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Paradigm Lost

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The Sin of Christmas

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I remember being about two years old (I have a long memory) and watching my dad plug in Christmas lights. That was probably the last year our family celebrated Christmas. 

Both my parents grew up celebrating holidays like most of middle-class America, but as they began their slide into fundie-dom they started reading tracts and booklets about the evils of holidays. They believed that Christmas, Easter, and Halloween were evil throwbacks to paganism that had been perpetuated by the Catholics (who, of course, weren't "real Christians"). I'm linking here to something similar to the many booklets we had around the house: http://blowthetrumpet.org/AChristmasDefenseHowGodsPeopleJustifySin.htm

This refusal to celebrate holidays set my family apart, even from the fundamentalist Christians we associated with, and definitely caused a lot of confusion when people casually asked us kids what we were doing for Christmas, and we told them we didn't "do Christmas." We got asked a lot if we were Jehovah's Witnesses, since that's who usually comes to mind as not celebrating holidays. Sometimes people asked if my parents were Christian, because the idea of a Christian not celebrating Christmas was so astonishing. 

Birthdays were only grudgingly allowed: we normally had just a family gathering, similar to the Maxwells' descriptions of their birthday celebration. It was often pointed out that the only birthdays mentioned in the Bible were the birthdays of evil men (Pharaoh and Herod). Also it was seen as being likely to draw to much attention to one person and make them self-centered. 

This story has a bit of a happy ending, at least for me. After I left home, I embraced holidays with a vengeance. Christmas was amazing, my children got Easter baskets from my in-laws, Halloween was a pure delight of dressing my kids and taking them trick-or-treating. Now that I've left Christianity, I still look forward to the holidays. Christmas/Yule/Winter Solstice--whatever it's called, it's a time of joy and giving and yummy food. Halloween--it's a joy to watch my children enjoy what I didn't, with no fear of "Satan" to hinder their steps. The cycle of the seasons is cause for celebration, even if "Easter" isn't really a thing for me. And I want my children to feel special on their birthdays: to know that they're important and valued.

This rejection of holidays stemmed from anti-Catholic and anti-Pagan attitudes. It was promoted as being "God's way," but all the tracts reviled Catholics and Pagans, making it obvious that the real problem was with other people's belief systems. Of course, we were the ones with the "right" understanding of the Bible. As with everything else. 

Nowadays, my parents still don't celebrate religious holidays, except for having or attending a Thanksgiving meal (apparently there's some justification in the Bible for "a day of thanks," don't ask me). They are free to do whatever they want on the holidays; meanwhile, at my house, there will likely be a delicious dinner cooking and a living room full of loved ones. 

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  • Posts

    • under siege


      12 hours ago, Justsum1twothree said:

      I believe I saw someone say something like they were concerned about their safety with them living in a small town and having to wait for first responders if Rachel Day showed up, well, I remember Andrea saying something about them practicing shooting. They most likely have guns of their own as do most people in Wyoming. So, as far as Rachel Day showing up at their house uninvited, good luck with that. 

      I don’t know which video I heard it but does anyone remember Tom talking about a family friend with a disability (Autism maybe?) that was going to help out? I wonder if maybe that is why Rachel is hyper focused on them. Maybe he was talking about her? I don’t have the time to try and find him saying that but I wish I could! 

      That was me. The townsfolk may be armed but it only takes seconds for certain things to happen.  Not that I'm wishing that upon any family but it can happen.   It's been a concern of mine since before Andrea's passing. Way too much is shared on social media nowadays, even if a YouTuber believes they are being about where they live, regular events/activities etc.

      When Andrea passed, a youtube fan set up a fundraiser (t-shirts etc), and an Instagram account that posted pics of all the kids (plus Andrea's siblings and their families!!) taken from Andrea's facebook pages including her private one.  She was also commenting in lives promoting the fundraiser.  People didn't react well to it at all. Tom came to her defence saying she was a friend/fan (he switched between the two), that she meant well but it wasn't something he had authorised.
      This wasn't Rachel and Tom mentioned this person had autism or similar.

    • Aine

      Posted (edited)

      12 minutes ago, AuntCloud said:

      Are little Islas called Islets? Asking for a friend.

      I'll ask the archipelago of them in my life and get back to you! 🤔


      ETA: SUPEER weird. I just tried to go to the 'crime' section of People.com and usually my it automatically goes there but I must have hit a button or something and it took me to the main page. No biggie; I'll go to crime from there but I saw one of those crazy stories about a woman (a model actually) not knowing she was pregnant and giving birth to a full-term baby on the toilet. Click on it because those stories are very "wtf" and terrifying to me all at once...and the baby's name is Isla!


      Edited by Aine
      See ETA because weird coincidence
    • AuntCloud


      1 hour ago, Aine said:

      Isla is very popular these days. I'm Australian but live in the US and the name Isla had an exponential rise in Australia in the mid-2000s. I graduated high school in 2006 and I have 4 fairly close friends around my age (+/- 1 year) who have daughters named Isla. When I was a clinician in Australia, I had multiple clients or family cases with a child named Isla. One of my friends with a daughter named Isla, who started primary school (elementary school) in late January this year said there are 2 other girls named 

      It has been in the Top 10 most popular names in Australia since 2016 and in the Top 10 in the UK since 2012 and hasn't left either one yet. That is per government reported name stats- not a source like Nameberry or a news article reporting a sensationalist Nameberry post titled something like 'Khaleesi and Kylo the most popular names of 2017!'. I made that one up somewhat but Pamela and Linda are masters of the sensationalist headlines and bringing them to the attention of journalists on a slow news day and if you read the article carefully, you realize they're reporting the most searched names on their site in a time frame of 'so far this year' or 'for the year'. But it generates a tonne of traffic to whatever news site posts it  I think it's a pretty name. Too popular for me and I have too many tiny Islas born to friends to add another one ever, but I like the less frilly girl's names having their turn. I think they're beautiful in their simplicity. But I guess my generation really does too so it makes sense haha 


      Are little Islas called Islets? Asking for a friend.

      • Haha 3
    • mango_fandango


      Ooh yeah she does look amazing! 
      I’ve never been very adventurous with my hair, the only real thing I’ve done was get it cut from boob length to shoulder length. That reminds me, I need to get it cut again. It’s much easier to deal with when it’s short. 

    • allthegoodnamesrgone


      It is no shave November, I wonder if they know what the meaning behind it is?  I just hope that they are keeping each other company during this time when they should be having baby #2. 


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