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Wednesday Wackiness



The Republican Debate and the must needed drinking game... someone promised some guidelines for the next one ... Jager... "PUKING JESUS" ... fundie faves... worst rabbit holes.... sweet, sweet, tea and 420... weather around the world.... best beer discussion.... Trump's Hair (The Entity).... Hall Pass Hotties.... Tumblr porn blogs... childbirth stories.... stretch marks.... followed by breast milk spraying and boob size discussion.     A lively Hump Day for everyone  :)

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How do I always miss the porn???  I gotta figure out a better plan lol


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Cannot believe I missed sweet, sweet tea and breast milk spraying!  Curse you, Perry the Platypus!  

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Funny, I didn't realize it was hump day and we were talking about hall pass lists. So appropriate. 

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Ya'll are tempting me to check chat out.  But I am grounding myself from doing so because Sunday is November and that means writing and I won't write if I am chatting.  

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I knew "puking Jesus" was coming back to haunt me! *blushes* :)

Just in case anyone wonders - the "puking Jesus" thing is my fault. I was that Catholic child who vomited in church, trying to get the wafer out of my throat. It tends to stick to the roof of your mouth and can be tricky to dislodge. I have a very finely honed gag-reflex, so using fingers triggered that. Since Catholics believe in transubstantiation, i.e.: the wafer literally becomes "the Lord"- I puked out Jesus. 

If you know the movie "Angela's Ashes", imagine my relief when I saw that, and realized that I'm not the only one who's had that happening to her! 


P.S.: In the meantime, I talked to my dad. Turns out, I remember it wrongly. None of the adults around me were concerned about "the Lord", in a puddle of child vomit. They were worried about the seemingly sick child.

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