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Finding Fran

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The Loop



Here's the loop I find myself in:

Everyone believes they're right.
Everyone can prove it by Scripture.
But too often, people use Scripture to come to diametrically opposing conclusions.
So who's right?
I don't know.
It's impossible to figure it out.
And I'm afraid of getting it wrong and going to hell.

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  • Posts

    • Georgiana


      44 minutes ago, AnnaSofia said:

      Just ran across this... it's from back in 2017, but seeing Dougie described as "Soul Alchemist Man" is just too priceless not to post:


      I like how they comment on how he has "such vision".  Yeah, he used to have a whole forum full of "vision", but look how that turned out.  

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    • VelociRapture


      1 hour ago, backyard sylph said:

      Am I wrong for being sort of disgusted by the term rainbow baby? It's really okay to tell me if I am, and I'll do my best to repent. I can't quite nail down the words to explain why, but I am making this face: 😖 But if someone here thinks of their child that way, of course I'm happy for you, and who doesn't like rainbows?

      I think of my daughter like this at times. I had a tough time emotionally after losing my first pregnancy and spent my pregnancy with my daughter worried something would go wrong again. I’m pregnant right now and struggling with anxiety over something going wrong because something has gone wrong during my two prior pregnancies - there’s legitimate precedent for worrying. The rainbow baby term is helpful for me because it’s just a little reminder that things turned out ok for us after our loss and that our daughter is doing well after her premature birth. I know there are parents out there who have suffered pregnancy or child loss who don’t like the term and prefer not to use it, so it’s not a term I’d go around using for anyone else unless I know they like it. It’s a personal thing and I think each family’s opinion should be respected in regards to whether it’s used or not. 

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    • Flossie


      Seriously, what does it look like when a person this vapid and narcissistic look like when they're 75?

      Do they have photo albums of themselves photoshopped with celebrities and make excuses for why they never call?

      Do they send flowers to themselves and claim they're from prominent people who aren't allowed to visit due to security concerns?

      Does their family never visit because they're in Witness Protection?

      She won't even be able to keep a pet because:

      * The dogs run off when they realize they'll be blamed for every fart and burp, they'll have to wear OTT outfits, they'll never get taken for walks, and she's calling them by the name of her latest celebrity crush while expecting them to eat her broccoli and take her meds for her instead of feeding them.

      * The cats stalk off when they realize she can't be trained and are offended by her lack of scritches and she tries to hide her meds in their wet food.

      * The birds starve to death when she covers their cage and forgets to uncover it again.  Ever.

      * The goldfish die when she poisons their water by throwing her meds in it.  Or they watch what happens to the dogs, cats, and birds, and toss themselves out of the water for a quick death on the floor while she's busy photoshopping herself into pictures with the latest celebrity.

      * They all think the horse got off lucky.

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    • VeryNikeSeamstress

      Posted (edited)

      Maybe they're angels because they're eggs that never got to become chicks?

      Ridiculous nonetheless.

      Edited by VeryNikeSeamstress
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    • singsingsing


      Bonnie Engstrom is going in for her C-Section tomorrow. She talks about the fact that if they wait any longer, they're risking uterine rupture or stillbirth. I really hope that after this pregnancy she goes the Jen Fulwiler route and magically becomes perfect at NFP. How a woman with several young children risking her health and her life because celibate old men decided birth control is satanic is beyond me. The Bible also says that women are supposed to give birth in pain, and Christians used to cling to that belief as well, but now I don't see the Catholic Church banning epidurals, so... 🤷‍♀️

      Anyway, again, I really hope all goes well for her tomorrow. Her new website/blog is bonnieengstrom.net, by the way.