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Keeping Up With The Dunkels - A Fundie Legacy - Chapter 5




Soon after baby Asher was born, twins Anna Grace and Aimee Joy became teenagers. Way to go, ladies. Modest is hottest!



Meanwhile, problem child Abigail was still up to no good. Some friends from the church youth group came to visit one day, and Abigail was actually FLIRTING with one of the young men! Her siblings looked on, scandalized, and the young man in question was appalled, distraught, and dismayed.



He had to step away to take a deep breath and regain his composure. He was horrified to think that Abigail's elder brother, who had witnessed the event, might have thought he encouraged her!



But Abigail's siblings knew her well enough to know that the young man in question had done no wrong, and he was relieved when Aimee Joy approached him and assured him that he had acted in a very godly manner and she so admired a man who had a heart for chastity. 



Ta da! Grifting was great and all, but it just wasn't bringing in the kind of money the Dunkels truly needed. Wilbur finally managed to save up enough simoleons to plant a garden. The Dunkels would sell the fruit and vegetables they harvested, along with the fish they caught, at the local farmers market and make a tidy profit. All 100% organic, GMO free, toxin free, chemical free, biblical produce, of course.



More trouble with "friends"! Now that some of the children were entering that special stage of life known as puberty, Cathy and Wilbur were really going to have to keep a closer eye on them. Adam didn't quite know what to do with himself when a girl from youth group approached and struck up a conversation. Didn't she know that a godly man was supposed to pursue her? And while he gave her points for the denim skirt, her outfit as a whole was dreadfully defrauding!

To make matters worse, one of the younger twins (can't tell them apart), was talking to Miss Denim Skirt's younger sister about... THE OCCULT! Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Cathy, Wilbur? Maybe it's time to start a home church? Guard your hearts, children!



If you were wondering what Cathy was drinking, well... As Cathy entered her late 30s, something truly terrible happened to her. She began to have trouble conceiving! Luckily, she discovered an all natural biblical Christian fertility treatment. Expensive? Well, yes. The children would all just have to make do with one less chicken drumstick for dinner. But they knew it was worth it for the chance to have more precious baby siblings!



Cathy wept as her youngest baby Asher became a toddler. Could those glorious baby years really be behind her? Would the biblical fertility juice work, or had the Lord closed her womb?



"Hey guys! It's me again, Andrew! I'm a teenager now, and I was hoping someone might, um... acknowledge my existence. Just for a minute. Guys?"



This is the Dunkels' bread and butter. The fish pond. Bring a Dunkel a fish and they'll each get to eat about an ounce of it. Teach a Dunkel to fish, and they can avoid working for life!



SURPRISE!!!! Are you surprised? The Lord saw fit to open Cathy's womb once more. Move over, Asher, your spot as the baby of the family is about to be claimed by...



Aliviah Dunkel! It's like Olivia, but with an A, and an 'h' on the end to make it all unique, special, and totally biblical!



"Mom? Dad? What are you doing in there? Can you come into the kitchen, please? There's no food left in the fridge."

Yikes. I guess this was bound to happen in a house that small with that many people. Good thing the Dunkel children won't know what sex is until the second before they leave for their honeymoon!



"Happy birthday, Asher! We're so blessed to have you as our son! You sure do exist! Love you!!!"



"Morning sickness is SUCH a blessing, ya'll!"



The Younger Twins are now... teens! Wilbur better have that 50-page courtship application ready!



Even more exciting - eldest son Adam turned 18! Adam was such a diligent and godly young man, and his parents knew that he'd find a sweet gal with a heart for the Lord to marry VERY SOON. College? No, of course not! They would not throw their son to the lions, send him to live in a den of SIN and DEBAUCHERY and have his innocent mind POLLUTED by the corrupt influences of the harlots and hipsters of the local university campus! No, he'd be staying put for now. Safe at home.



Sweet baby Aliviah soon became a sweet toddler. So sweet!



Another home reno! The Dunkels finally saved up enough from their grifting and gardening to put an addition on their home. They had to furnish it with the cheapest possible items to avoid going into debt, but they finally had windows.



Really? I buy you guys a dining room table and you insist on doing your schoolwork on the floor right in front of the front door anyway?



Not sure if they're freaking out over Cathy being in labour, or the girl in the absolutely defrauding outfit who for some reason decided to come in and watch. NIKE!



Another girl! The Dunkels' 11th child, Alizah, arrived safe and sound, and Wilbur, exhausted, hit the sack immediately after the birth. Alizah is a unique and precious name, it's just like Eliza but with an A, and an 'h' on the end to make it extra neat and biblical!


Thanks for tuning in again! Check back soon to see just how many kids Wilbur and Cathy will manage to produce (Wilbur got his coveted 'have 10 kids' achievement and now wants 20 grandkids). Will Adam start courting? Will Abigail finally rebel and do something CRAZY like front hug a boy?! Will I be able to keep track of who's who, and will my game crash as I pack more and more sims onto the same lot? Oh the suspense!

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What IS the elixir Cathy is drinking? It's not Plexus pink so I'm at a loss.

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@neurogirl It's the Elixir of Life! Basically it adds a few days to your sim's lifespan, so it's giving Cathy a little extra time to add more blessings to her brood. :) 

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Please make Abigail be the horrible daughter who becomes fundie-light (or even secular) and is like a famous rockstar or something! (Or has a baby out of wedlock)

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      14 minutes ago, llucie said:

      I always read that the genetics for twins are connected to the mother and not the father, but what a huge coincidence then that Jed who is a twin is also having twins.

      Yes, Jed one the twin grand Duggar contest. He will now be JB’s favorite. Since they are both girls, they might be identical. Which is just spontaneous. Unlike fraternal. Which is highly genetic due to ovulating more than one each month being genetic. 

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    • xenobia

      Posted (edited)

      6 minutes ago, harkasquirrel said:

      Depending on when the babies are coming in 2025 she’s most likely at the tail end of the first trimester or a few weeks into the second. I’m guessing they did one of those sneak peak blood tests to find out the genders.

      According to the video, they found out at an ultrasound. The technician turned off the screen at some point, and just wrote the gender of twin A and B in envelopes. They gave them to James, who arranged the gender reveal.

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    • llucie


      Their oldest Truett was born may 2022 wich means they will have 4 under 3 for a little while.

    • harkasquirrel


      Depending on when the babies are coming in 2025 she’s most likely at the tail end of the first trimester or a few weeks into the second. I’m guessing they did one of those sneak peak blood tests to find out the genders.

    • xenobia

      Posted (edited)

      They didn't specify a due date, but ended the video with this message. She must be due very early 2025. They did two ultrasounds - one three weeks or more before the gender reveal where they found out that they were expecting twins, and one close to the gender reveal where they found out that it was two girls. I don't have kids and don't know how early you can see if it's a boy/girl, but I assume she must be at least 10-12 weeks.



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      added screenshot
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