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Buffy's Commentary

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I am Granny Clampett...



Not seeing the resemblance?  You will after this sadly true story.

We moved into this house almost a year ago.  I've always liked the cooktop.   One of the kids who had cleaned the kitchen had dropped part of what we thought was a burner grate and it cracked.

shit happens and I was so happy someone cleaned the kitchen without being asked I wasnt even annoyed when my husband said he couldn't find the replacement piece online.  Figured with my Google fu I'd have it ordered in no time.

But I couldnt find it either.   It's not in the parts list, nor is it in any pic from appliance dealers.  

 (Using online pic of same model since mine was just used I won't clesn until after dinner)


Where is the piece that fits over the middle burner?  Why do the product description say wok ring sold separately?  What's a wok ring?

apprently this is a wok ring


Which we've had on the middle burner of our stove for almost a year never once questioning that it was just part of the grating.

it should probably go without saying that I do not now and have never owned a wok, nor am I familiar it's their accoutrements.

if you don't know something is a thing but it looks like something you do know is a thing...you use it as that thing that you know is a thing.

Granny and her fancy eating table....me and my wok ring.  

I've never felt closer to a fictional stereotype.


If Granny were here, and not fictional, she would've just as befuddled as I.


and she wouldn't appreciate people mocking us for our lack of fancy knowing stuff.


She'd have my back.

fun pics of Irene Ryan from way back in the day.  

image.jpeg image.jpeg

And as mini-Buffy would say:  her eyebrows were on fleek







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What kind of troglodyte are you not knowing what a wok ring is.

(As I typed this I am giggling because wok rhymes with cock. Cock ring.)

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You don't have a wok? I'm saddened. I have 3 but one isn't usable

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No wok ring or wok in my home either.  (I just do stir fry in a fry pan)

so...now that you know you have a wok ring, are you going to buy a wok and start frying up exotic dinners?  

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22 minutes ago, Karma said:

No wok ring or wok in my home either.  (I just do stir fry in a fry pan)

so...now that you know you have a wok ring, are you going to buy a wok and start frying up exotic dinners?  

No, the whole thing started because it broke and I went looking to find a replacement thinking it was part of the stove. I just get to save the $60 or so and not replace somethung I don't need. :) 

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wok ring or no wok ring (we are wokless here too), but why does your stove look like some scary thing from a futuristic sci-fi movie?   I'd be scared that thing was going to try and take over the world when I was sleeping or something.

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I've never had a 5 burner before and was disappointing to learn it doesn't do the cooking for me.  I need that Jetson's robot maid.

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If you find out where to buy a robot maid like Rosie, let me know. Maybe I can find an older, used model to fit my budget!

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  • Posts

    • SassyPants


      1 hour ago, TuringMachine said:

      Ah you're right Ezra turned 14 in May. I thought his birthday was in the late fall / winter like the other kids. It looks like Simon and Della are almost 3 years. Then she really hits her stride: Della and Evy and Nola are a couple months shy of 2 years, Evy and Nola and Theo are a few months over 2 years, Theo and Honor are two years and a month, and Honor and Shiloh are also 2 years and a month. The new babies will be about a 1 and a half years younger than Shiloh.

      Is Simon 13, or soon to be such?

    • Newest "Life with Gwen and Joe".  It's about "The Importance of Christ-like Words and Speech."  It's the week of camp and I don't see anything approaching social-distancing at all.  Gwen is in shorts and a little top with spaghetti straps.  Of course, she's got on platform heel with it.  Silly, vain woman...  She starts out by talking about the tongue and about how much trouble you can cause with it.  She goes over the "not taking the Lord's name in vain" in the Ten Commandments" (which she refers to as "the top ten commands") and then she says that you shouldn't even use replacement words for the bad words because Jesus probably wouldn't do that either. And if you're out there in the world using cuss words or sounds-like cuss words, you're responsible for messing up God's kingdom.

      Gwen says that people who talk pleasantly and without anger or cuss words have a better life.  She specifically reminds the boys that they're "not cool" if they use bad worlds or words that sound like cuss words.  She says that others will roll their eyes at them and they will be in a minority.  They'll stand out for the wrong things.  People won't like them.

      Joe, once again, got very little speaking time.  Gwen let him read a few verses and, at the end, he got to talk about how proud he was of all the campers.



      At the ends, Joe tries to start dancing with Gwen but she just stands there.  Is the bloom off this particular boy-toy, Gwen??




    • thoughtful


      @GreyhoundFan posted this in the politics forum - this character reminds me of Bro Gary even more than Trump!


    • Banyan

      Posted (edited)

      On his web page Spanky begs for "ongoing, monthly support" and makes a weak case for why being forgiven of his sins and scandals entitles him to be a minister again:


      It is a deep pain to me that for the rest of my life, any time I cross paths with anyone who knew me, the first thing that will come to their mind is Ashley Madison or DUI. They may say, “Love your podcast” or more likely, “Love your dad” but my scandals, I know, come immediately to mind. It doesn’t make me angry. I get it. I’m sure if I ran across James MacDonald or Mark Driscoll my own mind wouldn’t immediately turn to ways they have been used in the kingdom. My hope, however, is that if such a meeting should ever take place, following hot on the trail of their public failures would be this thought- “Jesus saves sinners like us.”

      Ron Blankenship responds that, after all his numerous scandals, how is anyone to trust Sproul again?


      So how is anyone to know if you can ever be trusted in ministry again? What you write here doesn’t help your case. Any minister with a platform runs the risk of discrediting the gospel message of being “saved from sin” if he repeatedly falls prey to scandalous sins himself. Getting a ministry platform in the first place shouldn’t come easily, although for the sons of ministry celebrities it often has, and often with disastrous consequences.... It sounds a lot more like playing the victim. It doesn’t help your case for being restored to ministry. Go back to the basics. What does the bible say about the qualifications for ministry? Surely you know. There are objective standards, all specified in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. Everyone who’s professed faith in Christ is forgiven of their sins, no matter how bad. But not every forgiven person meets the biblical criteria for being a minister, let alone being restored to ministry after having lost it.

      Rather than responding Sproul (as Ron Blankenship puts it) "hides behind his wife's skirts" and has Lisa respond. She does so in typical Lisa attack-mode, spewing out threats of impending hell fire on "slanderers." Sproul then praises his wife for her sagacity and encourages Ron to learn from her fine example. Sproul is a founding father of the Patriarchy movement. I can't help but find this all quite laughable.

      Edited by Banyan
    • llg1234


      Counting On Season 11 Episode 5 "A Baby Girl for Joe & Kendra"

      Part 1:


      In LA, JinJer got Felicity a scooter. Jinger puts a helmet and knee pads on her and coos about how pretty she looks. Felicity loves being outside and is very adventurous. Her latest is thing is standing up on couches, so they always have to keep an eye on her. Jinger says she's like Jeremy, which he jokingly says could be worrying. Jeremy says the scooter reminds him of the skateboard he has from Brian (aka Brian Sumner - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_Sumner). His friend Jay gave him one of Brian's skateboards and got them in contact with each other. Jeremy decides to give him a call for a skateboarding lesson.

      At Joe and Kendra's house, they're reading to Garrett. Kendra is 38 weeks. They're going to clean the house and set up the nursery in their room. Some of the Duggars (Jason through Josie, plus Tyler) come over to help get everything ready. Joe says he needs help since they're going to moving a lot of furniture (to clean under everything). Kendra says she's nervous about labor, especially now that she knows what the pain is like, so she tries not to think about it too much. They start vacuuming and cleaning everything, Jackson scrubs the toilet while Tyler cleans behind it. Joe jokes that babies expect everything to be clean when they arrive and that they're very judgmental. The producers ask JB & M how they kept the house clean. Michelle says it was hard when they had all 19 at home (she's lying, Josh was out of the house before Jordyn and Josie were born). They divide the house up into jurisdictions. Jordyn finds some biscuits and the kids eat them and get crumbs on the couch. Jackson steps on the couch with his shoes on. Garrett goes down for his ~happy nappy~ and cries because he doesn't want be left out. Joe says he feels ready for the new baby, but he's not the one having it, he's just the support group. I don't think he's just talking about labor.

      Ben & Jessa are getting Henry ready for a follow up with the speech therapist. Jessa started noticing he wasn't talking around 18 months and still wasn't saying much by the time he was 2. They had their first speech evaluation in April 2019. He understood words and can follow commands, but was six month delayed with speaking. The pathologist recommended keeping an eye on him. He's almost 3, so he'll be tested at that age level today. Jessa says he's been picking up around 10 words a week. She worries that she did something wrong or could have done better. The pathologist shows him pictures and asks him to point out specific things, which he does well at. JB says he had a stutter in 1st grade and had to take speech classes (NO ONE CARES). On the topic of getting issues taken care of, Joe mentions that Garrett was weaker on one side of his neck, causing his head to tilt. They wanted to make sure it was fixed (although they didn't go into what they did), so he wouldn't have issues later on. The pathologist says Henry has come very far and has caught up with kids his age. Jessa says she pretty much cut out screen time completely, which she thinks helped.

      Part 2


      Next up, JinJer are at a skate park in LA with Brian and his son Jude. Brian is from the UK and became a professional skateboarder when he was 19. Some of Jeremy's friends skated, but he never has before. Jinger hopes he doesn't break anything. Jeremy says half the battle is trusting your body. He eventually gets comfortable with being able to travel on the board. Brian moved to the US when he 15-16 and skated with Tony Hawk. He got married and then divorced. Afterwards, he 'came to know the Lord' and so did his ex-wife. They got back together and had two more kids. He started evangelizing at skate parks (see the Wikipedia article for that whole story). Jeremy said he had a similar trajectory with his life and soccer. He says God took his passion for soccer and channeled it to ministry. He was consumed with soccer and wasn't living a life that honored Christ. He was partying and drinking. When he was arrested, that was his turning point. He and Brian hit it off and will keep hanging out.

      5 days before her due date, Kendra starts having contractions. It's 9:30PM, so they're packing up and Garrett will spend the night at Kendra's parents' (Mimi & Poppy) house. Joe gives him a bath before they leave. The contractions aren't very consistent, so they're not sure if she'll have the baby that night. She's thinks she's definitely in labor, but not transition (the final phase of the first stage of labor). They arrive at the Caldwell home. Christina (her mom) and Lauren (her sister) will be going to the hospital with her. He contractions have slowed down again, which frustrates her since it's so inconsistent. Joe and Kendra pray with Garrett before putting him to bed. After a few hours, the contractions pick up again and they leave for the hospital around 1AM. Kendra hopes she isn't sent home from the hospital, because she doesn't want to have to interrupt anyone's sleep unnecessarily.

      She's admitted, but is only 4cm dilated. This is discouraging to her, since that's what she was measured at at her last doctor's appointment. They walk about 3-4 miles through the halls of the hospital. Her contractions become more painful, so she went back to her room. Her water breaks while she was laying down, which confused her. Her mom arrives and helps her with her breathing. The contractions keep picking up and are soon back-to-back. She becomes nauseous and throws up. She's in transition now and we basically just watch her screaming in pain. They worry about her passing out, same as with Garrett's birth. Her eyes tend to lose focus and start to roll back when the pain is really bad. 

      The doctor is actually delivering at another hospital and Kendra doesn't think she can wait. Eventually they decide to deliver with the nurses. Addison Renee is born at 5:33AM, 7lb 12.5oz, 20.5 inches. She was a lot bigger than they had though. Addison means 'in God's image' and Renee means 'born again.' The family comes up to meet her. She's the 14th Duggar grandchild. Michelle says she's precious (shocker). Garrett meets his little sister and Kendra hopes he doesn't get too jealous.

      Next week: Lauren gives birth to Bella. Jinger announces she's pregnant via video chat during family fun night (I'm guessing the miscarriage will also be discussed, since it happened shortly after).

      TL;DR - Jeremy learns to skateboard with Brian Sumner, a pro skater turned evangelist. After some delays, Henry's speech has caught up and is on par with other kids his age. Kendra gives birth to Addison after a painful labor. 

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