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About this blog

Because Livejournal is dead and Tumblr stopped being fun a long time ago.

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Notes on PP's dumb movie, pt 1

AKA Beyond Jordan - I’ve gotta say, the aerial shots are enjoyable. - PP says the goal of the trip is to visit as many biblical sites as possible. I do not believe that showcasing the holy land was ever the only goal of the film from the very beginning based on what I already know. Like the #FreePalestine he attached to the description of the film on Youtube. - PP isn’t even 100% sure the Israeli govt will let him in. - Watching PP and Roger Jimenez joke about all of the coun



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    • CyborgKin


      Me: posts something about cats.
      My postcount title: "Ministering to Heathen Cats"
      So that was unplanned but well timed.
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    • 47of74


      Yeah I still wanna visit the old country some day.....
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    • 47of74


      Seen on FB this morning 

      Also know as if your family tree does not fork...
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    • PumaLover


      OK folks–because of the dishware thread drift on JillRod, for the first time in my life, I will have a set of MATCHING DISHES!!! I will finally have my beloved Fiesta Ware! I'm 41 and finally feel like a grownup. I'm so excited!
      · 3 replies
    • 47of74


      Still having the worst potater salad hankerings so I had to get my fix. 

      · 5 replies
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