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Hanging On By My Teeth

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A new perspective




At the end of December, 2014, I was forced out of my little duplex and sent scrambling for a place to live.  My own mother had decided that she would take my son in, but would not take me in.  This was not for any good reason that I could discern.  I am not a user of drugs or alcohol, nor a gambler.  I have always maintained employment.  I do not abuse anyone and I get along great with my mom.  She had just decided that she would rather I be homeless than help me.  It hurt very badly, because we had always been close, like best friends, and now she was basically dumping me onto the streets if I did not find somewhere to live.  A friend started a youcaring fundraiser to help me with moving and storage costs, but I knew I was skating a thin line between having a place, and living in my car or on the streets.

On the day after Christmas, a friend offered me a place to stay in the nick of time.  I would be able to live in her mom's house while the mom was in the hospital.  When the mom came home, I would be her nighttime caregiver in exchange for room and board.  I was incredibly grateful and knew how lucky I was. 

Going from a two bedroom, one bath duplex with lots of storage to one bedroom with no storage was my challenge.  I had managed to get rid of a huge debris bin (dumpster) full of stuff the previous May (therein lies a whole other story), but still had years of accumulated stuff to go through.  I was, of course, short on time, so I wasn't able to be thorough, but I paid to store what I ended up keeping.  I budgeted $500 per month; it ended up costing me $319 (which I'm still paying).

I came to the new place with my bed, my desk, a dresser, and my computer, and a few boxes of clothes and minimal other items.  I used the kitchen and jacuzzi occasionally and otherwise stayed in my room.  I saw my boyfriend daily and went to work daily and otherwise I basically avoided people.  I worked swing shift and spent many morning and weekend hours ensconced in my room, curled up in bed crying and depressed.  The depression crushed me so badly I felt like I couldn't get out of bed even if I wanted to.  I had my daughter with me on alternate weekends and even on those mornings with her I could barely get myself out of bed, which distressed her and worried my mom.

At some point... And I can't even pinpoint when it was... I came to the realization that I needed to see things differently.  Living by myself, away from my kids, really sucked.  But I had a boyfriend, friends and family members who loved me.  I had a job.  I was in relatively good health.  I don't know how it happened, but I started thinking differently, making the best of my situation.  My boyfriend and I cooked interesting new dishes that we found online, in the beautiful kitchen we had at our disposal.  I started spending more time out of the house when I had my daughter over for visits.  I went to the library.  I made an effort.

I don't know why I turned that corner, but I am convinced that doing so saved my life.

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    • Alisamer


      48 minutes ago, Antimony said:

      Thanks! I looked this up after posting but it was one that was super new to me. The Wiki likened it to coca leaves, but less widespread in use and purification.

      Kava is also a new drug about town that I learned of last week. The FDA has largely decided to ignore it because it's pretty safe. People are comparing to OTC Xanax. I've never had a Xanax but I have now tried Kava. Very mellow, body high, some physical feelings the same as novacaine and weirdest of all...Yogi tea sells  it. 

      I wish you could get dried coca leaves in the US, for tea. It's super common in the Andes especially in Peru, where you just toss a couple leaves into a mug, pour in some boiling water, and add some sugar if you want it. It doesn't get you any kind of high at all, and probably actually has about the same effect as caffeine. But it tastes nice and helps a little with headaches, in my experience. And it's said to prevent altitude sickness. 

    • JermajestyDuggar


      My 9 year old always tries to parent my 7 year old. It drives us crazy. My older sister grounded me when I was a toddler and she was 5. She definitely tried to parent me. Without success since I’m so damn stubborn. 

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    • sleepygirl1


      21 minutes ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      A lot of older fundie women have gotten married in the last few years. Elizabeth Frazer. Esther Staddon. Sarah Mally. Ruth Wissmann. Andrea Reins. 

      Now it’s time for Donald Staddon and the Arndt boys!

    • waltraute


      3 hours ago, Coconut Flan said:

      It doesn't work that way for drugs that are legal now.  You can't just request and get all the pain killers you want, no one is funding marijuana,  I think people are seeing that as a pie in the sky type thing that insurance simply will not fund.  There will be caps and limits in the US just like there are for almost all drugs.  I hate it sometimes that I was born practical, but so it is. 

      I can't even get an extra bottle of statin to take with me when I travel so I don't have to find a refill when I'm on the road. Insurance won't pay for it and the pharmacy won't fill it. I have to make a special appointment with my doctor (costs money) to get an extended subscription and then pay for it myself.

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    • JermajestyDuggar

      Posted (edited)

      1 hour ago, sleepygirl1 said:

      Nah when Sarah Malley got married I was holding on hope for all the over 30 singles. And then Hannah Girotti’s engagement confirmed it for me. I just didn’t think it would happen so soon.

      A lot of older fundie women have gotten married in the last few years. Elizabeth Frazer. Esther Staddon. Sarah Mally. Ruth Wissmann. Andrea Reins. 

      Edited by JermajestyDuggar

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    • BlackberryGirl


      The Berries were born in Highland Park Hospital. We went to the 4th of July Parade every year until we moved here. I’ve been crying all day. This is horrible. We are just waiting for a list of victims to make sure none of our old friends from those days were hurt. I HATE this.
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    • meep


      Already after the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, I was already NOT feeling 4th of July and felt it was ridiculous to celebrate. Now a mass shooting at a parade in a town nearby. Multiple fatalities. Everyone has to shelter in place in their homes, can't go outside, because shooter is still on the loose. Nearby towns canceling their celebrations due to public safety concerns. Wow guys, how free we are! What a great country we live in! Aren't you grateful for all this freedom?! /s
      The usa, what a fucking joke. 
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    • 47of74


      Yeah in my case he’d be even more ripped. 

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    • 47of74


      Had some bad news out of Dubuque today - 3 teenagers were killed in a one car accident where the driver had been speeding and flipped his car. 
      I feel so sorry for their families and friends now.  It also brought back painful memories for me and some of my classmates because my junior year of high school three of our classmates were killed in an accident as well.   One I had known since elementary school.
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    • moodygirl86


      Hey FJers, long time. Sorry I've not posted in like forever - life just sometimes gets in the way.
      During the lockdown, I did various temporary jobs (shelf stacking in Wilko, and also working from home doing call centre type stuff, including Test and Trace) but hope to go busking soon. I need to practise my set as my guitar/singing has got a bit rusty!
      Since I last posted, I have become a cat mum! My housemate with Lilith had to move abroad and wasn't able to take her with him, so I inherited her. She'll be two in August but still looks and acts like a kitten. I love her more than life itself.

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