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Chapter Summary: Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World ~ The Formative Years




Warning posts on this topic may trigger survivors of child abuse

[caption id=attachment_953" align="alignleft" width="250]Kate Gosselin via Radar Online[/caption]

NOTE: I am placing my own comments in italics

I did skip a couple pages of the book that was just a bit of a "short story" on how the Kate Gosselin story might have gone had Kate not been who she is.

Today, we will be looking at the chapter called The Formative Years.   Once again, I liked a quote by Robert that kind of defines the book, so I'm just going to use that to start us out:

This is not a happy story.  Rather, it is the sad tale of a greedy and selfish woman, so consumed by the desire for fame and monetary riches, that she sold her children's privacy, dignity and childhood; discarded their loving father; drove away family and friends; scammed a generous public; displayed unspeakable cruelty to humans and animals alike; and behaved in the most deceitful, rude, nasty and unappreciative ways imaginable.  Something must have gone very wrong in nature or nurture, or a combination of the two, for such a person to be created.

Katie Irene Krieder, one of Kenton and Charlene Krieder's 5 children was born on March 28, 1975. (If you ever look at her twitter account you know this because she can't resist grifting around any birthday or holiday).

She reportedly suffered a violent and abusive childhood.  In her own words, she was "very very overly disciplined."

People close, including a sibling, report her childhood behind closed doors was a house of horrors for her.  (Since there were 4 other children who don't seem to have the same issues that Kate does, I have wondered if Kate was "very very overly disciplined" because she was already difficult as a child.)  In addition to being beaten by her father, she was also sexually abused by a family member.

In high school Kate became pregnant and was forced to have an abortion by Kenton.  He then requested that she leave home because he could not longer tolerate her rebellious behavior and sexual promiscuity.

Kate had no marketable skills or work ethic (and not much has changed it seems), but was driven by hate and resentment toward her father.  She decided she would become a nurse, marry a rich doctor, have kids of her own and never have to work again.

Kate, not known for her patience, could not wait to get started on her master plan and began EMS training while still in high school.  After graduation she attempted college, but soon realized that 4 years of school was too much time to waste.  She attended Harrisburg Area Community College from June to August 1994.

Kate applied and was accepted to the Reading Hospital and Medical Center School of Nursing which she attended from August 1994 to June 1997.

In Multiple Blessings, Kate paints a very wholesome picture of her life.  However, several of her former boyfriends spoke to tabloids and paint a different picture.   Adam Miller, Kate's one-time fiance, stated that Kate "pressured him to marriage, but he broke up with her after he caught her cheating on him, at her 21st birthday party, with a guy who had more money to offer her."

Adam also said that Kate was "always chasing money."  That one of the main reasons she liked him was that he had so much money flowing.  He also said Kate was a "sex kitten" and that she was "very possessive."

Once Kate figured out that the Corvette guy only wanted sex with a younger woman, she wanted to get back together with Adam, who wanted nothing to do with her by that point.  She developed a plan to make him jealous by dating one of his friends, Jason Lentz.    Jason said that Kate "brought up marriage and kids three months into their relationship."   Jason also said that Kate was spending weekends at his home, which he shared with his mom.   Kate paid for nothing and Jason's mom waited on Kate hand and foot.   Kate expected people to take care of her.    Adam confided to Jason that Kate was calling him wanting to get back together.  Jason was not surprised, he had a feeling that she was dating him to stay close to Adam.  When her plan did not work out, she dumped Jason and went in search of a new victim.

In June 1997, having not yet landed her rich doctor husband, Kate realized she was going to have to actually go to work as a nurse and got a job in labor and delivery at the Reading Hospital and Medical Center.

Kate did not enjoy being a nurse and wasn't very good at it.  Kate already saw herself in her desired position as wealthy doctor's wife and felt she was better than the other nurses.  She treated them with contempt and disrespect.

One of Kate's former co-workers had this to say:

Nobody could understand why she wanted to become a nurse in the first place.  It was obvious that she didn't like people and had no interest in helping them.  She cringed at the thought of touching sick people.  She thought she was better and smarter than everyone else, even though clearly she wasn't.

Unfortunately for Kate, her attitude toward people was not only noticed by her fellow nurses, but also by the doctors.  Despite throwing herself at every eligible doctor all through nursing school, she was rejected.    Since she was unable to snag a doctor, Kate was forced to alter her plan.  She did not like to give up, but since she was still a "lowly" nurse she knew she had to do something else.

Kate may not have a work ethic, but she has drive, determination and loved to "mastermind" as she would later say repeatedly.

The first thing she needed for her new plan was a husband to make her "brand" wholesome and make sure it would sell well.


Next up: When Katie Met Jonny

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