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Everything Sucks : A Poem

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Maggie Mae


Okay, so it's not really a poem. But here is a list of everything that sucks right now. No particular order of importance. 

Things that are OK. 

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It seems like you're pretty depressed- badly enough to be having executive function issues. You might want to talk to a doctor about that- antidepressants don't have to be a life sentence (mine will be, but I've never NOT been depressed), loads of people only need a little boost to get over a hump. If you're anti-pharmaceutical help, I know there's loads of people here on FJ who've offered an ear to anyone having a terrible time of it. And strange as it may sound, that may help- sometimes when I'm in a rut, all I really need is someone to present my accomplishments to, like my cat does with dead stuff.

RE weight/exercise: no idea about your gym, so obviously YMMV, but my gym has a couple different levels of spin class and the "fun/beginner" level one is honestly pretty accessible. You'd re-acclimate pretty quickly, it's not like you're an actual beginner, and starting to do something about that might help you feel better about everything else. It's also a fabulous excuse to reach out to people- most people don't see "hey, can I come to spin with you this week" as a burden, so you could start re-establishing old friendships in a low-key way.

That probably all sounds like a tremendous amount of work that's impossible and won't help anyway. But that's sad brain talking. You can't trust sad brain, it's trying to fucking kill you.

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Amen!  Good to write it out, huh?  I hope things get better.  Sometimes I turn off the news, in all forms.  I've made a big effort to not read the comments!!!!!   Seriously, WTF is wrong with those people?  I just stopped, I look very rarely.  I take a look at my real life and the real people I interact with and go from that.  So not like the comments section.  Thankfully!  

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  • Posts

    • just_ordinary


      On 5/17/2019 at 12:32 AM, Don'tlikekoolaid said:

      Has anyone here ever used a doula or know someone who did?  Just curious as to how that experience worked for someone.

      Friends of used one a couple of weeks ago and were absolutely happy. You mostly don’t see your pre/post natal midwife during birth in hospital. The midwives working there will be there for you but depending on how busy it is you mostly don’t get a one on one support, especially if you are low risk and proceed normally. The doula as with them before and during birth all the time. Massaged and helped breathing. Looking back I would try that as well. Even though we theoretically knew what to do we were both a bit helpless and overwhelmed when our baby actually came.

      To avoid misunderstandings: abortions are not legal in Germany but they will not be prosecuted before 12 weeks and later when you are diagnosed with a medical condition like a disabled/ill child or mental problems (rate would probably be such a case) yourself and you choose to terminate. Abortions are covered in our health insurance iirc and are done in normal hospitals by a medical team.

    • Palimpsest


      1 hour ago, Kelsey said:

      Well, there goes my theory that they wouldn't refer to it as baby #2. That's awkward af. Do you keep it up so that in 20 years you're still explaining how you are on baby #40 but only have 39 kids?

      The correct Fundie terminology is 34 children here on earth and 6 in heaven.

      48 minutes ago, theotherelise said:

      Some of the women at the IBLP family camp had on head coverings in the pictures the Duggars posted on their main blog. Some of the families covered elsewhere on FJ do practice head covering during worship (and some more than that), I believe. I cannot remember who right now. I remember stumbling upon this site back when I first learned that: https://www.headcoveringmovement.com/ RC Sproul is featured in a quote on the front. 

      Someone who did a distance rule during courtship and maybe just got married was always wearing a head covering. 

      The 7 farmgirl sisters all used to wear head coverings, although some have stopped.  So did the Seppis.  And Elizabeth Frazer, engaged to Michael Staddon, is a headcoverer.  Not sure about the 6 inch ruler with any of them.

      But, oh my, have there been weddings I missed!   Staddon weddings are always snarkfests.  :)



    • llucie


      I feel bad snarking on the name giving the circunstances but really hoping its a special choice since they didnt know the gender, kinda like Jubilee, and they will choose something more normal for the second baby.

    • JermajestyDuggar


      1 hour ago, Rachel333 said:

      At least in their theology! There are a lot of other fundies out there who think that the Duggars are being immodest by not having a covering over their hair. :pb_lol: I actually don't think the verses make much sense unless Paul was talking about a cloth head covering, not just hair.

      I'm actually surprised how little discussion there has been on FJ about their hair, considering how extensively pants have been discussed. There's a Biblical reason for their long hair and none of them have deviated from that yet.

      Edit: From wikipedia: "The majority of Biblical scholars have held that "verses 4-7 refer to a literal veil or covering of cloth" for "praying and prophesying" and verse 15 to refer to long hair of a woman for modesty."

      It's also worth mentioning that a literal head covering for women in church was the norm for most of Christian history until fairly recently.

      I talk about fundie long hair sometimes on FJ. I always thought Jinger would be the first to chop off her hair. 

    • JoytotheWorld


      4 minutes ago, luv2laugh said:

      Why did Lauren lie around Easter time and respond to a commenter who asked if she was pregnant by saying “Someone just made that up”?

      Why did Lauren wait to announce after Mother’s Day?

      I don’t remember the circumstances around Lauren saying “someone just made that up” but if that’s all she said, she didn’t truly deny it. She basically just said the person who said it doesn’t have any info. Now, if she actually said no, she isn’t pregnant, then everything I said is null and void.

      As for Mother’s Day, maybe she was waiting to hit a certain gestational age?