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Chapter Summary: Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World ~ When Katie met Jonny



Warning: Posts on this topic may trigger survivors of child abuse

[caption id=attachment_957" align="alignleft" width="300]Jon and Kate Gosselin Via Starcasm[/caption]

Note: My comments are in italics in the summary portions

Today we are going to discuss the chapter When Katie Met Jonny.   This chapter is interesting, in my opinion, because it's the first time we really start to see how Kate changes up her stories...for no apparent reason.   More on that later.  Let's get started.

Kate's friends knew she was on the look out for a man with money.  She didn't give Jon Gosselin a minutes notice at the company picnic they were both attending until one of her friends mentioned that he came from "a rich family" and that his father was "a big doctor in Wyomissing."

Unable to find a doctor to marry, she did the next best thing and went after the son of a doctor. (Jon's dad was actually a dentist for those people that don't live and breathe this story.) When she found out that Jon had a girlfriend she told her friend "not for long."

This is Jon and Kate's story in Kate's own words from their original website:

It all started when Jon and I met on October 5, 1997 at a picnic.  I never believed in "love at first sight," but this came really close.  Jon was walking across the grass and I saw him and was instantly intrigued!  Our eyes met and continued to meet from across the way all afternoon.  Finally, I arranged for someone to  introduce us...and the rest is history.

Here is how Jon and Kate's first meeting is described in Multiple Blessings, written by Beth Carson (Note:  This is an actual quote from Multiple Blessings, not Robert's book.  In the book, it is paraphrased, which is understandable.  Here we can use the direct quote under fair use, so that's what I am going to do).

Our first date, if you can call it that, did not go according to plan.  Like most little girls, I had dreamed of the day when I would meet my husband, have children and settle down to live a happily-ever-after kind of life.  Unlike most little girls, however, I had an action plan to go with my dream - and it didn't include falling in love with a stranger at a random company picnic.  I had been a planner my how life and took great pride when my plans unfolded exactly as my detailed, scheduled list and calendar said they should

So when a twenty-year-old soccer player sauntered across a wide green lawn as I sat under a pavilion eating and chatting with friends, I tried not to let my eye get caught on him for too long.  I was here to be with my friend, not to find a date.  But this guy was not aware of my plan and didn't seem to mind having his eye caught on me.

After we danced around each other all afternoon, stealing glances and then quickly turning away, Jon finally walked nonchalantly over to where I stood holding a perfect little sweet-smelling newborn all bundled up in a soft pink blanket.  "Are you going to let anyone else have a turn holding that baby?" he asked, holding out his hands toward the bundle in my arms.

That's when I knew that I wanted to know more about the cute, friendly Asian guy how, like me, seemed to melt at the sight of a ten-pound package of sleepy promise.  We had that unexplainable good chemistry that seemed to electrify the air around us, and I couldn't help but let my guard down.  It seems so silly now, but those first moments of discovery were so fun, so carefree.

You can find that quote for yourself in the free sample of Multiple Blessings that amazon allows you to read.   Now we delve back into the book and Robert has this to say about an earlier draft of Multiple Blessings:

Kate said she was "spurned on" by her eager matchmaking friends so she "devised a complicated plan to go talk to someone who knew someone who knew someone else who just might know him and be able to introduce the two of us."  Kate added that she wasn't usually that bold and this was out of character for her but she was excited it worked.

I don't know about most people, but the way I met my spouse has never changed.  Admittedly, my story is pretty short and sweet since we met online, but still it's the same story every time someone asks or I volunteer the story.   This is one of the most important things that has happened to Kate and yet there are at least three versions of it.    If there are three versions of this story, which I think probably all have a little bit of the truth in them, how does she expect people to believe what she tells them?

Even discounting the horribly convoluted third version, Kate put forth both the other versions out in public herself.   She doesn't seem to understand when she says or writes something that it creates a record that people will be able to compare to other things she says or writes.  When she gets called out on things she calls them lies or untruths like the people calling her out are the crazy ones.

Nothing in either of those versions was bad and needed to be changed.  Nothing makes one particularly better than the other.  They are both a vast improvement of her grand "plan" in the third one though and I can certainly see why that mess was cleaned up.

Enough ranting about Kate's inability to just be happy with one version of a story and back to the book.

Jon being a young, good looking guy did not want to get married right away.  Not to Kate and not to anyone else. (Isn't Jon adorable in the picture I used for this post?   He looks so happy and relaxed.  I saw that pic when I was looking through the free sample of Multiple Blessings, so I was happy to find it, in color, online.   Kate is actually nice looking in it as well.  She looks happy and cute.   She's really ruined herself, sadly)  He had many attractive girls interested in him and he had that girlfriend before Kate managed to get her claws into him.

Bowing to Kate's pressure, they were married on June 12, 1999.  The wedding was held at a friend's house in Wyomissing and Kate called it "a perfect garden wedding with equally perfect weather."

Kate may not have been able to snag her long dreamed of rich doctor, but she did ok for herself.  Jon's dad was very generous with the young couple, paying for their wedding, buying their first home in Wyomissing and quietly supporting them financially with a large check each month.

Her plan was falling into place.  She had her husband, what was next on her list?

Next up: The Action Plan

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