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Gobbles Musings

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I'm going to be a spy

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In a few hours I have my last theory lesson. Once I'm done I have to wait until the approval from the authorities comes and I can do the first exam. Just a few years ago they did that on paper. Nowadays the exam is done on tablets. It takes around 25-30 minutes. With video questions and what not. Apparently the test got harder in the last years. I'm not afraid because of the questions, I pass 99% of the exams I practice here at home, but I have no idea how I will cope in the situation during the final exam. I'm going to try the normal way. The exam together with other people in a normal room. If that doesn't work we will see and get a single exam. Much more expensive, so trying once the normal way is worth it.

Next week I will have my next real lesson. After two weeks of being sick. Still not feeling 100%, now my guts are acting out, but it gets better every day. 

Now to the spy thing: My instructor (and owner of the driving school) got a new teacher, because the old one had to quite due to health reasons. He asked me if I could attend the first class of that guy even though I'm done with classes. He wants my opinion on that new guy. I feel quite honoured that he asked me that. 

In other news: On Sunday we will visit a Chihuahua breeder and talk about getting one in the future*. Due to my special needs I need a dog with a character that fits. Our current one is a bigger rescue German shepherd mix. Adopt don't shop is fine for normal people. But I need a dog that "works". Not one with a whole lot of problems and I do have the requirement that it has to be a very small one, because I want to have the opportunity to take it on a plane with me and so the dog plus box can only weight around 7kg. We talked with some shelters and even they told us to go to a breeder. (Animals don't get killed here in shelters, there are lots of volunteers who walk them daily. Shelters are not that bad in Germany.)

The breeder is one hour away. One of my biggest motivations is driving there myself and getting my dog in a few years. (Our current dog is 13, we only get the new one when she passes away. She is a real single child and we don't want her to suffer from a sibling.) 

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  • Posts

    • StraightOuttaArkansas


      @neurogirl you're welcome! I am happy to hear we are not alone. I often question if we are just weird (I know we are happy, but you know just that "are we a little too strange" thought) for not having sex so often. Thank you for the confidence boost ❤️

    • hollyfeller


      3 hours ago, WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo? said:

      I found this opinion piece from 2012 awhile back, and it seems applicable now. (It's the New York Times, so it might be behind a paywall.)

      Men, Who Needs Them?

      He isn't so much anti-father as he is making a point. 

      Anyway, :my_tongue: to Lori and her fangirls and boys.

      That is a great article.  I love all the butthurt dudes in the comments.  While it contains a lot of science, it's an opinion piece!

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    • AuntKrazy


      I open most of the jars in our house. I played piano for years and have a better grip.  I'm also more mechanical and enjoy fixing things. I built and installed custom shelving wall to wall in our home office.

      None of that makes me love or respect my husband less (or more!) I have a relationship with him that will last whatever roles we fill as we navigate life because we decide things together in the ways that work best for both of us. 


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    • hollyfeller


      8 hours ago, SweetLaurel said:

      And despite what Lori thinks of the world -there are many many divorced, single, widowed women doing  - everything -  on our own.   We don't have a team, but we manage.  I think most women would/do. Lori isn't capable and couldn't, and just like her 'I never wanted to work so every female who wants to or does, is wrong and hates God' mindset,  she can't understand that there is a real world where daddy and hubby weren't there to support us all our lives.  She just really  -can't - she can only think we hate God so we deserve what we get.   She, of course, is above all that and always will be, unfortunately.    


      Right!  I'm happily divorced, not looking to couple up again, and capable of doing anything the average man can do in my home.  And if I can't I know who to call (i.e., plumber).  Believe it or not, Lori, brawn is not an essential trait for running a home.  It might help sometimes, but it is absolutely not needed.  I'm a petite woman and I assembled absolutely all of my furniture in my house myself.  *Gasp*

      P.S. Unfortunately I am waiting until a friend visits before I can get some heavy lifting done in my closet!  Fortunately it's not a priority.

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    • crancraz


      My two year and one year anniversaries of my two babies are this week. I found out they died on Aug 25, 2017 and Aug 24, 2018. They were born August 29, 2017 and August 31, 2018. And I just had my new baby on July 2. When I was pregnant, Every day I woke up, I was certain that it was going to be the day she died. Even on the day of her birth, I was convinced she would die in the middle of the CSection. I legitimately have PTSD from my obstetrical experiences from the last two years.

      One thing I try to remind myself is that protecting myself is my job. I can’t go to baby showers anymore and likely never will again. I had to “mute” friends on social media when their pregnancies got to a certain point. Other women aren’t being cruel or hurtful by being pregnant or discussing their experiences. They’re just unaware of the pain that accompanies pregnancy and infant loss.  


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