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Do the Maxwells Ever Interact With People Under 50?



In going through the book A Summer With The Moodys, I have noticed a pattern. My rough drafts that I've been posting are mainly of the Doody's neighbors and acquaintances and how they see the Doodys.

But the thing is, all the characters are too similar. Part of that may be that I'm not really that great at writing (yet), but part of it is that most characters the Doodys interact with in this book are described as being, "elderly," "old," "older man," "grandmotherly," etc.

I know that the Maxwells have a Church of the Holy Nursing Home, but do they never interact with people of different ages? Even the lady at the City Hall is old. Does Sarah truly never interact with anyone under the age of 50, besides her family members?

This is truly annoying. I might have to change some things around just for some variety. Which I'm still learning how to write anyway.


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I think they interacted with people under the age of 50 back when they had conferences but I don't think they had any this year.

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uber frau


They do but they don't always write about it.  They've appeared on other funde blogs. 

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Sometimes, they've met the Duggars, and a few other fundie families, wasn't there a picture with one of Zsu's kids?


I think they prefer elderly people though, because what if the "kids" actually made a friend with someone their own age, how scandalous, they might start hanging out with them more than family! They might learn something inappropriate, like nursery rhyme lyrics.

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6 minutes ago, ILoveJellybeans said:

Sometimes, they've met the Duggars, and a few other fundie families, wasn't there a picture with one of Zsu's kids?

I don't know. I don't keep up with the Duggar wedding threads that closely.

Oh yeah, you're right, I think I do remember a while back they met the Andersons at a conference they were holding, and Miriam took a picture with... I think it was Sarah?

I meant on a regular day to day basis, though. But I suppose you're right, when they used to do conferences.... I don't think there were any last year either.

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      I truly try not the judge other parents. I was at a pool with friends the other day and there was a fecal incident. My friend was like, “the parent should know of the child is potty trained and put them in a swim diaper!” I’m a terrible devil’s advocate so I couldn’t bite my tongue. Of course I had to say that the child who pooped may have special needs and we never know. And my friend agreed. 

      Of course we didn’t set foot in that pool even long after it was cleaned! The mental image was seared into our brains 🤣

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    • fluffernutter


      Jeremy and Jinger did a new you tube video. They are going back to vlogging. They are in a new house, in LA, and it sounds like they plan to be there awhile. They are remodeling. They talked about moving. It was riveting. 💤

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    • GuineaPigCourtship


      11 hours ago, Cults-r-us said:

      Blaming the parent is a cop out and empowers the child to act out.

      Absolutely - kids are individuals just like adults.  All you can do is your best but nobody is able to be ON 100% of the time without breaks.  We're not machines.

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    • Bobology

      Posted (edited)

      3 hours ago, MargieB said:

      It's moving day for the entitlement twins.  Anyone want to guess when their next grift will be?  I am sure it will be less than a day for their next "funding request" to appear.

      My guess is that some of their "boxes*" will have been lost, damaged, stolen, etc and they will be needing the items** in those particular boxes replaced ASAP.

      * boxes... if any boxes even exist. They collect free money then do whatever they want. 

      ** items... the lost boxes will "contain" their most valuable belongings so they can beg for as much money as possible.

      Edited by Bobology
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    • Four is Enough


      You know, it just occurred to me.. why would Josh even think he deserves another hearing? He is nobody but a minor D-list player.. and a bad one at that. Yeah, I know we're all equal under the law, but... he's not all that..

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