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Finding Fran

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The Loop



Here's the loop I find myself in:

Everyone believes they're right.
Everyone can prove it by Scripture.
But too often, people use Scripture to come to diametrically opposing conclusions.
So who's right?
I don't know.
It's impossible to figure it out.
And I'm afraid of getting it wrong and going to hell.

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  • Posts

    • mango_fandango


      I’ve heard of Etsy but never actually used it. Imma go explore...

    • freefromthin


      4 hours ago, quiversR4hunting said:

      first, thank you for sharing your tough road with RF. 

      About the book above, what was this about? Did she use sources to how she came to this history? Just by the titles, these 2 history books seem very odd to me.

      You're welcome. I lurked for MONTHS before I finally decided to create a profile. I've been following the threads and they really helped me when I was transitioning out of WD. As for the "history", she tells the story of God and the fall of Satan. She likens God to a CEO and Satan as an employee who wanted to usurp God and sit on His throne. She talks about being plugged into the "mainframe computer" and things like that. It was a very difficult read, and from what I could tell she didn't actually cite scripture. If someone knows differently, feel free to correct me, but it seemed like more of a novel than an actual theological reference. I still have two of her books on Kindle because I can't figure out how to delete them. The first time she revised her ORIGINAL book, it received a lot of praise. In it she talks about getting into a church with TRUE shepherds and people who want to follow God. The books end with information about RF and seem to encourage people to join or at a minimum check it out. Many of the books also have a weight loss graph that you can plot out. This was helpful for reporting our weight loss to the class coordinators. 

      4 hours ago, Marmion said:

      Needless to tell you this falls under information control   , especially these parts .  


      YES! We were encouraged to listen to ONLY WD materials. When you listen to a radio station with her teachings, then read the books then do her Bible studies, then listen to various teachings (all on the All Access app that I think they got rid of) you WILL HEAR wait for the growl, focus on hunger and fullness, do not binge, etc so it DOES affect the way that you THINK about food among other things. She also taught about marriage, getting under authority, not having any expectations, etc. 

    • NachosFlandersStyle


      33 minutes ago, danvillebelle said:

      And, and, and - I could spend a gozillion dollars there.  

      And art prints, and fabric, and hand-dyed yarn-- I could too. I have a wishlist a mile long. Lucky for my bank account, I'm nervous about buying clothes I haven't tried on.

      I also own a couple of fine rings from etsy sellers. I'm very, very picky with jewelry and I like that I can look at so many options and even request something customized.

    • freefromthin


      2 hours ago, Blue said:

      Is this in the book? Or a video? And follow-up, if I may. Could I get a copy of that page?

      It's a video. It was in the Revolution class, so I can't access it. I was very surprised, but I listened to those videos several times. I wish I could remember which lesson it was, because the classes are broken up into weekly courses, but sadly, I cannot.

      3 hours ago, AmazonGrace said:

      Gwen usually puts a "read more in Book Titled Pompously" at the end of her devotionals and I am assuming she's naming the source. I haven't usually posted those because I don't want to encourage people to buy her books :)

      That's a great point! I definitely don't want to encourage people to read them in any way. Back when I was in the classes, I told everyone who would listen that WD "worked". Several people that I introduced to her books told me that they stopped reading them because of the condemnation that they felt. Gwen would often say that there was no legalism in WD, but most people struggled with feeling "guilty" because they couldn't stick with the program.

    • AussieKrissy


      12 minutes ago, Bethella said:

      I'm way behind on reading threads but I didn't find any results talking about the family when I searched. Is there any indication that they're fundy?

      No there is not, but it would not surprise me