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Another one is coming



And now for the latest attractions we have another storm coming up this weekend.

Starting out tomorrow with a wintry mix including freezing rain before transitioning over to all snow.   I've heard anywhere from four to ten inches this weekend by the time it comes to an end on Sunday. 

Just what we need.  More snow.

Dear Mother Nature,

Please stop now.

Thank you



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    • EmmieJ


      3 hours ago, HerNameIsBuffy said:

      Mass was always torture for me, but as someone who takes a lot of comfort in ritual I miss that.  

      I don't miss sitting through mass but sometimes I would like to simply go back to the church I attended growing up, at a time when no mass or other service was going on, to sit quietly and take in the sights and scents.  As a child, when I was bored and just counting the minutes until mass was over, I would look at the various scenes depicted in the stained glass windows that went all around the church.  There were always flower arrangements near the altar, and the scent of candles.  I still occasionally go in to light a candle to offer up a prayer.

    • BadMurphy


      Yeah the timing of the graduation is especially delicious. 

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    • EmmieJ


      8 hours ago, formergothardite said:

      Basically claiming they tried to warn people about the evil that computers can bring. 

      I'm so tired of fundies dodging blame for their own bad choices.  It's either Satan or the devil made them do it, or computer access, or rock music, or women who show their collar bones in public, or, or, ...   They run away from personal responsibility like it's rabies.  

      So how do they reconcile that I, a spiritual but otherwise non-religious person who doesn't belong to any church, doesn't read the bible, is unmarried and working out in the evil world, listen to heathen music, etc. - still do not commit illegal or evil acts?  I just wish they would simply say, for example, "we are saddened to learn that Josh Duggar has been charged with a very serious crime against children.  We hope justice will prevail and if found guilty, he deserves to be imprisoned for his crimes."  Full stop.

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    • HerNameIsBuffy


      17 minutes ago, Jackie3 said:

      Are you saying you are certain a Duggar minor has been sexually abused? Because I believe the FJ rules prohibit such speculation. 

      I missed it on redacting the information.  This was posted before the latest modbox on it.

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    • SassyPants


      I knew he’d graduate. It seems he has snapped back to reality. Now he needs to get a job and stick with it. He needs to be the role model of decent, engaged, contributing  citizen and neighbor that Jill has seemingly never had.

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  • Recent Status Updates

    • Jasmar


      My uncle just died from COVID. He wasn’t that much older than I am, so I kind of grew up with him. Just ten days ago my mom had been pleading with him to get vaccinated, but he wanted to wait to make sure the shots were really safe. I’m kind of devastated.
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    • PumaLover


      I just found out my little bonus kid is in a treatment center on a suicide watch tonight. He and I share a hobby and a couple weeks back he opened up to me that he's severely depressed and was wanting to hurt himself. I let his parents know and thankfully he had also been talking to them. I'm just heartbroken because him being in this center means that his parents had to call 911 and have him admitted and I know that was so hard for them to do. He's a young kid and has his whole life ahead of him but just wants to end it all and I don't know how to help him. 
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    • HerNameIsBuffy


      Middle aged woman with mommy issues...but missing her today.
      She got so much wrong with me, but she had the best intentions and tried so hard. 
      She got so much right, too.  I forget that sometimes.  Sometimes I remember and dismiss it out of spite.  
      “They did the best they could with the tools they had.”  I forgot where I first heard that but I’ve carried it with me like a mantra since my parents passed.   They truly did.  Whatever else was missing, whatever I needed that they couldn’t give, the love was always there.  

      That’s something.
      My confidence in my own abilities.  Faith in my own power.  My own strength.  They gave me that, too.
      That’s also something.  
      They’re why I’m messed up, but they’re also why I’m okay.  
      Shit’s complicated.
      She died before I figured out how smart she really was.  Sad thing is I don’t think ever figured that out for herself.  
      Ignore me - just crying in my car waiting to pick up my son.  

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    • CuttySark


      The nice thing about posting about Jewish history is how quickly it flushes out the antisemites. 😘
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    • choralcrusader8613


      I've been feeling a shitload of this for a while now about various types of Christians tbh.

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