize the teeth.

One of my children had to take a cardiac medicine for 10 years.  It is common knowledge among mothers that their heart children have dental problems.  Dentists even mention that the cardiac meds sometimes cause problems.  Cardiologists don't seem to think it does.  Anyway, my heart child has had several issues and he has an adult tooth that formed with no enamel.  None.  He is 13 years old and the next time that tooth needs work he will need a root canal and a crown.  

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    • Bluebirdbluebell


      6 hours ago, no fun funddie said:

      Am I the only one who found it strange that when the ‘Bowers Girls’ are mentioned by Hayley Lina isn’t in the photos. I think Hayley mentioned Lina in relation to how her and Carver first interaction with Cass. I can understand if Lina didn’t want to be photographed but it does seem a little like she’s ignoring her by praising the others. IMG_0179.thumb.jpeg.2bd1581e92ea5b491ace4e7a73da8265.jpeg

      I agree. I also think it's weird she's deciding who the "Bower girls" are, but then I hate the gender politics around last names anyway.

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      5 minutes ago, dawn9476 said:

      Was it known that Hannah was having a 2nd? I know social media is private, but it seems like stuff still comes out despite that.

      Wasn't she seen pregnant at Nurie's tea party? I am pretty sure she was seen somehow.

    • dawn9476

      Posted (edited)

      Was it known that Hannah was having a 2nd? I know her social media is private, but it seems like stuff still comes out despite that.

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      Yet another trip. She’s just like Jill Rod in this way. She never wants to be home with her kids. 


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      14 hours ago, postscript said:

      Thank you for moving this. Kelly, like Karissa Collins, is one who I’ve resisted following, even though some of the Facebook groups talk about her endlessly. But the horrifying birth story, followed by the over-the-top fable accompanied by carefully composed pictures of Kelly looking spiritual (seriously, where does she find the time? She has a new baby and two small kids!), sucked me in. She is weird in a completely different flavor than others we follow.

      One of her posts has a link to the retreat. Among agenda items - “time with baby Theresa” and the ability to try on and purchase prairie dresses made by Kelly. Does she really have followers who will go for this, or is it just going to be her and her besties admiring each other? 

      She is selling time with her baby? What the hell?

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