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Baby Thor

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Thirsty Thorsday

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This little beastie here!!! He's been on one hell of a kick lately.  After the coffee table incidents, yes there were several, the photos I posted were AFTER he got into it twice and found his brush.  I'd moved the brush by that time, he kept going in and digging his little paw around looking for it, I ended up sticking a piece of paper in the corner so the drawer is tight.  We've been playing the "no get down! stay away from the tv!" game all week.  I've moved the scratchy post so he stops going for the corner of the chair.  He was being all sweet kitty the other day....and then last night happens.  

I'm in the living room, it's around 8:30-9ish...I hear this massive crash/shatter from the kitchen.  He loves the top of the fridge so my first thought was that he finally sent one of the breakable from up there to the floor.  Nope.  We have this little 3/4 shelf bookshelf in the dining area (big eat in combo kitchen/dining).  On the top sits an air purifier and an X-shaped wine bottle and glass rack.  They take up the whole thing now, so there's little room for his long chubby butt to be up there to begin with.  Well he tried apparently.  I had 3 wine glasses out of 4 hanging on the rack and an unopened bottle of wine just for pretty.  Yeah.  Bottle and rack are OK, glasses--not so much.  Two of them were from a collectors set with the wine and Miranda Lambert's newest CD....UGH.

I swear ya'll if he wasn't so cute!!!




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That's what happens when them kitties get all teenagery...

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Oh he's one smug, snuggly baby between cat-tastrophes! 

He knows mama falls for kitten face. Lucky little adorable mongrel....

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Sorry, my mother's Siamese cat sent her knocking-things-off-shelves/nightstands-instead-of-leaving-well-enough-alone vibes to HRH. I apologize for any inconvenience.  ;) 

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I feel as if he is staring right at you saying "I didn't do it".

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  • Posts

    • danvillebelle


      10 hours ago, SuperNova said:

      Something tells me that they don't make those types of choices for themselves.

      Considering she buzzed her BABY'S hair because it looked too unkempt for the gram, I'd say your hunch is correct.

      1 hour ago, klein_roeschen said:

      Laminate countertops for the win.

      My circa 1970 kitchen has laminate countertops; they're white with random avocado green streaks, sort of a faux marble pattern.  We are only the second owners of the house and the previous lady was a meticulous housekeeper.  There is ONE ding; other than that they look like they were installed yesterday.  They're actually coved (not sure if that is the right word) up to the bottom of the cabinets and are the backsplash for the stove and sink.  They're easy to keep clean and I love them to bits!


    • Howl


      12 hours ago, CyborgKin said:

      The commentary also claims that the sheep used in the film were retirees from Wallace and Gromit,

      Which reminds me, I have some clay-mation movies to watch! I've seen all the original Wallace and Grommit shorter movies, like A Grand Day Out, but there are other feature length films that I've missed. 

    • klein_roeschen


      On 5/23/2020 at 1:49 AM, JermajestyDuggar said:

      I would choose laminate countertops over concrete any day. But laminate is not cool enough for Instagram. My guess is that she will claim she found some fabulous marble or quartz on sale for only $5000 and just had to have them. 

      Laminate countertops for the win. My current countertop is laminate and the next will be also and will cost me a whooping 49,95 € at Ikea. I can't imagine ever to pay that amount of money just for stone countertops which only purpose is to look good. But I also love my linoleum floor in my kitchen and that room is smaller than her kitchen island alone.

      20 hours ago, anachronistic said:

      I think Braggie has unkempt hair deliberately but on the girls it’s maybe because they don’t get her help to wash and brush it, and kids that age with hair that long just aren’t old enough to wash and comb their well. They also play hard and that’s hard with long hair unless it’s tied back. The pictures taken in the morning or for photo shoots it looks fine. I’ve been washing my very-fine hair less with this stay at home thing and it definitely gets stringy after a day of not paying attention to it. 

      Besides maybe the youngest of her girls, all of them should be able to brush their hair themselves and put that into a simple pony tail or braid, but you need to teach them how to properly first.

      I have thick, curly hair that I worn long as a child and my mother instilled a hair routine early in me and teached me how to brush it before I started school, she only took care of it when it was washed until I was able to. I don't get the open hair with kids anyway, I wore braids most of the time and even as an adult I had my hair into some kind of braid if it's get to long and I hate it when my hair hangs in my face. Get your girls into cute french braids, youtube is full with videos of people showing you how and you have pretty kid that can run around without bothering about her hair.

    • Italiangirl


      The problem I see with the younger kids is that they and jb and M may not see the show ending, I mean the kids have spent most of their lives if not all with a camera crew and the TLC people constantly around, so they could see it as normal to have the show going for basically forever. When you are young and all your life has been in a way, it is hard to make a question about what can change, so they could just take for granted to have the show as a way of making money. It should be Jb and M who take care of finding ways so that their children could have a future, but we know it is not the case. They haven't done anything till now not even for the older (just relying on the show) so why bothers now? Plus is them (Jb and M) who choose this life for themselves and thus for the kids so it should be their responsibility to act. Basically I think they will all be seriously scroued when the show will end. Maybe the older kids like Jessa and Joy coul just make enough with Instagram, YouTube channel and sponsorship, Jill is now used to don't have the show money so it will not change much for her, but the others? 

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    • Ozlsn


      On 5/24/2020 at 12:08 AM, Xan said:

      The video is so bizarre.  Joe says, "If Jesus was here and saw how Gwen was alive, He would be pleased with her."  Also, "...you are so loved and respected by your contemporaries, by your peers."  Gwen replies, "Thank you, Baby."

      Gwen:  "It's called companionship because it's truly compatible."  (What??)

      They talk about Gatlinburg, TN.  They say that "some of the family" has cabins there.  So they've got houses in Gatlinburg too?

      Gwen starts out every day "talking to God -- praying about what to wear.  I'm literally...um, I'm always looking to get off myself so it kind of helps just to go ahead, get dressed, and then forget yourself.  I kind of like that.  It's like, don't worry about it. Second guess anything... But, it depends on what we're doing.  I mean, I can get as sloppy as anybody and I love to get in work clothes and work around the house..."

      Here's a screen shot of when she was talking about work clothes.  She's in platform sandals, the little black dress, a white shirt with what looks like French cuffs, and one glove.  All these years, I've been doing "work clothes" wrong apparently.   I guess it's because I don't pray every morning about what to wear.



      Joe says that Gwen knows how to "identify God's personality" and takes those things that make it fun to go to church.  Gwen jumps in and says that her church is all about "trying to let God know..hey, this is the one place on earth, the one little sanctuary he's asking for where there are people just in love with him first.  So, we're just trying to make God look good.. And we want to make sure...God are you happy with us?"  (So Gwenny thinks that the only church to put God first is hers?  What an ego.)

      Screenshot of Joe helping Gwen to get onstage in her big shoes.  Can her legs get any thinner??



      What on earth is that last outfit? Does it have a sheer panel to a drop waist or am I seeing it wrong? 

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