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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Smiths Part Nine: The Next Generation is (Finally) Here!

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Another one where the title says everything...

Eliza brings Mark over to her parents' house. Things go well.


Eliza shows off her violin skill. Mark is impressed.


Mark and Eliza go on a date to the Humor and Hijinks Festival in San Myshuno.


Luckily they had chaperones!


With the Humor and Hijinks Festival, there is a competition between "Jokesters" and "Pranksters". Mark and Eliza joined the Jokesters. (Incidentally, both Nicole and Edward became Pranksters).


It's separate beds... for now. (The jug thing in the background is the reward for a Gold level date).


Still in the "getting to know you" phase.


It's official! They're in a courtship!


Well, THAT escalated quickly...!




Mark and Eliza didn't want to waste any time! This is at Myshuno Meadows in San Myshuno. (I did set Eliza's dress to be white, but I guess the game generated a random outfit when they travelled to the venue).


THE FIRST KISS! I even got a notification saying that they were sharing their very first kiss :pb_lol::pb_lol::pb_lol:


Eliza entertains the guests. You'll notice that even though Emily wears pants now, she still wears a modest formal dress.




Congrats, Eliza!


"We're going to have a baby!"


"Hey Grandma!"
"Huh? OH!"


Lunch date at new restaurant in town, Chez Llama. It serves "experimental" food dishes, such as Volcano Pasta and Free Range Sixam Pit Beast (me neither).


Never forget your Bible journal.


Eliza elects to have a hospital birth. For some reason, you have your baby in this weird contraption.


It's a BOY! Welcome to the world, Adam Pearson!



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  • Posts

    • SassyPantswithASideofClass


      36 minutes ago, Liza said:

      Lori is ranting again about virginity and her fan girls are, of course, all virgins (or were).  This is in stark contrast to the reality that even amongst the most religious Christians, well over 80% have had premarital sex.   Lori and her fangirls seem to think that sex is the biggest gift you can give a man. I beg to differ.  There are so many gifts:  lets see:  well, love, compassion, honesty, mutual respect … I could go on and on.  What makes it work?  Helping one another, being there for the other through good and bad, respecting the other’s views/ideas even when they are not the same.  I guess I could write an essay about this BUT, the biggest gift is definitely not, imo, virginity.  Marriage is not an exchange.  It is give and take and that will depend on the time. 

      It seems to me that fundamentalists oversimplify everything.  They seem to need to put everything into a neat little box.  But you can’t.  Life is not like that. 


      oh my gosh yes!! I agree with you!! I am far from perfect yet I hope the spouse I do marry will love me despite all my flaws, imperfections, and that will love my daughter just as much as I do. (her father is not involved nor do I want him to, He's not a good guy) . Lori Alexander is too pompous of herself and hates women (at least in my opinion) who have gone through hell and survived, and that have married people who love them regardless of what they have done and been through. In the words of Forrest Gump "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get..." (I am slightly paraphrasing probably)

    • Chewing Gum


      On 10/14/2018 at 12:30 AM, JordynDarby5 said:

      As an adult you know the 1st crush or love doesn't rarely ends up being the one. Sure sometimes it does happen but that comes from time and growing together. In most cases it doesn't last more then a few days, weeks or months.   

      I know right? Which is why I am so surprised at our stepdaughter and her 4 nieces. Not religieus at all, but they all still are with their first crush. Two are with kids or expecting (19, 26, 26), one of them is married and the others (21, 24) are in stable relationships for at least 5 years. They all started when they were 15-16. I’m so surprised at this!

    • Hisey


      1 hour ago, Frog99 said:

      I am pretty certain the “glasses” are for the purpose of preventing eye damage from screens. I think there is some validity about the impact of screens on eyes, but I don’t know that those glasses do anything. It also seems to be trendy to wear glasses for cosmetic purposes.  I wear contacts and would be thrilled if I could wake up and see. 

      If she is wearing them for protection from screens, why would this be the one and only photo of her wearing glasses? God knows she takes enough selfies. This is the only picture I've ever seen of her wearing glasses.

      It takes more than a pair of glasses to appear "smart," Alyssa.

    • Four is Enough


      Some thoughts about Jill:

      She did seem to thrive as a sister mom, and I thought she'd be a natural mother. That doesn't seem to be the case. She seems almost frightened and intimidated by her children. Why? Because they're male? Because DeWreck doesn't value them in the same way? Because DeWreck insists on some arbitrary standard of behavior, grooming, and cleanliness? I swear the Dillard children are (to me) always with the tucked in shirts, hair combed, scripted behavior. To contrast that with Spurge's unruly curls, bare feet, and sometimes disheveled clothing... Izzy and Sam look like they're on their way to sunday school, and Spurge and Henry look like normal kids.

      Jill does seem to need a great deal of external validation. Has DeWreck ever praised her the way she praises him? I think her love language is words of affirmation, and she doesn't seem to be getting many.

      I don't like cooking, and i wouldn't use my cooking to demonstrate to anyone "how" to cook... although I have thrown together a few pretty good meals and nobody's dead, I am decidedly a mediocre cook and I"m good with that... so I"m not going to    put it out there for all to see. That one reddit comment, "Do you have a cardiologist on speed dial?" just about sums Jill's cooking up for me.

      The big question in Jill's behavior is "how does DeWreck treat her in private?" I think not the way she hoped and dreamed. He comes off as very self centered and selfish. She'd be better off with someone who adores her.. the way JD adores Abbie.

    • SapphireSlytherin


      In defense of Banker's Boxes - they're all the same size and incredibly sturdy. Being the same size, they're easy to stack/organize/store. Plus, they're almost infinitely reusable.


      I have zero problems with this box/way of organizing things.