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And the chosen path was...







how do I feel?  


im sure it's coming but I'm going to enjoy this for now.

i haven't been this happy and at peace in a very long time.  Won't last, but I'll enjoy it for now.

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"i haven't been this happy and at peace in a very long time"


Strangely, reading this made me tear up.  I'm so very glad you feel this way, that your happiness has come to you, that you have peace, that you realize it and are enjoying it.  So few don't recognize it, or rush through a happy time, or worry it away by looking ahead until it won't be there again.  Revel.  Relax.  Smile contentedly.  You lucky woman. 

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I'm glad you made that choice b, and I hope it leads to permanent happiness for you. You are awesome and you deserve all the nice things life has to offer.

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Yay for being happy and full of peace. I think you might be missing something though ;)



(to add to your peace and happiness, not instead of it)



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Best of luck to you on your new adventure! :pb_smile:

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Congratulations Buffy! 

And now please shower us all poor unhappy or mildly happy or barely happy mortals with the shiny rays of your happiness because it seems the world is badly in need of it. If you will do it I promise you a chicken, I'd offer you a pony but since I turned down your kind offer of some hours ago I don't have one at the moment. The chicken can come alive or erhm well not alive anymore, but deliciously cooked, as you prefer. The alive version is more needy but I grant you that it's free range and unschooled, it doesn't eat poop though so you can't send him into Poopistan or I'll call the Animal Protection Service.

On a side note this blog post makes me insanely curious of your businesses. Please tell me to mind my own or I'll start asking questions. 

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@OnceUponATime, I'll eat the cookie if @HerNameIsBuffy doesn't want it. (Oh, who am I kidding. Who doesn't want a cookie?)

I'm happy for you Buffy. :my_smile: A little curious, but really happy for you. Enjoy your peace and if the fear comes, kick it's annoying little ass!!

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It wasn't obvious that I had to choose between my regular day to day life as a billionaire crime fighting supermodel with a Nobel in physics and leaving it all behind to become the newest iteration of Catwoman?

Kidding...like anyone could ever fill Julie Newmar's collar.

But I honestly didn't intend to be so cryptic - it's a career thing.  Which for many people is less emotionally loaded and I envy them that.

I think my deep need for security and fear of change mental apps were conflicting with the program which runs my inability to be happy if standing still and pathological need for work place victories.  Throw in a recursive loop of my ego reminding me how I've never been able to separate who I am from what I do very well and my mental OS just said screw this and gave me a big old BSOD.   And the finger.

I am actually fascinated by the mechanics of how my psyche rebooted.  Go to bed with literally no idea what to do and not even leaning one way or another and wake up like it's a fore drawn conclusion and knowing exactly how I need to move forward.  

Like when I've struggled to the point of frustration with some formula in my code, or why Exchange is trying to kill me...and I can't figure it out but go play an online game, take a shower, get my brows done and BAM there's the answer...duh.  

So next time I take a break to try to bring the answer to surface and nothing.  Then weeks later - bam - got it.  

I just think it's interesting how sometimes brains keep secrets from us and divulge them randomly.  

For all I know I'm a genius who has the answer to all the world's problems, I just haven't found the right time-suck to make my brain spit it out.


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    • JermajestyDuggar


      I truly try not the judge other parents. I was at a pool with friends the other day and there was a fecal incident. My friend was like, “the parent should know of the child is potty trained and put them in a swim diaper!” I’m a terrible devil’s advocate so I couldn’t bite my tongue. Of course I had to say that the child who pooped may have special needs and we never know. And my friend agreed. 

      Of course we didn’t set foot in that pool even long after it was cleaned! The mental image was seared into our brains 🤣

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    • fluffernutter


      Jeremy and Jinger did a new you tube video. They are going back to vlogging. They are in a new house, in LA, and it sounds like they plan to be there awhile. They are remodeling. They talked about moving. It was riveting. 💤

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    • GuineaPigCourtship


      11 hours ago, Cults-r-us said:

      Blaming the parent is a cop out and empowers the child to act out.

      Absolutely - kids are individuals just like adults.  All you can do is your best but nobody is able to be ON 100% of the time without breaks.  We're not machines.

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    • Bobology

      Posted (edited)

      3 hours ago, MargieB said:

      It's moving day for the entitlement twins.  Anyone want to guess when their next grift will be?  I am sure it will be less than a day for their next "funding request" to appear.

      My guess is that some of their "boxes*" will have been lost, damaged, stolen, etc and they will be needing the items** in those particular boxes replaced ASAP.

      * boxes... if any boxes even exist. They collect free money then do whatever they want. 

      ** items... the lost boxes will "contain" their most valuable belongings so they can beg for as much money as possible.

      Edited by Bobology
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    • Four is Enough


      You know, it just occurred to me.. why would Josh even think he deserves another hearing? He is nobody but a minor D-list player.. and a bad one at that. Yeah, I know we're all equal under the law, but... he's not all that..

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