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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Another Guest Post: The Bachmanns

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The Bachmanns have their own save game (i.e. not the same one as the Smiths). I also put them on Long lifespan, for the lolz. They live in Newcrest, which ships as a blank hood. I created a restaurant, library and gym. Currently, they're the only household, aside from neighbours the Hensleys. The parents are Sarah and Matthias and the kids are Emma and Daniel. There's nothing really in-game to suggest this, but I wanted them to have a German-sounding name, so I've chosen names that work in both English and German (many names currently popular in Germany are names like Mia, Sophia, Emma, Ben, Finn, Noah rather than what one might think of as sooper-German like Friedrich or (idk) Annaliese or something).

Sarah is in the Astronaut career; as of my last save, she is level 6. Here she is playing with the microscope. Sadly, due to financial reasons, I had to sell it (bills are super high in Sims 4, way more than previous versions, think at least 2000 Simoleons as opposed to around 200-400+ for previous games).


Matthias is a Chef, and was practising his Mixology skill when Sarah told him she was pregnant with Emma. He went "WHAA?" and laughed rather nervously. (Funnily enough, when she was pregnant with Daniel he was less surprised and more happy).


Matthias visited San Myshuno. Yes, this is him talking to a toilet. A speaking toilet. Sims, eh?


Casually chilling with some drinks.


A serving plate of kebabs on the edge of the bath. Because why not?


Talk Like A Pirate Day! So they dressed up appropriately. Emma also makes her first appearance! Sadly, she appears to be using her diaper.


Matthias juggles bottles, whilst Sarah uses flash cards with Emma.


Dance party!


I also created a little kids' playground. Matthias and Emma visited when it was cold. I love Emma's little hat! 


Emma pretended she was on some sort of pirate ship with the toddler playground. Matthias got involved! I loved the little animations that popped up when I was playing as Emma.


Matthias and Emma visit the Hensleys. Mom is Ellen, dad is Jacob, and the kids are Hugo and Lara.


Whee! Matthias plays with Emma.


Toddler Playdate time!


Harvestfest, which is a festival that comes with the game. I added the tradition of wearing costumes. Darth Vader cooked the Grand Meal.


Sarah dressed as a French maid and Emma wore a little "monster" costume; toddlers don't have many options.


Neighbourhood Brawl Day randomly popped up. Matthias went out, and randomly picked a fight with someone. They then hugged to make up. Sims is weird.


The whole family visited the Romance Festival.


Sarah's a wannabe astronaut, so it's only natural she wants to build a freaking ROCKET SHIP in her garden.


Yet another Matthias and Emma photo. I swear Sarah does play with her kid!! I don't take as many photos with my non-fundie families; this is just how things ended up.


Hmm, I wonder where Emma could be...


Winterfest present opening time!


Ping! Another baby! Daniel is in the yellow outfit.


Playing together at the dolls' house.


Smoochin' time!!



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  • Posts

    • Peaches-n-Beans


      On 9/22/2020 at 8:16 PM, Glasgowghirl said:

      Thought that too, she has made a few posts recently that have rubbed me up the wrong way. Anna never really bothered me before but she seems bitter about not being on the show any longer and not getting the attention she once got. People have also pointed out she made a post congratulating Justin on his courtship but no post for Nathan and Nurie, she was blocking people for mentioning them. 

      As tone deaf as some of the duggars and their spouses are I don't think any of them are so tone deaf as to not realize what people mentioning Nurie and Nathan were after. I really think 99% of the people who mentioned them on her instagram posts were hate followers just trying to stir the pot. Which 1) why do people do this it never does anything but prove to them that theyre the persecuted ones and 2) if I knew my brother's future mother in law was that star struck and obsessed with my in laws (enough to emphasize my brother's relationship to my in laws) I would be mighty hesitant to make a public post that she could see. 

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    • elsiedindin


      So in English “saint” and “holy” are two different words with distinct connotations, but that’s not the case in Latin (or French, Spanish, Italian...) 

      The word “sancta” is merely the Latin word for “holy” — so Holy Elijah or Holy Ruth. The English language is just making  a distinction here that other languages don’t. And in an English-speaking Catholic context you are not incredibly likely to hear either “saint” or “holy” attached to the prophets/leaders of the Old Testament. Maybe “blessed Elijah” or blessed Ruth”.  I think the only time I’ve heard OT figures referred to as “saints” would have been in an old-fashioned devotional prayer with really excessively flowery language, probably not very well translated from Latin/French/Spanish/Italian.

    • 47of74


      9 hours ago, Flossie said:

      A man I know loves to think of himself as a BBD (Big Bad Dude), but I've seen him cry when a neighbor refused to put their dogs in the house so he could walk by. 

        Reveal hidden contents

      The dogs ran up towards the street, but stopped several feet back to bark at the new guy and the new dog walking by.  The neighbor was working on his car in the driveway, so BBD told him to put the f****** dogs away. The neighbor apparently took exception to BBDs language and told him the dogs wouldn't get any closer because he had an underground electric fence and the dogs knew that to go closer would shock them, but if BBD was worried, he could simply cross the street and walk over there.  BBD returned home crying that he was sure his dog would be permanently scarred from the experience.  The dog has shown no sign of trauma, but BBD now refuses to walk the dog because the mean neighbors are, well, mean.  Now if the dog gets exercised, it's if BBD takes it to a park and plays fetch with it.  That doesn't happen very often.

      BBD also loves to wear a handgun in a strap facing backwards under his arm.  He's ready to defend himself if need be.  But he can't get the strap on by himself, he needs help.  I'm not sure if he really needs help or if he just likes to have his SO help him so she'll know he's a manly dude ready to protect them.

      He's overweight, so in order to pull the gun he would have to lift his left arm away from his body while his right hand is reaching for the gun.  I know this because he tried to demonstrate for me how fast he could pull his gun and he was obviously fumbling to find the handle.  I swear he'd probably never tried to pull the gun before because he didn't realize his arm flab got in the way.

      The gun is supposed to be pointed towards the ground, but he has it pointed straight backwards.  Anyone standing behind him could get shot in the upper torso if it were to go off.  A short person or half grown child might just get shot in the head.  And this gun could go off, because BBD doesn't keep the safety on.  He says he carries it locked and loaded, but I wouldn't know because I won't go near the thing.  

      On top of that, he has small children in the house, and although he keeps the gun in the bedroom, he doesn't have a gun safe.  It's put on a high shelf, out of sight but otherwise easy to access.

      The number of things that could go wrong is astounding to me.

      Ya mean something like this?


    • 47of74


      9 hours ago, Flossie said:

      Oh, you sweet summer child.  Even I know what the drunken fool meant.  I bet you are just playing along, but if not, the woman was asking for a fireman to come over and use his personal hose (penis) to put out her fire (desire for sex).

      Now I have a story to tell about a woman suddenly experiencing burning genitalia.  I'm not sure if it's true, but my friend insisted it happened.  She was a teen and was staying the night with a friend (the friend also insisted the story was true).  The dinner that night was Mexican food.  The father liked his food hot, so he was chopping up hot peppers for anyone who wanted to spice up their meal.  After dinner, the parents put the leftover food away and then retreated upstairs to the bedroom to leave the girls alone to watch TV.  Not long after, the mother came rushing down claiming her crotch was on fire.  She was barely dressed and ran outside into the snow, where she sat down and exclaimed that it wasn't working.  Her vagina was still burning.  She was shouting that her asshole husband didn't wash his hands after handling the hot peppers and when he went to the bathroom just before they had sexy times, the oil from his fingers got on his penis and then into her.

      Her daughter yelled out "Use an icicle, Mom!"  Mom told her to shut up.  Dad was upstairs laughing.  He was going to have a story to tell the guys at work.  I'm sure the neighbors got an earful, too.

      Does anyone think that really happened?  I can't imagine it.  Wouldn't the man realize right away that his penis had pepper oil on it?  Wouldn't he be washing himself off before having sex and having the friction or heat make things worse?  Wouldn't he be right out in the snow along with his wife?  Doesn't make sense.

      And what, of course, do the ad algorithim overlords decide is a proper advertisement to go with that story?

      Of course.  This.


    • Ozlsn


      "A bad vagrant homeless problem"?? What a spectacularly Christian way of putting it. As to "need a pastor to get the drunks out of the business doorways"... and get them housing? Help? Support them? Or just stop them littering the streets? 

      Do any of these "missions" actually read Christ's words for meaning, or are they all stuck on "get them to say the magic words, job's done, bye"?

      • I Agree 1

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