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Truly, Lawfully, Evilly Yours

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Notes on Diet

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I quit eating mammals and poultry early this fall. It's mostly a secret. My husband knows, but I try to keep it quiet- people get really upset. I still eat the occasional fish (mostly sardines- much more sustainable) and if I'm a guest and I can't get away with skipping a meat dish I take a very small portion. I get my eggs from someone I know, but I eat eggs. I'm very lactose intolerant but I do eat a little cheese. And I'd never try to feed my cats that way- they're obligate carnivores, it's cruel. My dog actually does better with fish/veg protein, she's allergic to poultry and beef/lamb give her digestive problems (dog diarrhea is not fun).

My husband still eats meat, and that doesn't bother me- I still do all the grocery shopping, I still cook for him, I just don't eat it. My mobility problems are better, the eczema calmed down some, and our grocery bill is down substantially. He eats less meat now because I cook dishes (for me) that he tries and likes. The point isn't to "convert" him- he just isn't accustomed to veg dishes being enjoyable or palatable.

Really, truly, I don't care what you eat. I bought a couple pounds of bacon at Costco on Tuesday. I really, really don't care. Everyone has their own situation and their own shit to deal with. I did it because I have environmental impacts I don't control (a long commute I can't change), food intolerances (giving up meat helped my joint pain a lot and I'm less broken out and itchy), and an ever-increasing grocery bill.

I feel really powerless about all of those- I can't afford to move closer, I can't make my body stop freaking out, and couponing is usually only good for processed/packaged goods, which I don't buy in non-Costco quantities anyway. I make my own cheese, y'all. I garden as much as possible in a tiny lot. I draw the line at making my laundry detergent- that assumes my labor is worth nothing.

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  • Posts

    • Giraffe


      10 minutes ago, thoughtful said:

      Have you tried saying "Paper Thin Chip Licker," very fast, ten times? It would make a good warm-up for an actor.

      I got about 5 correct and then devolved into “paper thick chick lipper.”

    • church_of_dog


      8 minutes ago, thoughtful said:

      Have you tried saying "Paper Thin Chip Licker," very fast, ten times? It would make a good warm-up for an actor.

      At first glance I was sure the phrase "paper clip" was in there somewhere.



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    • thoughtful


      On 6/4/2020 at 6:24 PM, Giraffe said:

      I haven’t paid attention to Gwen Shamblin Lara for a while but came back because of the thread title. I love it! 🤣❤️

      Have you tried saying "Paper Thin Chip Licker," very fast, ten times? It would make a good warm-up for an actor.

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    • sparrow

      Posted (edited)

      Found this article from last year. (https://www.moms.com/myka-stauffer-gets-real-sharing-the-hardships-of-adoption/)

      Many of these statements did not age well. 

      Some highlights: (bolding and reaction emojis mine)

      Moms.com recently had the opportunity to chat with Stauffer about [...] how the challenges of adopting a special needs child further fortified her own personal character trait of not giving up.

      “I prayed for a sign that if this was supposed to be our child [...] let us have the same birthday or just like one day apart. It was bizarre, but sure enough our birthdays are very close.” 🙄

      “When we brought him home, the only thing he would do was rock and bang his head against the wall.” 💔

      “for me, it made me want to fight for him more. That's my personality. I'm a perfectionist. I'm a fighter. I am an advocate. If you tell me no, I'll say yes, and find a way to make it work”

      ”For many parents who have adopted, it’s true that you paint that picture in your head of what your child is going to look like and be like, and then when the child arrives, there’s a big adjustment period. My son has taught me to chill out and to realize that it doesn't matter what your persona is. You are my baby and I'm going to love you unconditionally.”

      I know that he is supposed to be with us and our family. Maybe, because we're brave enough or crazy enough to say that imperfection doesn't scare us.” 


      What a difference a year makes...

      Edited by sparrow
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      • Rufus Bless 1
    • QuiverFullofBooks


      If you’re on a television show and running for office, you should really be able to hit 300 Twitter followers.

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