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Earlier today,  I was at work with my Google Play Music on shuffle, and a song from the OBC recording of Annie popped up randomly. Weird, but whatever. It was one of my favorite musicals as a kid and I still have a bit of a soft spot for spunky red-headed orphans (see also PIppi Longstocking, Sansa Stark) Of course I listened to the entire thing, including a bunch of early mixes I hadn't heard before. I grew up in the time of tapes, and we were poor for a good portion of my life. I still remember my first walkman and the first two tapes - Amy Grant, Heart in Motion, and Annie. So I've listened to it a few times. (Eventually I also got an Ace of Base tape, a Madonna Tape, and some early 90s R&B, before moving on to CDs). Anyway, so I'm listening to some early mixes, and it hits me. 

I love musicals. 

This wasn't a revelation. But I love musicals because they are political. Every single one I've ever loved is political at it's very core. Annie - wealth disparity, the New Deal, history, Hoovervilles, all wrapped up in a shiny happy broadway theme. Rent - AIDS crisis, HIV stigma, poverty, wealth disparity, journalism integrity, the American Dream. Newsies - history - newsboys strike, Christian Bale singing with Bill Pullman, poverty, journalism, wealth disparity. Cabaret -   rise of fascism while everyone parties. Les Mis, Chicago, even Mary Poppins has a liberal political message/history lesson in the middle of it. Sound of Music. Fiddler on the Roof.  West Side Story. South Pacific. Avenue Q. 


It appears that my favorite musicals (other than Mamma Mia, which we should just not talk about because I will fight you if you hate it) are the ones about living in poverty and doing the best you can with what you got. Not throwing away your shot, if you will. 

Which brings me to a different memory. 

I was talking to a guy on skype. He had lived next door to a very close friend, and he was dating a different "friend" of mine from high school. This was in the early 2000s and everyone was talking about the election, Bush V Gore, the Patriot Act, Ralph Nader, John McCain, and assorted topics. This guy was literally the first person who didn't even humor me with my "you should vote for x person in the local election." He was just "no. I don't vote." And even with his reasoning, I could not accept that. I still can not accept that. I don't understand that viewpoint, and I probably never will. It's been at least a decade since I talked to that guy, and I just don't get it. What do you do all day when you aren't political? What do you talk about? When you talk about "how to make the world better" what do you say? Is the number of people who hate politics at all correlated to people who hate musicals?

Which brings me to how does anyone hate musicals? I know they exist and are out there but why? Is it like my hatred of country music? They hear it and have the same full body uncomfortable feeling? That's so sad. I feel like I owe so much of my knowledge of history to my love of Broadway, as these groundbreaking musicals inspired me to study things in history that I probably wouldn't know about otherwise. I wouldn't have read Allan Ginsburg's Howl without Rent. I wouldn't have read The Berlin Stories  without Cabaret.  Fictional characters set during war time give the audience a grasp of what it was like for those who aren't Generals or State Politicians. 

BTW. If Cabaret comes to your city, go see it. It's topical. 

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    • EmiSue


      1 hour ago, kbohn23 said:

      Yep I was thinking the same thing. November seems so far off for a Duggar wedding and no way would everything be purchased already. I have no reason to think this, its just a feeling, but I think the wedding might be this saturday the 31st



      Maybe because the Duggars are largely radio silent on social media right now? I don't think it's this soon, but probably sooner than later. 

    • AnnaSofia


      Yeah, either the abuse happened, in which case Lisa is vile for putting it out there like that (potentially endangering lives, not to mention violating trust/privacy), or Lisa fabricated this for attention, in which case Lisa is just fucking vile.

      The bitch of it is, the people in Spanky's circle who take issue with his marrying a thrice divorced woman aren't going to change their tune, no matter how badly the two of them drag their former spouses through the mud. *Maybe* she could get away with the "Grace widow" route (aka the Stacy McDonald) if she'd had one previous marriage, but with three divorces? Fundies just aren't going to look past that, not matter how awful you claim your ex-husbands were. I disagree with it (I have many, many, many issues with Lisa, but that's the least of them), but fundies gonna fundy. And surely, Lisa had to have known that when she got involved with Spanky. Unless she just assumed she'd win everyone over with her sparkling personality. :?

      I was just looking at Maili's Instagram. Seeing the photos from Darby's wedding, and of the younger Sproul kids with JT and Delaney during their engagement just makes my fucking blood boil that they weren't allowed to attend the latter's wedding. Moments like that you never get back, and all because Spanky and the Queen of the Tacky McMansion have less emotional maturity than most toddlers.

    • My Fam in RF


      2 minutes ago, finacial ice said:

      the leaders all have signals. they signal when they want someone to come over and interrupt a conversation they rather not be having with someone, but they have to look like they are nice and loving people.

      how do you know this? do you know the signals?

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    • 1 hour ago, MamaJunebug said:

      'Scuse me,  y'all, but that's "ProphetESS," as detailed by her daughter in her message this week.  ProphetESS.  


      Wait, she ACTUALLY said that? 

      Because for YEARS our family and friends insisted that the whole "prophet" thing was something made up by outsiders to make them look like a cult, and that even if some people thought she was a prophet, it certainly was not the majority of the congregation (don't look at or listen to the testimonies that say "prophet" on a loop... 🙄).

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    • finacial ice


      1 hour ago, My Fam in RF said:

      I visited there a couple times and there didn't seem to be a signal. The standing ovations felt unnatural to me, but it seemed natural to them. I think they've been conditioned to get amped up at certain points. The intonation of her voice when she said she was moving in there made me expect that they were going to clap.

      the leaders all have signals. they signal when they want someone to come over and interrupt a conversation they rather not be having with someone, but they have to look like they are nice and loving people.

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