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I only dump stuff here because I don't like therapists



Been in a weird place in my head lately...I've been fine with having no real friends irl for ages...it was actually really freeing when I realized I didn't have to put up with all the superficial crap I hate to hang out with people who I didn't like all that much anyway.  But lately I've been thinking about people who used to mean a lot to me.  Friends I loved at one point.

Some of them I think about and wonder why I don't miss them.  I should - they didn't do anything wrong...I just drifted.  I loved them once and now? I hope they are doing well, but not enough to find out.  This isn't normal.  People who manage to have lasting friendships for decades ...lifetimes...I'm in awe of that in a way.  Because it's something i can't understand and is so beyond my capabilities it might as well be wizardry.

One of those friends once told me, back when we were close, that my ability to be just be done with people scared her.  I've been thinking about that a lot lately - trying to see a pattern.  I can't find one.  I've walked away from extended family for reasons, final conversation in one case but in the rest just done.  No drama, no rehashing, no forwarding address.  I've done it with friends my whole life...some I didn't like enough from the start to be worth the maintenance, some who needed more from me than I was capable of giving, but mostly just drift.  I've got a way of closing chapters of my life like books I won't read again.  I can remember the plot and many characters, some fondly some not, but they're on the shelf neatly put away.  They have nothing to do with the chapter I'm working on now.

The flip side is I have deep and real love for some people I don't want to speak to.  Some family...a couple others from the past.  The thought of a conversation or re connection fills me with dread or annoyance (depending on the person.)   Anxiety even when history proves meetings are pleasant.  These are people I would give large sums of money without a second thought, if I had it and they needed it.  People who can have any of my organs should the need arise.  People from whom I would take their pain and personal struggles onto myself if I could - so they could be happy. People who could live in my house if they needed a place to stay.  People who I have and will drop what I'm doing for as long as it takes if they have a crisis and need practical assistance.

But hanging out or just talking without a project, a goal, task oriented urgency?  It's physically painful before and after...even when it was just lovely.

I know my distance is painful for some of them, but I don't know how to be any other way.   I have letters to them in my safe, with the insurance papers and pics of Jani Lane wearing my panties around his neck (don't ask - it only sounds dirty) letters telling them how much I love them - what they've given me and how much they meant to me.  So as long as I go first I'm all set.  

The ones who find it painful hide behind humor.  How hard I am to get a hold of how I forget to return texts and emails - chalking it up to another one of my quirks like how I'm always late and can't ever find my sunglasses.  But I know these people.  They know calling me on it will send me running in my head so even though the amount of contact may not change the distance will increase.  At some point I think some are just grateful I'm around at all - even tangentially - and it's too risky to address it.

I keep these people whom I love so much from criticizing me by threatening them with the loss of contact.  It's unspoken but I know I'm doing it.  I need to control the depth of my relationships so much that as despicable as it is I can live with my actions.  Some people control others with drama or abuse...I've always patted myself on the back for not being one of those people.  I'm not going to get angry or make a scene...I'm just going to remove myself. I'm coming to realize that doesn't make me a better person than the yelling people...it makes me a quiet bully.  And not for nothing but I'm well aware you can demand someone stop yelling at you but you can't demand someone spend time with you or care about you without seeming like you're the problem.  

Idk - just trying to get in my own head and figure out why I'm so fucked up ...a little late in life ....too late for it to matter.  But I'm bored and it's a puzzle I'd like to solve.

I just find it fascinating and highly irritating that in my brain doors to my past ...long since closed and nailed shut and painted over...are flinging open forcing things to the fore of my consciousness that I'd long since declared complete.  And this internal struggle to figure out what's wrong with me is quite unwelcome.  At this stage in life a sudden overwhelming need to become self aware is really inconvenient...and it's fucking painful.  

Visceral pain from desperately missing someone I haven't seen in 30 years.  Someone who, if I saw irl, I'd tell was mistaken if he recognized me.  Not her - sorry.  Anger at a sibling having some kind of epiphany about neglecting relationships and now wants to get together more often.  Anger that they need something from me I don't want to give and anger that they are daring to suggest changing the paradigm now.  Anger that they are so understanding about not pushing it I can't justify cutting off completely.

Anger at my own psyche for changing the game on me.  

My kids are the only people I have never distanced.  The only people for whom affection is easy and comfortable...love openly expressed and my attachment is sacred and overrides everything.  They are coming into their own and breaking away which is healthy and important and I'm so proud of them....but I'm grateful for the time they can spare for their old mom and ridiculously happy when they want me to make them something to eat or need a favor.  I would never want them to curtail their independence because mommy is lonely and kind of crazy...I love that they are having their own lives and adventures ...seeing the results of some pretty okay parenting come to fruition is nice.  Just odd that I can't conceive of being distant emotionally from them...I'm an open book (heart and wound at various times as well) with them in a way I've never been able to be with anyone else.  I'd chalk it up to material instinct but plenty of parents are emotionally distant.  Ask me how I know :) 

I'm aware this isn't a normal thought process...I'm working on it.  

So person I haven't seen in forever and will never see again and whose letter isn't in the safe but in my heart because it's too personal and important to be seen by even my family after I die...have a quote image from an anonymous screen name on a website I'm sure you've never heard of.  






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This strikes a chord with me. I think we all do that here. (Strike chords, not slam doors)

I hate facebook. But I have been using it lately in an effort to make my very, very small group of close friends and loved ones know I still exist. Usually I just post photos of things. It dawned on me though, that I wasn't telling anyone enough of anything, including my mommy...and I had no good reason. So I posted a huge-ass update (in a closed emotional vomit post) then I swore I would do better. It's hard. Cause I slam doors on shit. I hung up on my father 7 years ago. I walk away from pain. And sometimes the good people who remind me of the pain just get left behind.

I relate to the other part as well, being extremely good-hearted. I believe perhaps they go together. The intensity of the moment can be so much that when it ends, it can be be just as much. You don't need drama to feel something. My nostalgia can kill me. My shrink asked me (off-handedly) if I had experienced trauma or had been diagnosed with PTSD because of my levels of anxiety. That was sort of what triggered my thoughts about talking to my loved ones- because I still feel some events of my recent past so harshly . And instead of just walking away and walling them up I thought I could try opening up and sharing.

I don't know if any of this resonates and I don't mean to get too deep before the feasting hour ;)

FJ does do as much or more than the majority of all therapists.

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If it weren't for her loathing of pepper (for shame) and apparent tardiness (on time is late in my world) I would wonder if Buffy and I were the same person.  She may also be my sister (who I haven't heard from since June 2014) however Buffy and I share similar 80's taste in music and my sister is way more into Jody Whatley and other R&B from the era. 

My sister and I have a history of not talking.  Then when we do see each other or talk we go on for hours.  In our case I wonder if this is genetic since our father acted this way. 

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    • Ozlsn


      Ok, I am not going to say I haven't read the left leaning conspiracy theories about this shooting, even if I'm trying to hold off until we have more verified information.

      But I don't get where this "Biden sent the shooter" idiocy is coming from because seriously here? He has an actual job, with stuff to do etc. Now if you wanted me to believe Steve Bannon sent the shooter I would be more receptive, mostly because it's the kind of out there theory I can get behind.

    • Ozlsn


      3 hours ago, Bassett Lady said:

      I don’t mind that they want to see people they love, but why the prevarication

      Doesn't fit in with the "we need a safe and stable home across the country " grifting theme. I don't think people would have donated as much if they knew there was a planned holiday in the middle, and I am wondering how many donors are now side-eyeing the hell out of them. Because that wasn't a small omission there, it was strongly implied that both flights were sequential and necessary to get to where they are planning to live.

      I swear if it turns out they've moved two suburbs away in Seattle... I will probably laugh. I doubt this is the case - why fly the cats? - but part of me is expecting to find out they've moved to Salem, Oregon, or Sacramento.

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    • noseybutt


      It is possible for spouses and children of defendants in federal CSA/child porn cases to request (and receive) mental health services through the Federal Defender Victim/Witness programs. But the key detail is that it has to be requested and typically that happens in situations where the spouse is trying to separate/divorce from the offender.

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    • HumbleJillyMuffin


      8 minutes ago, Bassett Lady said:

      “The discrimination was awful, and TSA held us up for over an hour and made us late for our first flight.”

      My husband flies with his mobility assistance gear all the time for work, including into and out of Seattle. He says their claim sounds like absolute rubbish. Every interaction he has had with the Seattle airport has been professional, swift,  and courteous. 

      Over the years he has used a  cane, walker, manual wheelchair and power chair. At every turn the Seattle airport has been kind and competent, 

      Well we all know how entitled Artemis is, no surprise they figured they could run late and the TSA line would part for them like the Red Sea in the Ten Commandments because they have mobility devices and cats. The "awful discrimination" was probably other people who told them to wait in line and the TSA staff probably reiterated that using mobility devices does not give them the right to expect special treatment. 

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    • Coconut Flan


      Counseling would come from a different court than the criminal court Josh was in.  It would only be ordered due to a CPS investigation.  

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