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Everything Sucks : A Poem

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Maggie Mae


Okay, so it's not really a poem. But here is a list of everything that sucks right now. No particular order of importance. 

Things that are OK. 

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It seems like you're pretty depressed- badly enough to be having executive function issues. You might want to talk to a doctor about that- antidepressants don't have to be a life sentence (mine will be, but I've never NOT been depressed), loads of people only need a little boost to get over a hump. If you're anti-pharmaceutical help, I know there's loads of people here on FJ who've offered an ear to anyone having a terrible time of it. And strange as it may sound, that may help- sometimes when I'm in a rut, all I really need is someone to present my accomplishments to, like my cat does with dead stuff.

RE weight/exercise: no idea about your gym, so obviously YMMV, but my gym has a couple different levels of spin class and the "fun/beginner" level one is honestly pretty accessible. You'd re-acclimate pretty quickly, it's not like you're an actual beginner, and starting to do something about that might help you feel better about everything else. It's also a fabulous excuse to reach out to people- most people don't see "hey, can I come to spin with you this week" as a burden, so you could start re-establishing old friendships in a low-key way.

That probably all sounds like a tremendous amount of work that's impossible and won't help anyway. But that's sad brain talking. You can't trust sad brain, it's trying to fucking kill you.

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Amen!  Good to write it out, huh?  I hope things get better.  Sometimes I turn off the news, in all forms.  I've made a big effort to not read the comments!!!!!   Seriously, WTF is wrong with those people?  I just stopped, I look very rarely.  I take a look at my real life and the real people I interact with and go from that.  So not like the comments section.  Thankfully!  

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  • Posts

    • TuringMachine

      Posted (edited)

      I've been weirding my mom out lately cause all the people we follow make me compelled to thank her for being a good mom. I can't imagine being so concerned with appearances that you would get mad a what, 4 year old? for not meticulously keeping his shelf in order. Growing up, my mom's definition of cleaned up was simply not on the floor.  She probably would've enjoyed it if I made a sculpture out of toys on the shelf.

      Edited by TuringMachine
    • Frog99


      Has anyone been able to locate the article Lori claims to have read from yesterday’s post? I can’t find anything, and a search for the exact phrasing she used  links to her and to bloggers who share her posts, along with articles on lesbian feminism (many of which are peer reviewed and written at a higher academic level than where she is). 

      Someone in the comments asks for it, but per Lori, the article has an inappropriate picture on it. Lori could have elected not to publish that comment, or she could have directly responded to the request- with or without the link- cautioning the reader about the @inappropriate picture”. 

      I tend to think she made it up, but I’m not sure she’s that smart. 

    • Curious


      11 hours ago, Palimpsest said:

      don't think Sarah Maxwell will marry an older widower.  I think she is too heavily imprinted on Steve and enmeshed.  I think she will stay single forever caring for her parents as they age.  And then be a worry for her nephews and nieces in her 90s

      I agree with this.  When S and T pass I invision the family keeping the house and moving a few of the young adult unmarried nephews into the house for her to fuss after and keep an eye on or possibly all the unmarried girls will just stay there.  I don't see Steve marrying off any of the girls because he'd lose control to the son in law who might not be Keen to live in a 2 mile radius if "extended family"

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    • DarkAnts

      Posted (edited)

      I do love that he took Michelle Duggar's joyfully available quote and applied it to men. She published it originally right after Ashley Josh scandal. It was her way of publicity shaming and blaming Anna for Josh cheating. I think Jill  May have come quite a lot of baggage in some of these areas. I hope she is getting professional help.


      Thinking about it, I would not put it past DimBob to partially blame the older girls for Joshes sexual assaults. They were willing to shave one of the girls heads. They were willing to let him stay in the house until he did it to a 5 year old. Derick is a dick but at least he is not DimBob.

      Edited by DarkAnts
    • HarryPotterFan


      On 8/6/2019 at 2:59 PM, ViolaSebastian said:

      For people who love vintage recipes, I highly recommend the Twitter account @70s_party.


      I am sending this to my future SIL who loves to cook

      On 8/20/2019 at 2:33 AM, Petronella said:

      Oh! Only because of your post have I finally read it correctly! I blipped over the “and” and thought she was talking about people who claim Jesus was a lesbian. Was confused!! Haha

      I thought this too. Until I read this comment and thought, “Wait, that’s not what she said?”  I never heard the “Jesus is a lesbian” thing before so I should have known I misread it. But I’ve also never heard Cinderella called a feminist tale before...


      4 hours ago, Georgiana said:

      "Discussion questions make people disregard what the Bible says"?  More like "Discussion questions make us look like the idiots we are because they reveal that some people have cats with more knowledge of Scripture than we do".  

      I know a cat named Moses who loves sitting in baskets. So yes, cats DO know more scripture than these idiots