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Baby Thor

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Thor's Potential Mama



I was cleaning out my phone the other day and found pics of the kitty we think may be Thor & Co.'s mother.  She was a wild looking little doll baby when we got her.  My friend found her in the engine compartment of her neighbors car and brought her to the office.  After a day of phone calls and research, no shelter in town would take yet another female kitten.  Thankfully she was several weeks old and weaned so we were able to feed her and tend to her.  She had several marks on her and her lower lip was badly damaged from heaven only knows.  We took her home as my friend is allergic to cats and had new dachshund puppies.  I immediately told my daughter "don't name her!  she's temporary!"  Three days and some kitten snuggles later, Tee Chat, Little Cat, Sookie, Witchy Kitty, KittenKitten had made a home.  My husband was enthralled with her.  She had the same long graceful face and lean body that Thor has.  And she had a similar sing songy meow...Thor doesn't "meow" or "mow" or "row"....he meow-wow-wow's.  or brrrrwowwow, always like he's asking a question.  She trilled more than anything and he trills a lot too.  She never got the hang of the litter box.  I'd made sure to introduce her immediately and kept it clean but she would still pee on towels.  I gave up an left old towels down but then it became anything she decided she needed to potty on throughout the house.  Nothing was safe.  By this point she was big and fierce so outside she went.  She never came back to our house to live but she has been a neighborhood kitty since.  We live behind two restaurants so we have plenty of chubby random cats.  When I found the babies it had been a long while since we'd spotted her.

The house theory is that she knew our home and us.  So if she just couldn't take care of them, or figured our house was the best place to give birth, that's what she did.  Their mama didn't come claim them that first night and never came back around that we noticed.  So either she died shortly after (heaven forbid) or she just wasn't interested...either way, Thor is thriving.  So I introduce KittenKitten:  do you think there's a family resemblance? 

Kitten Kitten 2.jpg

Kitten Kitten.jpg

tool Thor.jpg

Bowtie Thor.jpg

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her nose looks more delicate than The Mighty Thor's, but she's pretty!  how sad that she didn't stay, but her destiny must have been outside.  i hope she merely moved on.

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That is our hope too. She was a really great cat, fabulous bug catcher. And super sweet, just a little feral I guess. 

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We got our cats, Boo and Koki in similar manner. Their mom, who we named Rowan, would come to our patio door and hiss to be fed. When she had her kittens(5), she brought them to the patio door and left them, eyes open but not weaned.  We ended up bottle feeding 5 kittens for a couple of weeks. We found homes for Angel, Sonny and Nicodemus and kept Boo (all black) and Koki(Siamese). Rowan once tried to take Nico(all black too) back but returned him soon after.

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Sometimes rescue cats make the best pets, but that's not always feasible. Glad you were able to take care of her for a little while at least.  :my_heart:

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I think its possible she was Thor's mom. From the look of it, she's a dilute tortoiseshell. Boy cats get their genetics from their mother only (but cannot be tortoiseshell unless they are XXY, as colouring is passed on the X chromosome, and if they get two different colour genes it can express both). Dilute is from a separate gene that lightens the colours (from black and red to blue and cream), and is recessive, so wouldn't have been passed on unless the dad had it too. There is only really two cat colours, all the others are variations of the main two, with genes for dilute, tabby, points that mask the original colour.


Looking at the picture of Thor's litter, there are a few possible pairings:

Black mother and red father, all the girls would be tortoiseshell, all the boys would be black.

Tortoiseshell mother and black or red father, girls could be tortie like mom or the same colour as their dad. Boys could be either black or red.

In either of those pairings, at least one of them would have a small patch of white somewhere, maybe both, depending on whether his siblings had any white on them.


This kitty also looks like Thor in face shape.


I worked out my kittens genetics too. Their parents were both black with small amounts of white.

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      10 hours ago, Xan said:

      This is one of those times when Gary asks, "Am ah makin' sense this morning'? Amen?"--  I would have answered "No".

      You and me both, sister! That is literally sound-for-sound (I really can't call it word-for-word) what came out of his mouth. I wasn't planning to type so much of it out. But I started with what he was saying right after the reading, because it was so bizarre, and the weirdness never stopped, so I just kept on going.

      Among other Garyisms, why read starting in verse 41, then go on and on about things that happened earlier in the story? Why not plan to read from the earlier stuff? Several parts of the story of Joseph fit his "life got turned upside-down" theme.

      Gary is such a mental mess.

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      20 minutes ago, llucie said:

      Their oldest Truett was born may 2022 wich means they will have 4 under 3 for a little while.

      No thank you! 

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      Called it! IMG_8818.thumb.jpeg.ab77c5ef18f1b995da392b8768ff7f03.jpeg

      This doesn’t make any sense. What kind of landlord rents an apartment that hasn’t passed an electrical inspection? I’m so baffled.

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      14 minutes ago, llucie said:

      I always read that the genetics for twins are connected to the mother and not the father, but what a huge coincidence then that Jed who is a twin is also having twins.

      Yes, Jed one the twin grand Duggar contest. He will now be JB’s favorite. Since they are both girls, they might be identical. Which is just spontaneous. Unlike fraternal. Which is highly genetic due to ovulating more than one each month being genetic. 

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    • xenobia

      Posted (edited)

      6 minutes ago, harkasquirrel said:

      Depending on when the babies are coming in 2025 she’s most likely at the tail end of the first trimester or a few weeks into the second. I’m guessing they did one of those sneak peak blood tests to find out the genders.

      According to the video, they found out at an ultrasound. The technician turned off the screen at some point, and just wrote the gender of twin A and B in envelopes. They gave them to James, who arranged the gender reveal.

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