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Gobbles Musings

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Nothing new to report driving wise. I still taking my lessons. Still in the norm with how many I have. (Saying that, because there can be a huge difference between cities and countries. Traffic here is hell.) I will have my 30th lesson this week. 30 is the average, including especially young men who drove illegally before. 

My instructor explained that I'm currently near the peak of the mountain, waiting for the last improvement.

Still struggling quite a lot with shifting. It should be a bit better by now and it harms other parts of driving because I need so much attention for it. At least that is our assumption. Plan is to take two or three lessons in an Automatic car to see if that is my problem. If it is, we know what we have to train hard. Because in the end, I want my license with my manual car. I want to be able to drive every car, not just automatic ones.

I'm very good in a couple of other things, emergency braking or knowing the rules. So it is not all bad. 

Taking the lessons in the other car is still training. It has more power (200 PS) and is a bit smaller. I'm looking forward to driving it. Traffic is the same, so I still learn, just one less thing to worry about.

But in the end, I need to figure out driving a manual car and my instructor believes that I can do it.

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Here, if you do your test in an automatic car you can only drive an automatic for the first year (when you are a Provisional 1 driver).  After that you’re a P2 driver (for another 2 years) and you can drive slightly faster, carry over 1 passenger after 11pm, and drive both manual and automatic.  If you do the test in an automatic is it the same, just a limited time restriction?

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8 minutes ago, Karma said:

 If you do the test in an automatic is it the same, just a limited time restriction?

Nope, if I do it in an automatic, I'm limited to automatic cars. I would have to take another full exam and depending on the time between also another theoretical test and lessons. So it would be not ideal at all.

I get my license (doesn't matter which one) with a two year probation time. During those two years I'm not allowed to drink any alcohol, other than that there is no limit. After those two years I can drink alcohol until I hit the limit, but I don't care about that, because for me it is clear that I won't drink and drive even if it is legal. 

There are no speed restrictions for new drivers with cars, only motorbikes have a build in reduction until you hit a certain age. And I can carry up to 8 passengers right away.

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Hmm definitely better to get the manual license in that case.   When I got my license some 35 years ago there was no restriction.  But we never had a manual car so I never learned to drive one.  It has meant paying extra when hiring cars, and wasn’t convenient when I worked for a mechanic (I couldn’t shuffle cars, and if giving a lift to customers I had to take my car not theirs).   Also when going away with friends I couldn’t take a turn driving.  I don’t want to ever learn now though!

Good luck!

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    • AuntCloud


      On 8/17/2019 at 3:32 PM, nickelodeon said:

      Liked this sentence (which sums up the “we get to be part of the Boys Club and are elevated above mere women” mentality):

      Also side eyeing the quotes about how “boymoms” are always cleaning up poop and toys...apparently under the impression that girl children are born litterbox trained and just sit around listening to NPR.

      Mother of girl dragons here. When Cloudlet #2 was in elementary school, she and her friend came up with a lovely game called “so you think you can burp”. And no, they do not come litter box trained.  

    • NarcissismKills


      Watching the webcast of yesterday's sabbath assembly was the usual infomercial for "this place" and"Gwen's message". Had a lot of fun getting grossed out by David Martin's fashion choice of car salesman plaid jacket, enormous turned up and over, shirt cuffs, loose pale blue pants with tight ankles, and no socks. Poor Michael was brought in stealthily, once again all in black, hair higher than ever. Audience asked to rise for his performance. Such are the perks of royalty. Gagggg.. Now weasely David Martin can't wait to roll right into some other awful droning piece. The constant applause for grown men writhing on stage in stupid outfits is not something any normal person can get used to experiencing in a "church". These so-called leaders are unbelievable narcissists.

      The powerful message of the day, to quote David Martin was a WeighDown video. The title was Born Again Part 1. Really really awful. I amused my self laughing at Gwen being filmed lecturing in a red and white checked Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm dress held up with red ribbons. Ludicrous! But not as crazy as the summary of the film, Avatar, complete with many long scenes. I wonder if she paid for the right to show the film, probably not. Oh heavens. This went on for an hour.

      Timeless message, cries out D؛avid Martin. Errrrr, really old one. Then the youth group came on stage and sang while waving V for Victory. Then everyone held hands, and I was hoping they would stop soon. But no, they starting acting the song out. Awful awful awful. Applause. Some doofus came out and said Gwen's message was really powerful. No message like Gwen's on this planet right now. Oh boy. Where is the great teacher, I wonder? Is she off somewhere canoodling with Joe?

      The Eagle Room? Kent says you can go there if you are "convicted"!?!!?

      David Martin begging for everyone to get those testimonials in... It's the right thing to do. Gwen and the leaders need to see them. You are officially dis-missed!

    • onekidanddone


      I have an extremely unusual last name. Pretty much if there is someone  with the name or a variant there is a good chance we are related. I have a ‘cousin’ I met through Facebook. We had a FB friend in common and she noticed my last name. She asked if I knew. A(insert last name here) or a H(insert slightly different spelling of last name here) Yea I knew them seeing as one was my uncle and one was my dad!

      She had heard family stories about my dad, his brothers and my grandmother growing up.  She is kinda sorta related by marriage and a stepmom.  We just call each other cousin. My dad died before all this happened, but if had know of her he would have called family. 

      My husband has a rather plain standard kind of boring last name.  No way I would ever change my name to it. I was already a mom when I married so my kid has my last name and she wants to keep it. 

      Oh and one more thing.  The FB friend we have in common it turns out she is related through adoption and we met when we belonged to the same congregation. Totally out of nowhere. I just call her cousin as well. 

    • 16strong


      Two things I've noted, both positive: 1. Tom has fully accepted Andrea's diagnosis, and knows that nothing more can be done. Not everyone in his (horrific) position is able to do this. 2. Andrea has an absolute gift for gathering people together: her friends, her family, her youtube channel. She will leave a legacy behind her of many amazing, caring people that would do anything for the family. Tom could have shut down and closed himself off, but he is choosing to tap into the community and the love that his wife built. Reaching out, staying engaged, and celebrating Andrea's legacy will help him survive. I am shocked and horrified that so many little ones will be losing a mother, and so many loved ones a wife, friend, etc. I've been thinking of Tom and the kids all day. :cry:

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    • 47of74


      And because all good Florida stories involve MDMA and Fuck Face


      A 23-year-old Floridian is jailed on a pair of felony narcotics charges for allegedly possessing the opioid fentanyl and “five orange tablets in the shape of Donald Trump’s head marked Trump NL.”

      The seized Trump pills appear similar to tablets that have been manufactured in Europe and have prompted “high dose” safety warnings due to their elevated level of MDMA.

      Police found the drugs inside an air vent in the Clearwater apartment of Brendan Dolan-King. Cops went to the home “in reference to an overdose” and were given permission by Dolan-King to search the residence, according to an arrest affidavit. A police investigation revealed that Dolan-King “was possibly the person to provide the victim of the overdose with the heroin that he overdosed on.”

      Dolan-King was charged Friday with the narcotics raps after lab tests confirmed that a tan powder seized was fentanyl and that the Trump pills contained MDMA. Dolan-King has been in custody since late-June--when the drugs were found--on marijuana possession with intent to sell and probation violation counts.


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