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April 13-19, 2013 ~ #11 ~ Sincerity Winner



blog-mos-week11-sincerity.jpgPost of the week ~ 11 ~ Sincerity Winner


Congratulations Samurai_Sarah


Samurai_Sarah's post nominated by notacleverpony:


Oh, fantastic! A patronizing statement about why I left! I'll be back in church as soon as I've confessed, which will take a while. If I do it in instalments, I'll be able to make it back in June. Some poor priest might also need counselling afterwards- I haven't been in twenty years-, but hey, Abigail would be so proud of me, right? And now everything will be better.

Only, the absolute last straw for me, which drove me from lukewarm cafeteria Catholic to leaving, was that sometimes the RCC does precisely what it preaches. It is doctrinally sound to excommunicate the mother of a 9 year old pregnant rape victim for procuring a life-saving abortion. It is also doctrinally sound to excommunicate the doctor who performed the surgery. That doesn't make it any less of an asshole move. Especially, when taken together with the child-abuse within the RCC that they forgave themselves for, for decades. If it was confessed, it was doctrinally sound, but again, that doesn't make it right.

So, forget about me coming back to church, and giving that lot my money again. I understand why people stay. I understand the heartfelt belief. I also understand how someone can disagree, but stay. But the Vatican saying that oh, we've been a bit naughty, which is why people leave, is too simplistic and frankly, outright insulting. I have lots of reasons, but if I had to absolutely pick only one I'd say it's that the Vatican (not your average Catholic) is so far removed from its people, and so far up its own arse that it doesn't understand the meaning of the word "compassion" any longer, while getting lost in a jungle of dogma and doctrine. Thanks, but no, thanks. /end rant

P.S.: Apparently I do have stronger feelings about a church I grew up in, and once loved, than I thought.


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