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Gobbles Musings

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Nothing new to report driving wise. I still taking my lessons. Still in the norm with how many I have. (Saying that, because there can be a huge difference between cities and countries. Traffic here is hell.) I will have my 30th lesson this week. 30 is the average, including especially young men who drove illegally before. 

My instructor explained that I'm currently near the peak of the mountain, waiting for the last improvement.

Still struggling quite a lot with shifting. It should be a bit better by now and it harms other parts of driving because I need so much attention for it. At least that is our assumption. Plan is to take two or three lessons in an Automatic car to see if that is my problem. If it is, we know what we have to train hard. Because in the end, I want my license with my manual car. I want to be able to drive every car, not just automatic ones.

I'm very good in a couple of other things, emergency braking or knowing the rules. So it is not all bad. 

Taking the lessons in the other car is still training. It has more power (200 PS) and is a bit smaller. I'm looking forward to driving it. Traffic is the same, so I still learn, just one less thing to worry about.

But in the end, I need to figure out driving a manual car and my instructor believes that I can do it.

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Here, if you do your test in an automatic car you can only drive an automatic for the first year (when you are a Provisional 1 driver).  After that you’re a P2 driver (for another 2 years) and you can drive slightly faster, carry over 1 passenger after 11pm, and drive both manual and automatic.  If you do the test in an automatic is it the same, just a limited time restriction?

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8 minutes ago, Karma said:

 If you do the test in an automatic is it the same, just a limited time restriction?

Nope, if I do it in an automatic, I'm limited to automatic cars. I would have to take another full exam and depending on the time between also another theoretical test and lessons. So it would be not ideal at all.

I get my license (doesn't matter which one) with a two year probation time. During those two years I'm not allowed to drink any alcohol, other than that there is no limit. After those two years I can drink alcohol until I hit the limit, but I don't care about that, because for me it is clear that I won't drink and drive even if it is legal. 

There are no speed restrictions for new drivers with cars, only motorbikes have a build in reduction until you hit a certain age. And I can carry up to 8 passengers right away.

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Hmm definitely better to get the manual license in that case.   When I got my license some 35 years ago there was no restriction.  But we never had a manual car so I never learned to drive one.  It has meant paying extra when hiring cars, and wasn’t convenient when I worked for a mechanic (I couldn’t shuffle cars, and if giving a lift to customers I had to take my car not theirs).   Also when going away with friends I couldn’t take a turn driving.  I don’t want to ever learn now though!

Good luck!

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      To this day, I can’t listen to “My Guy” without thinking of “My God.”

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      52 minutes ago, Mama Mia said:

      Interesting, do they have lots of outside workers on the car lot? I guess I always just assume that now that they have a gazillion  working age teens / 20 somethings they mostly use them, just hiring occasional extra help as needed. How many businesses do these people have anyway? I know we discussed before they have like 300+ properties  😳

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      On please. They're never going to adopt. They don't have a steady income, their house is small, and they're probably going to want a white blue eyed  newborn. It's just for attention...again.

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      Another day, same GHaw.  "On the road again" heading to Maine, videoing while driving, drinking coffee, and following GPS instructions.  He's glad he was "borned in 'Merica."  He's also not "skeirt" of anything.  Revival is Sunday - Friday.  I can never recap as well as @thoughtful, but you can save yourself 6 minutes you'll never get back watching the video.  Nothing new to see there, folks.

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      Can you believe it? Abbie is bragging introducing her self yet AGAIN. Maybe she thought we wouldn't recognise her with her new shaggy dog look. Did you know her hair is naturally curly? Or that she's pregnant with twins? She is such an asshole.

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