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Finding Fran

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The Loop



Here's the loop I find myself in:

Everyone believes they're right.
Everyone can prove it by Scripture.
But too often, people use Scripture to come to diametrically opposing conclusions.
So who's right?
I don't know.
It's impossible to figure it out.
And I'm afraid of getting it wrong and going to hell.

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  • Posts

    • CheapParamedic


      So in Ricks latest driving video he ran over what looked like a dog, he didn't acknowledge it just said oh I must of ran over something. The video is still up and it was posted over 16 HOURS AGO. I can't deal with these people!

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    • allthegoodnamesrgone


      People are assholes. I've never understood hounding couples about having a child, or more children,  or comment on trying for this gender or that gender. Just tell them their kids are cute and be done with it. The rest is no one else's business. 

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    • Scrabblemaster


      Grocery shopping became stressful for me. I loved to shop groceries, but during the last couple of months I was always in a bad mood afterwards. There is a wall of text under the spoiler, I had no intention to write that much. Only read it, if you want to. 


      It started when one shop rearranged their aisles. The are now arranged like a snail's house...they even presented maps at the entry!11!! I mean come on, if you need a MAP for your customers to find their ways in your store...you should have made it less difficult. It is the store where we can find special things that we don't need every day. But it is too  expensive to buy our basic groceries.

      Normally I bought most of our things at ALDI,  but I wanted to reduce our plastic and I got lazy and wanted to shop everything in one store.

      Which brought me to store nr3. They have more variety in fruits and vegetables but the staff is not very polite and on more than one occasion the cashier forgot to scan the coupon or the reduced price for items. Going back to interrupt them after I realized it, was,well, not that great.  Aaand they have a butcher's shop inside where we started to buy our meat. But their staff is horrible. Nearly every time we went there they were impolite or rude. I understand if they are stressed during stressful times in the evening hours or on Saturdays, but they were pretty much rude no matter when we were there. Last time we were there I cried when we were at home and I promised that I would never go back to them. I talked with different people about my experience to check if I was the problem, but they told me about similar occasions. (I had a rough year 2019 and I wanted to check if I got too sensible or if I am a difficult customer (when I ordered 100g ham the lady was pissed and snapped at me how many slices I wanted, I answered 100g I don't know and she said again 'how many slices' and I panicked and said 12. I mean it should be her job to know this or just weigh the ham until there are 100g.) . I'm sorry for this rant I don't know how I got there but now I feel better. 

      I want my good grocery-shopping-mood back. I need a fresh start. 

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    • Pleiades_06

      Posted (edited)

      30 minutes ago, Giraffe said:

      WTF does it being a small store have to do with it?!? 

      Aren’t there laws about going barefoot in stores??

      And Rachel Day commented that, now that Thomas works, he pays the gas bill and and Asher has taken over buying bread. For fuck’s sake, just let those kids be KIDS. Let them save for their own futures.

      Edited by Pleiades_06
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    • front hugs > duggs


      My husband and I have been married about 3.5 years and have purposefully not conceived. I'm very grateful that my dad is a self-absorbed ass who would never think to ask me or pressure me in any way (he WILL think that when/if I do get pregnant that he's too young to be a grandfather, even though he will be in his 60s+). My in-laws I think would like us to have kids now, but they live across the pond and also already have other grandkids, so we don't actually get pestered about it really. 

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