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Stages of life...



Am I the first one to tag a post drunk sex?  Hope so.

So I've worked through the grieving and the guilt, logistics are moving as expected...I'm now entering the vodka and men phase of my healing.  

Tbh the vodka isn't necessary.  

So how does this work?   Have men changed since I've been out of the game?  Can I assume all of the equipment is still in the same general area as I remember?  Same triggers activate the usual launch sequence?

You should be able to place and order for a commitment phobic but sexually obsessive guy with compatible prurient interests for a friends with benefits situation...

And no, not a dating site...that still requires screening and speaking to people.  I'm talking about straight up conjuring.  

That is not too much to ask.  This would be so much easier if it didn't entail getting to know people...stupid process. 





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Oddly enough, the place to find a partner for the evening is the local bookstore. At least in my area.  

From what I'm told by my single friends men are still roughly the same. No secret tentacles that anyone is willing to discuss or needs to chop off and burn.  We can have a ritual outside where we summon you someone to entertain you for a few hours then poof! Back into his I Dream of Jeannie type bottle. 

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Gosh darn it, when I was single, I totally trolled the B+N in my area.  

I went and bought some batteries, instead of hoping things might get "literal" in the store.  Kudos, @Khan if it works where you are.

Wishing you cupcakes and good vibes, @HerNameIsBuffy :)

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I'm still hoping that holographic sexual partners are an option if I'm single again someday in the future. :my_biggrin: I love my husband, but I can't envision ever having another husband or even a boyfriend if (God forbid) I ended up as a sprightly widow. An on demand sexual partner, I can almost see working. Maybe. :my_blush: 

And I have no useful advice regarding either dating or friends with benefits relations. I got engaged once, then that relationship crashed and burned. Seven years later, I married my mister. I certainly never "courted", but I never really dated much, either. I enjoyed those 7 years alone and I enjoy being with my guy, just in different ways.

l second @MarblesMom's wishes for cupcakes (with pink frosting!) and good vibes, @HerNameIsBuffy:)

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8 hours ago, WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo? said:

l second @MarblesMom's wishes for cupcakes (with pink frosting!) and good vibes, @HerNameIsBuffy:)

Me too, in all possible interpretations! :my_blush:

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Anyone read Tanith Lee's Silver Metal Lover? I'm still wating for mine.....doesn't get tired, bored and can be left alone when you're done.... Will escort you to things you enjoy without complaint or "tit for tatting"....

Cupcakes with whatever type of frosting you love the most, Buffy!

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Silver Metal Lover?  I was so thinking hairbands!  LOL  I love you guys and now I want cupcakes.

I've actually met someone after posting this.  Well, someone I was friends with for a while but the nature of our time together changed in a very interesting way.  :)  I bet it was all the good vibes you were sending out! 

Just a buddy who I already knew was smart and funny, but turns out is also great looking.  And has a similar opinion of me and I don't even care if not objectively true, a handsome guy with the need to tell me how beautiful and amazing he thinks I am throughout the day (and night) should be able to express that freely.  Who am I to stand in his way?

Its nice to feel so attracted to a nice guy without the buzzkill of real feelings.  Casual is my new favorite word!

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    • Ozlsn


      Ok, I am not going to say I haven't read the left leaning conspiracy theories about this shooting, even if I'm trying to hold off until we have more verified information.

      But I don't get where this "Biden sent the shooter" idiocy is coming from because seriously here? He has an actual job, with stuff to do etc. Now if you wanted me to believe Steve Bannon sent the shooter I would be more receptive, mostly because it's the kind of out there theory I can get behind.

    • Ozlsn


      3 hours ago, Bassett Lady said:

      I don’t mind that they want to see people they love, but why the prevarication

      Doesn't fit in with the "we need a safe and stable home across the country " grifting theme. I don't think people would have donated as much if they knew there was a planned holiday in the middle, and I am wondering how many donors are now side-eyeing the hell out of them. Because that wasn't a small omission there, it was strongly implied that both flights were sequential and necessary to get to where they are planning to live.

      I swear if it turns out they've moved two suburbs away in Seattle... I will probably laugh. I doubt this is the case - why fly the cats? - but part of me is expecting to find out they've moved to Salem, Oregon, or Sacramento.

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    • noseybutt


      It is possible for spouses and children of defendants in federal CSA/child porn cases to request (and receive) mental health services through the Federal Defender Victim/Witness programs. But the key detail is that it has to be requested and typically that happens in situations where the spouse is trying to separate/divorce from the offender.

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    • HumbleJillyMuffin


      8 minutes ago, Bassett Lady said:

      “The discrimination was awful, and TSA held us up for over an hour and made us late for our first flight.”

      My husband flies with his mobility assistance gear all the time for work, including into and out of Seattle. He says their claim sounds like absolute rubbish. Every interaction he has had with the Seattle airport has been professional, swift,  and courteous. 

      Over the years he has used a  cane, walker, manual wheelchair and power chair. At every turn the Seattle airport has been kind and competent, 

      Well we all know how entitled Artemis is, no surprise they figured they could run late and the TSA line would part for them like the Red Sea in the Ten Commandments because they have mobility devices and cats. The "awful discrimination" was probably other people who told them to wait in line and the TSA staff probably reiterated that using mobility devices does not give them the right to expect special treatment. 

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    • Coconut Flan


      Counseling would come from a different court than the criminal court Josh was in.  It would only be ordered due to a CPS investigation.  

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