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Baby Thor

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National Cat Day or Something??



Sooo yeah.  Yesterday was apparently national cat day?  I didn't realize!  Well, until the end of the day of course.  Been a roller coaster month.  Husband can't seem to stay out of the hospital, my senior show is rapidly approaching, the girl got her car and has driven it allll over.  Now to just get her officially fully licensed and the Honey back to working order.  

I'm tired ya'll.  Like.....Tired.  Thor baby has been keeping me safe and warms.  His fur is falling out again in various places, I think it's a winter thing.  There's no fleas or anything on him and it seems to be fine during the hot months.  Seasonal alopecia anyone?  I gave him a bath with some shampoo for the fur the other day (got a nice perfect puncture would on my back for that), seemed to help a bit.  He doesn't seem to be itching as much.  Other than looking a little dorky, he's the usual sweet hellion kitty.  I nabbed a rare sweet pic of he and the Old Man.  

Texi and Thor.jpg

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So I wished my feline nieces and nephew a happy national cat day yesterday. 


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My cat Pelli just had this to say: "Don't you silly humans know that every day is Cat Day?"20170501_161226.thumb.jpg.0a5584fa1471e7d3a79402baf31fcd12.jpg

She's a very wise 12 year old kitty. :kitty-wink:

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Yep, every day is Cat Day here too!  Here is Zippy at the end of a long day of being important......


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  • Posts

    • Marmion


      11 minutes ago, NachosFlandersStyle said:

      I think this is true of all Christian denominations, but Catholicism isn't so cagey about it, and has had more time to develop an official canon of writers and thinkers.

      This is not true however for churches that hold to the doctrine of " Sola Scriptura " . 

    • Maxwell


      I'm sorry, I have no where else to put this.  Apparently this is Amazon's customer service email template that was accidentally released into the wild.


      All I could think of while reading the last paragraph was, "Moar Cellos!!!"

      Sorry. I'll crawl back in my hole now.

    • Itsjustme

      Posted (edited)

      9 hours ago, Mom2Bubby said:

       Going to church doesn’t make you a good person, your actions do. It’s like a mob mentality in the comments section. I don't want to keep watching but can’t seem to look away. I feel sad for those kids. I really do. 

      Sorry I did this in two replies, you had so many good points.


      I love that you said that about church. I go to church 4-5 times a week and I go becasue I am an  IMPERFECT human being and not becasue I am perfect. Going to church does not mean you are perfect at all. For me there was only one perfect being.  

      I once had a contractor at my house doing some painting. They had forgot to put molding back on in one of the rooms. So one of the workers came and was pretty flustered that he had to come back he told me "he had to waste his gas coming here for nothing" after he pounded on my door and hadn't even rung the bell. He was very agitated and I decided to cut it short. I actually think he had a few beers becasue I could smell it on him and his face was beet red.  I told him to leave and I would call for someone else to come out. When I called the owner of the company the guy told him I WAS RUDE to him! Then the owner proceeded to tell me that he can't believe this guy would be rude becasue he goes to church every week!!!!!! I was offended that he used religion as a way to win an argument. I was SO tempted to tell him that I go 4-5 times a week but i figured that would be doing the same thing he was. I don't use my religion as some badge of goodness.

      Believe me there are a lot of very nice people who go to church for the right reasons, but there are many who just go becasue it makes them look good, many, many hypocrites. 


      19 minutes ago, formergothardite said:

      It makes absolute sense that someone who had concerns about how Andrea was neglecting her kids would go talk to Tom. Andrea made it clear she would not listen to reason when it came to child neglect. 


      We don't know what concerns she had. No one said it had to do with the kids

      Edited by Itsjustme
    • ifosterkittens


      Jill has posted different friends on instagram, so I do think she has made an effort to expand her circle. She never had a second alone growing up, and always had like minded peers around (her siblings and family friends), now she is at home with two little kids. It appears she is on the outs with her family (which has to be difficult even if it is her choice, and probably soul crushing if it wasn't her decision), so she now has to create her own circle of friends, and that can take time, and in the meantime she may feel lonely and isolated. 

      Plus I imagine Jill has to be incredibly careful with what she says, and how much she shares with almost everyone. Derick clearly is fine with posting things on social media, but Jill may not be, and she may not want to give him more fuel for the fire. Total speculation but if she feels she can't share everything with her husband, or sibling who can she talk to? No matter her feelings on her parents and siblings she likely does not want them discussed publicly (since she hasn't spoken publicly about them), so she may feel she has to constantly watch what she says to friends, perhaps she has made a comment and realized after oh shoot I shouldn't have said that. Also she may worry people befriend her because they want the inside scoop, and it has to be very difficult wondering does this person like me as a person, or do they just want juicy gossip. 

      I would recommend therapy with a qualified therapist, so she can talk to a neutral person, no concern of them breaking her confidentiality. I don't know that therapy seems like a real option for her. Given the generalization of how fundies handle mental health matters therapy probably comes with a tremendous amount of stigma, and she may not see it as a viable option. While prayer may help her I hope it isn't her only option. 

    • Maggie Mae


      2 hours ago, FreeFundiesKids said:

      Don't forget that he has an older daughter which he gave up for adaptation  that is 24 years which is going to be awkward for her. 

      So like for cloning or a movie based on her life? 🤣 

      Sorry, I know it's a typo but it's kind of a good one. 😄

      How is it that this many women are willing to sleep with Tom. Gaaaaaaaaah

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