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Buffy's Commentary

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What day is it today?



On my feet cooking and cleaning all day yesterday you'd think I'd be grateful to get to work but...




Acknowledging my feelings...



My wish for you all...



And finally...my gift to you...




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  • Posts

    • IsmeWeatherwax


      My very dear friend suffered with infertility for years, tried IVF, had horrific reaction to the drugs and so adopted her two children. They are now 13 and 14. She hasnt had any bio children, even tho she was told...ooo you'll fall pregnant now! She hasnt and wont as shes just turned 50 and her 2 have intense learning difficulties.

    • thoughtful


      11 hours ago, Don'tlikekoolaid said:

      Bro and Becky must have gone to the same photoshop class as Jill Rodrigues.

      At least they didn't dissolve their noses.


    • justmy2cents


      1 hour ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      It’s funny because no one mentions the people who adopted and never had bio kids after that due to infertility. But there are plenty of people out there like that. 

      Exactly. While I know a few ‘miracle’ cases where someone got pregnant after adopting or after trying IVF for years to have their first and then spontaneously getting pregnant with their 2nd, I know more couples that adopted and never had bio kids despite not using birth control. 

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    • AmericanRose


      @JermajestyDuggar There's apparently an "Abigail Shapiro" that's 20, but I was like "wait, Ben Shapiro is 36... that would be quite an age gap!" 😂

      But yeah; if your entire bubble shares your views, there's little incentive to re-consider.

    • SassyPants


      I agree the show needs to go. It’s about nothing. However, if JB is actually receiving all of the money and doles it out as he sees fit, and of course we can only speculate and talk about what some (Derick) have said about this, then I think JB and Michelle should be working on the show in some capacity. I don’t want to see any minor kids though. They need to stop exploiting minors to make ends meet. I’m sure they are familiar with the adage, ‘if you can’t feed them, don’t breed them.” People of their politically ilk love that one.

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