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Gobbles Musings

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I'm going to be a spy

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In a few hours I have my last theory lesson. Once I'm done I have to wait until the approval from the authorities comes and I can do the first exam. Just a few years ago they did that on paper. Nowadays the exam is done on tablets. It takes around 25-30 minutes. With video questions and what not. Apparently the test got harder in the last years. I'm not afraid because of the questions, I pass 99% of the exams I practice here at home, but I have no idea how I will cope in the situation during the final exam. I'm going to try the normal way. The exam together with other people in a normal room. If that doesn't work we will see and get a single exam. Much more expensive, so trying once the normal way is worth it.

Next week I will have my next real lesson. After two weeks of being sick. Still not feeling 100%, now my guts are acting out, but it gets better every day. 

Now to the spy thing: My instructor (and owner of the driving school) got a new teacher, because the old one had to quite due to health reasons. He asked me if I could attend the first class of that guy even though I'm done with classes. He wants my opinion on that new guy. I feel quite honoured that he asked me that. 

In other news: On Sunday we will visit a Chihuahua breeder and talk about getting one in the future*. Due to my special needs I need a dog with a character that fits. Our current one is a bigger rescue German shepherd mix. Adopt don't shop is fine for normal people. But I need a dog that "works". Not one with a whole lot of problems and I do have the requirement that it has to be a very small one, because I want to have the opportunity to take it on a plane with me and so the dog plus box can only weight around 7kg. We talked with some shelters and even they told us to go to a breeder. (Animals don't get killed here in shelters, there are lots of volunteers who walk them daily. Shelters are not that bad in Germany.)

The breeder is one hour away. One of my biggest motivations is driving there myself and getting my dog in a few years. (Our current dog is 13, we only get the new one when she passes away. She is a real single child and we don't want her to suffer from a sibling.) 

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  • Posts

    • nickelodeon


      17 minutes ago, HereticHick said:

      "Nanny" is what Sierra's kids call their maternal grandmother, per this March 13 post (and others) by Sierra. Yes, she does seem to get significant child rearing help from her mother and other family members.  However, Sierra's mother also has a full time job--and believe she is only around 50-- so she's not going to be retiring and becoming fulltime grandma anytime soon.

      Whups, thanks for the correct information! I hope that having support helped Sierra get to a good place health- and stress-wise before deciding #whatsonemore. Otherwise... yikes...

    • Curious


      8 minutes ago, HoneyBunny said:

      My dad died of sepsis from an untreated UTI, with complications from Alzheimer’s. UTIs in seniors often cause dementia, usually temporary, but when they already have dementia, it’s even harder to know what’s going on.

      Curious, I’m sorry to hear that your ongoing health struggles have been even more challenging lately. You actually clarified something for me...with lupus and asthma and being a breast cancer survivor, the medical community gets excited when I get sick. Mr. Bunny took me to the ER two weeks ago today, during the night, because I was so sick with a fever and headache. And they ran every test, took CT scans and chest X-ray and even did a urinalysis, and I kept telling them it was just a horrible headache and extreme nausea as a side effect. But they were adamant.  In the end, it was pneumonia, and I was hospitalized for three days. I always think they’re being too cautious, but maybe I should just keep my opinions to myself. 

      I'm sorry to hear about your dad.  I knew it was a problem with seniors, but I didn't feel like I was quite there yet ;)   

      What's weird is I felt ok for the most part in the time coming up to the "crisis."    On Friday, I thought I might be getting a yeast infection so planned to email my gyn on Monday and see if he'd script me a Diflucan since it's been a somewhat ongoing issue for me.   We think we get it knocked out and then a few weeks later I start having symptoms again.   It wasn't bad enough for me to even think of emailing right then.    The next day I feel kinda blah like I was getting a cold or something.   Nothing big.   I had a minor fever (like 99.x which is high for me because I run between high 96.x and low 97.x) so I took some cold meds and it broke right away.   I went to bed around midnight or maybe closer to 1.   I woke up at 3:30 short of breath.  We got to the ER around 4.  

      Other than not being able to breathe I didn't feel bad until I finally popped a fever of 102.x suddenly.  They gave me some Tylenol and that didn't break it so they gave me some ibuprofen to help and that did the trick.  Once my temp was back to normal I felt fine again as they had me breathing better with oxygen.    The only time I really felt awful was when I would periodically pop a fever over 102.

      I just had a cold several weeks ago and I told my husband I felt better while I was literally dying than I did with the cold.

      I have gotten much better about going to the dr. or ER since my untimely though short death.   I joke about it, but I admit that it scared me.  Unfortunately, now that I know I can have an infection with no symptoms or raise in my white blood cell count, I've become somewhat paranoid about missing some minor signal that something is going wrong.   The drs. I had in the hospital did tell me if I even had a passing thought about having some kind of issue that seemed like it might be a bladder infection to go get a urine test.  If it's nothing oh well, but if it's something then hopefully we caught it before it was serious.   A consideration I didn't really think about is that infections can go into my bone/hardware which also didn't help my paranoia.     I had a blood culture done last week to make sure there wasn't a lingering infection in my bones/hardware and it came back negative so that was a relief.

      I hope you are feeling better from pneumonia.   I had a minor case because they overloaded me with fluids while they were trying to figure out what was going on the first couple days and I would have been happy not to have that experience.  It was definitely not fun.

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    • nokidsmom


      4 hours ago, quiversR4hunting said:

      Does Elizabeth only have that one dress? The last several occasions that Elizabeth has been photographed she is in that dress. 

      I noticed that too.  She's always in the same one though I admit I like the style of it, certainly better than the weird styles that Gwen sports.   



    • BachelorToTheRapture


      1 hour ago, SassyPantswithASideofClass said:

      I remember one time, I had a freak accident with my bike (I was about 10 at the time). Thankfully I was wearing my helmet so definitely saved my head from any significant head trauma. I was able to walk away with scratches and scrapes; turned out the brakes in my bicycle had jammed which is why I wasn't able to stop...

      I had a similar accident, took a hill too fast with a turn at the bottom. My brakes were fine, but my helmet actually cracked. 

    • nokidsmom


      25 minutes ago, refugee said:

      I still have to laugh when I think of the night the nanny’s father and brother(s) nearly caught him and chased him down the street with a shotgun. I think I’m still remembering those details right.

      I remember hearing about that, so seems right.  Namely because of the visual of Dougie being run off by shotgun toting menfolk, in a Hatfield/Mccoy-ish type of way.