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Notes on PP's dumb movie, pt 1

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AKA Beyond Jordan

- I’ve gotta say, the aerial shots are enjoyable.

- PP says the goal of the trip is to visit as many biblical sites as possible. I do not believe that showcasing the holy land was ever the only goal of the film from the very beginning based on what I already know. Like the #FreePalestine he attached to the description of the film on Youtube.

- PP isn’t even 100% sure the Israeli govt will let him in.

- Watching PP and Roger Jimenez joke about all of the countries PP has been banned from is eye roll worthy. It’s not really something to be proud of.

- Airplane shots are pure filler. We get a shot of a random Jewish guy donning tefillin on the plane.

- They let PP in. It’s almost as if he’s not as important and (in)famous as he thinks he is. 🙄

- The generic ~eastern~ music is predictably here to remind us we’re in the Middle East.

- PP washes his face with water from the Jordan river. He says it’s kind of salty.

- Listening to Jimenez preach at Herod’s fortress is such a snooze fest.

- We see the Dead Sea and a member of PP’s entourage points out how there is all this salt on the shore, but the first thing I see is litter. PP dives in headfirst and gets salt in his eyes. They all then proceed to float in the Dead Sea like you’re supposed to, and it’s supposedly one of the weirdest things EVER. 🙄

- They go to the Church of the Nativity and PP manages to avoid making an ass of himself on camera. We get to hear the tour guide sing the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic which his kinda neat.

- PP gives Bethlehem’s water a rave review.

- PP moans about all of the idolatry in Bethlehem and the “false religion.”

- I start passing skipping the mini sermons that come with each site around this point.

- At Petra PP talks about why he was hesitant to visit the holy land before now; He doesn’t support the “modern, fake state of Israel.” Blah, blah, blah. Then he goes into how all of the sites they’ve visited so far aren’t even in Israel. He makes it a point to tell the viewers that at this point, they haven't even gone to Israel and everything we’ve seen so far has been in Jordan or Palestine.

- They hit the rewind button to show us how this trip REALLY went. They arrived in Amman, Jordan and crossed into the West Bank.

I paused at this point because I'm tired and can only watch the Pisser for so long. The film is almost 2 hrs long. I can tell the focus is probably shifting from "look at all of these cool holy sites" to PP whinging about Israel real soon.

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I'm not doing a part 2 because it would be pointless. It's just extra footage. I still stand by my belief that this film is meant to double as a political statement that is laughable because PP doesn't care about others, and doesn't have the critical thinking abilities to take on a subject like a geopolitical conflict in any meaningful way. I think we all know that already, though.

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  • Posts

    • JenniferJuniper


      To me, the pre-bedtime rave seems more radical than enrolling a five year old in kindergarten.

      Jill comes from a family that freaked out when toddler Jackson wiggled his little butt to a musical baby toy.   HE'S NOT DANCING, HE'S JUMPING FOR JOY!!!  Granted, Dullard comes from a much more mainstream background and he is her headship, but still. 

    • I'd love to see her go to school, even if not necessarily in nursing/midwifery. Do we know this is something she actually wants to do, or was it something she latched onto as one of the few "acceptable" careers in their lifestyle? Maybe she'd take some entry level classes and discover that her true calling is, like, marine biology or something.

    • Itsjustme


      It's pretty funny that he thinks he's being so smug by calling people "seatbelt nazis" which would suggest he thinks people are being controlling. Ironic isn't it?

      In his defense, the word nazi n the 80's was considered a funny thing to refer to people who were pushy, bossy, or controlling. It came from The Seinfeld Show. becasue of a character at the deli they went to was called the "soup nazi" There is a clip of it on you tube.

    • Ozlsn

      Posted (edited)

      11 hours ago, Smee said:

      Your rules are very straightforward and sensible life rules, where’s the crazy shit that comes with joining a cult and taking away people’s autonomy?

      In my cult:

      - no bacon. Yeah, I said it. You want bacon you can move off the compound and go to hell with all the other unenlightened non cultists. Vegetarianism is encouraged but not enforced.

      - all men are required to learn to sew and will be responsible for repairing clothing

      - no speaking between 9 and 11pm. That’s silent time for reading, art, or other creative activities. Listening to music with headphones is allowed.

      - chocolate must be Cadbury, or Lindt. No Nestle and DEFINITELY no Hersheys

      - no sex on Tuesdays 

      - we wear at least one blue item each day

      - potential punishments for disobedience of cult rules include listening to the Hamster Dance on repeat for 24 continuous hours and being served cold baked beans for meals

      In order to join each successive level of the inner eschelon you must write responses to 43 key selection criteria, and respond to the Holy Leaders questioning and criticism of your responses through the medium of interpretive dance.

      Edited by Ozlsn
    • Giraffe

      Posted (edited)

      15 minutes ago, feministxtian said:

      50 bucks says she goes back to school as soon as Sam starts kindergarten...any takers? 

      Completely agree. I’m reading way too much into them enrolling Izzy in PS,  but I hope this means they’re done having kids and as soon as Sam goes full-time Jill will enroll in school that eventually leads to nursing school. 

      Edited by Giraffe

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