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Baby Thor

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Thor, the Chubby Theif

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He's so cute when he's chubby!!! He gets all comfy by the bowl and grubs, it's kind of hilarious.  When he gets a belly it is usually followed by a growth spurt and he  leans out and gets all sleek.  He's taken to stealing Little Hoomans things from her room.  He used to go after the obvious small toys or things that cats just tend to like, I find her EOS ball all over the house.  These days he's far more ambitious, having started with her stuffed dog several weeks back.  She has a little rug in her room that he reeeaaaches under the door to steal and lately he's been stealing the bathmat??? I don't know what that's all about.  She's sacrificed several bouncy balls and a random tennis ball, but the one he really likes??  A light up rubber ball that he can barely get his teefs on!  I tell ya, it's rough being a housey cat, all that toy chasin' and fridge climbin'.  We tried the leash again last weekend, totally wasn't having it, outside is scary ya'll.  





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But...but....mama...I iz still a gwowing baby boy...Yew feedz me all kindz of gud grub and it makes me happee. I wike pwaying wif all da fun tings that little hooman haz. And mama...dat outside stuff...no. Iz too scawy for a lil kitteh wike me. I wike da inside...all mai toyz are dere and so iz mai mama, mai little hooman, mai daddy. 

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  • Posts

    • Queen Of Hearts


      8 hours ago, DarkAnts said:

      I hope Avery is ok too. She kept getting rehomed and returned to her abuser. She was not wanted by the women who initially adopted her. She did it with the intention of rehomeing her after they were in the states. 

      Oh, I remember them. What blog was that? That woman also had multiple adopted kids, right?

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      I honestly don’t mind our laminate countertops. They are dated and 1980’s but they aren’t ugly. They are kind of a neutral beige color. I do care about how my house looks. However I always weigh the price and there’s no way I will pay thousands of dollars for new countertops when the current ones work fine. 

    • Idlewild


      Joy’s husband has a job & they both seem to help out at his family’s camp. I assume Derick will eventually practise law & Jill does endorsements.
      Jeremy is presumably going to resume as a pastor but given their expensive tastes and his love of publicity I think they will seek some sort of spin off- but they are too dull to carry one IMHO. 
      I’ve no idea what Ben does but I can see Jessa teaming up with her parents at speaking engagements. 
      JD seems self sufficient & Jed has his car lot & his political ambitions. That still leaves a lot of people & their families to support! 

    • danvillebelle


      10 hours ago, SuperNova said:

      Something tells me that they don't make those types of choices for themselves.

      Considering she buzzed her BABY'S hair because it looked too unkempt for the gram, I'd say your hunch is correct.

      1 hour ago, klein_roeschen said:

      Laminate countertops for the win.

      My circa 1970 kitchen has laminate countertops; they're white with random avocado green streaks, sort of a faux marble pattern.  We are only the second owners of the house and the previous lady was a meticulous housekeeper.  There is ONE ding; other than that they look like they were installed yesterday.  They're actually coved (not sure if that is the right word) up to the bottom of the cabinets and are the backsplash for the stove and sink.  They're easy to keep clean and I love them to bits!


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    • Howl


      12 hours ago, CyborgKin said:

      The commentary also claims that the sheep used in the film were retirees from Wallace and Gromit,

      Which reminds me, I have some clay-mation movies to watch! I've seen all the original Wallace and Grommit shorter movies, like A Grand Day Out, but there are other feature length films that I've missed. 

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