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    • OHFL2009


      Another great website is Tropical Tidbits. The site owner Levi Cowan has a Ph.D in meteorology; it's a great place to see a compilation of various forecast models, and when there is tropical activity happening, he does nightly videos where he explains what the models are predicting and why. 


    • Scrappinmac

      Posted (edited)

      I thought the main reason Josie "got in trouble" during the art lesson was because she wasn't using the paints correctly. As in, these were water color paints that needed to be mixed with water, a very little bit of paint with a lot of water. It looked like she was using the paints like normal kid-friendly craft paints, dipping the brush into the paint. One of the other girls said she was doing it wrong, and those concentrated paints can be expensive. 

      I can see why Jana wanted her to stop (since Josie wasn't following directions) and said she wasn't ready for those paints yet.

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    • Bobology


      Regarding the title of this thread and much speculation here, instead of the warehouse, the Arkansas voter registration shows Josh/Anna's address at a house very close to the bunkered Baylor (sp) house that the Duggars took years to renovate and sell. The address is not the same as the one with the house over to the west of everyone, that was fixed up and where Josh/Anna moved upon their return to Arkansas after the short DC stint. I wonder if the voter registration address is old, or if the house is maybe in their name, or perhaps they actually live there?

    • Bobology


      12 hours ago, SassyPants said:

      I always perceived Jana as a shy, introvert who basically allowed Jill to do all the talking. Same with JD and Josh.

      Yes, and same with Jesse and Jinger (to a lesser degree than those you mentioned) and also Joe and Josiah. The 8-10 year-old Josiah showed so much promise. He was witty, eager, and an excellent talker/communicator.  What that poor kid suffered, to have it all smacked out of him, is horrible. Horrible for all of them, but Josiah has always stood out in my mind as the one to watch. 

      In the early days of the show and specials I was ignorant and oblivious to what was really going on in that family. I just thought they were odd folks, almost cartoonish, but at least living the lives they chose. It wasn't until Josh began courting that I began to smell the coffee.

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    • JermajestyDuggar

      Posted (edited)

      1 hour ago, smittykins said:

      It’s like everyone knows someone who knows someone who adopted and then had biological children.

      Or, similar to what @Jana814 said.(My junior/senior English teacher and her husband adopted two children, then had two bio kids.)

      It’s funny because no one mentions the people who adopted and never had bio kids after that due to infertility. But there are plenty of people out there like that. 

      Edited by JermajestyDuggar
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