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Baby Thor

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Thor the study Kitten

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Typing, writing, and wailing on metal...these are a few of my favorite things....:music-singing:  Ok not all of'em.  But the carpal tunnel is getting a workout this semester!  Thor says as long as the petting hand is still functional, he's ok.  He even occasionally tests it out with his teefs to make sure the feeling is still there!  Such a sweet kitty.  I've been doing a lot of my online work at the dinner table so his favorite place is on the saddle behind me.  (yes there's a saddle and full tack in my dining room....don't ask, that's what happens when you marry a pack-rat cowboy)  It's very good for cradling even chubby kitties.  Each morning when any of us goes out the door, he's watching in his big special window looking at The World.  

We've made the mistake of letting him sleep in the bed with us again a few times.  Somewhere around 2 am I wake up to purrs and feets in and on my face quickly followed up with the whole body.  He feels the need to kiss kiss and flea me whilst purring his butt off.  Out into the hallway he goes.  Then my 3:45 alarm goes off so I can take the nephew to work around the corner.  Needless to say, mama is tired!




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  • Posts

    • VelociRapture


      On my dad’s side it goes:

      Dad’s generation (his paternal side only) - Boy, Girl, Boy (Uncle), Boy (Dad), Girl

      My Generation - Girl, Girl (Sister), Girl (Me), Boy (Brother)

      Next Gen - Boy, Boy (nephew), Girl (my daughter), Boy (nephew), Boy (my son)

      Not sure about the exact order on mom’s side since she has a lot of cousins, but the breakdown is like this:

      Mom’s generation (paternal and maternal sides) - 9 boys (including my two uncles), 6 girls (including my mom and Aunt)

      My Generation (no maternal first cousins for us) - Girl, Girl, Boy

      Next Gen - Boy, Girl, Boy, Boy

      It’s cool to see how they can differ between generations, but I’m pretty sure those breakdowns are just random chance.

    • delphinium65


      11 minutes ago, Liza said:

      I don't understand how Ken or anyone in her family cannot see this. 

      I'm willing to give the rest of Lori's family the benefit of the doubt, or at least suspend judgment.  Maybe they don't read her online rantings because they know it it is a constant stream of disapproval, but they might not realize how far she has slipped. 

      Ken is another matter.  We know he has seen her BS within recent times, he has been made aware of what she is writing, and he cannot possibly be totally unaware of what is happening.  I strongly suspect that he simply doesn't give a damn, and may actually be looking forward to putting her in a home eventually.  I can't and won't say with any certainty that he's letting her roam free online so there will be plenty of evidence of her decline, making it easier when the time finally does come, but given how little he seems to care...well, I wouldn't rule out the possibility, that's all I'm saying.  

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    • theotherelise


      @SorenaJ yeah, sorry, I've seen the pilot thing. It was this that I thought was confusing:

      "For the Duggar girls, given that there is research that indicates the blood pressure may play a part in the sex of the child perhaps the Duggar daughters have a higher blood pressure?"

      I googled it and it looks like what @Someone Out There might have gotten confused by was that blood pressure of a pregnant mom can sometimes correlate with the sex of the gestating fetus. But blood pressure is not determinative of sex. 

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    • Galbin


      I came here after seeing that Instagram post. I guess our suspicions were correct as someone as young and apparently fertile* as Jill seems to be spacing her children well. I am glad that they aren't ignoring medical advice re: conceiving after c sections, but I sense Derick makes the decisions and not Jill.

      * As an infertile woman myself, I know that secondary infertility exists. However, she appears to be young and fertile, so this is what I meant. 

    • 3 hours ago, SongRed7 said:

      ori has 100% unraveled. We've seen it, we watched it as it has been evolving.  The last couple months haven't been her "usual" brand of "teaching"  Her tone, her topics, her obsessiveness over certain topics, her over the top posts and Tweets....something is very, very wrong. 

      Please @ken  do something about your wife. This isn't normal and you know it. 

      You are not alone in noticing this.   Just a quick look at what she writes on twitter alone shows that something is way, way off.  I don't understand how Ken or anyone in her family cannot see this.   Is it possible they never read anything she writes.  Not even her twitter which is quick, easy & takes no time at all?  All he would need to do is type her name + the transformed wife and pages and pages of stuff comes up.   

      Am I wrong here in my thinking that she is beyond the pale even for Quiverfull, Fundamentalism +++  ?   Is this kind of thinking normal for them?  I'm asking here.  Thanks to anyone who can clear it up for me.  

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