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Truly, Lawfully, Evilly Yours

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Notes on Diet

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I quit eating mammals and poultry early this fall. It's mostly a secret. My husband knows, but I try to keep it quiet- people get really upset. I still eat the occasional fish (mostly sardines- much more sustainable) and if I'm a guest and I can't get away with skipping a meat dish I take a very small portion. I get my eggs from someone I know, but I eat eggs. I'm very lactose intolerant but I do eat a little cheese. And I'd never try to feed my cats that way- they're obligate carnivores, it's cruel. My dog actually does better with fish/veg protein, she's allergic to poultry and beef/lamb give her digestive problems (dog diarrhea is not fun).

My husband still eats meat, and that doesn't bother me- I still do all the grocery shopping, I still cook for him, I just don't eat it. My mobility problems are better, the eczema calmed down some, and our grocery bill is down substantially. He eats less meat now because I cook dishes (for me) that he tries and likes. The point isn't to "convert" him- he just isn't accustomed to veg dishes being enjoyable or palatable.

Really, truly, I don't care what you eat. I bought a couple pounds of bacon at Costco on Tuesday. I really, really don't care. Everyone has their own situation and their own shit to deal with. I did it because I have environmental impacts I don't control (a long commute I can't change), food intolerances (giving up meat helped my joint pain a lot and I'm less broken out and itchy), and an ever-increasing grocery bill.

I feel really powerless about all of those- I can't afford to move closer, I can't make my body stop freaking out, and couponing is usually only good for processed/packaged goods, which I don't buy in non-Costco quantities anyway. I make my own cheese, y'all. I garden as much as possible in a tiny lot. I draw the line at making my laundry detergent- that assumes my labor is worth nothing.

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  • Posts

    • Stop_Counting

      Posted (edited)

      On 1/21/2021 at 2:06 PM, Duggarite said:

      I think Jill is getting more Democrat, feminist and out of the cult by the minute. I do not expect her to become pro-choice but I think her view on gay marriage, trans-rights, feminism, etc are very different of those of her family. I think it is difficult to make such a change when you have been raised in a family like the Duggars. I do not expect her to go to the next Pride Parade but I think she is beyond the point of discriminating people because of who they love. I think she has made a long journey from where she started and that is something to be acknowledged.

      Didn't she just recently tell People magazine she wouldn't approve if one of her kids was gay or transgender?

      Edited by Stop_Counting
    • PennySycamore


      @patsymae, you don't know how happy it makes me to know to Gabriel Ferrer is now an Episcopal priest who officiates at gay weddings.  Gabriel's parents were Rosemary Clooney and Jose Ferrer.  (Jose was in The Caine Mutiny, played Stephanie's patrician dad on Newhart , and won the Best Actor Oscar in 1950 for Cyrano de Bergerac).  Gabriel was raised Catholic but I think that maybe he and Debbie went to the Foursquare Church early in their marriage.  

    • Ozlsn


      4 minutes ago, thoughtful said:

      Some comments - Donald as far as I can tell, is saying the US died when slavery ended. :shock:  Lloyd seems to think that the Pres and VP are going to stay outdoors and sing Mack the Knife.

      Lloyd had inside info on Trump sacking all the ushers then?

      Also Lloyd is wrong.

      I know I get repetitive on this, but socialism is not the same as communism, and I wish these idiots would learn the difference.

      Donald apparently thinks he would have been richer in 1865... nope he'd be just as poor as now, and equally as ignorant. 

    • thoughtful


      From the Facebook account of the guy Gary was asking about a few days ago, Charles Eric Rice - posted on the day before the inauguration:



      Some comments - Donald as far as I can tell, is saying the US died when slavery ended. :shock:  Lloyd seems to think that the Pres and VP are going to stay outdoors and sing Mack the Knife. :penguin-wink:




      I can't imagine any of you really need to see this, re that third comment, but, just to make things complete:


      Social media users have been sharing a video shot from a vehicle that shows some National Guard soldiers facing away from the road as Biden’s motorcade drives past them. The users claim that the National Guard has “turned their backs” on Biden, suggesting that this action is a display to show their rejection of the President. Their positioning, however, is standard protocol for this sort of duty.


      More from Rice:







      These people really live in an alternate reality.

      • I Agree 1
    • thoughtful

      Posted (edited)

      Oh, Gary. I take it you didn't even notice that you wrote "GOD said to condone sin."

      And what's your problem? Did someone post a picture of two men kissing?





      Edited by thoughtful

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