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4 hrs 22 minutes...



Into my vacation until I had to remote in.  Weird little server hiccough which would have taken a few minutes in the office took over half an hour with walking someone though finding the right server in my rack and plugging in the monitor.  

KVM fucky due to firmware update I keep forgetting to do so last time I just hooked monitor directly to the server I needed snd forgot to fix before leaving.  

But I do think 'please unplug the monitor from server X into server Y' when they are two shelves apart shouldn't have been an arduous task but it is what it is.

Also finding the correct server when I am on the phone telling you the name which is clearly labeled and telling you which rack it's on shouldn't be an issue...but apparently that's more technical than I realized.

Btw this was co-worker #2 I asked to help me, since the first one kept looking at the side of the rack and telling me nothing had lights on...after I'd asked 3 times to go to the front of the rack where the servers were facing and then couldn't find the clearly labeled server on the top rack thankfully passed the job to the more savvy colleague.  After telling me eleventy times she was afraid to tocuh anything in my office.  Do people think I booby trapped the place so if something needed to be rebooted I'd get the pleasure of driving all the way in?  

Thank goodness for #2 who at least realized rebooting a server under my direction doesn't trigger a dirty bomb or I'd still be explaining how to hook up a monitor cable.  

I could be annoyed or choose to see it as job security.  What the hell...glass half full today.

little PSA for non-tech people who have to call IT for an issue:  insisting ALL the drives are broken (unavailable) when they ask:  can you get to the kitten drive?  Yes.  Can you get to the puppy drive?  Yes, we just can't get to the penguin and sloth drives.   Makesyou look like a...less than accurate person.  It's possible the it person is asking because we know different drives live on different servers and are trying to determine the scope of the problem.

that's 1 hr and 15 minutes that are going to be added back into my vacation bank.  I didn't used to be so petty - keeping track and nickel and dimming about time as I always saw it as part of the job.  But since a change in policy there is now a lot less flexibility on time for people at every level of the org, which I resent and is a rant of its own another day...I keep track now and anything over 15 minutes I log and get returned to me.  

Heres my logic...I have never been able to take all my time off.  We don't get much (my industry sucks on that issue) and we can't roll over so unused time is cashed out at the end of the year.  

My goal this year is to try to use all my time and actually take days off...so if I work when I'm burning PTO I'm not only not getting paid to work...I'm actually paying to work since I'm giving up either time or money out of my pocket.  Nope.  Nope.  Nope.  Not when there are others in my bracket who can take time off without being on call and can actually disengage entirely until they get back due to the nature of their positions.  The quality of days off is different for people like that as opposed to IT where I sleep with my phone in a dock turned up to 11 so I am reachable for emergencies 24/7 and I don't have the option of going no contact.

Same can be said for regular off hours, and I'm of the belief that if you're position requires you to be reachable 24/7 it should come with additional time off since our downtime is less restorative.  Unfortunately that, like many of my other deeply held management beliefs (like never expecting employees to use their own phones/plans for wotk without compensating for use and having redundancies for key areas of responsibility, acknowledging people without kids also have lives and responsibilities and are entitled to the same amount of flexibility...)hasn't caught on.

sounded like a rant but not really - just kicking back on my couch, still in jammies, and enjoying being annoyed from a distance for a change.


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I've told my boss that he's on his own Thursday pm and Friday.  I'm taking vacay and am not taking the laptop with me.  Sure I could be available Friday (Thursday I am going to/from metro kc for a meeting regarding Mom's care and it's rather hard to cost things from a moving vehicle that I'm driving).  My other boss is gone this week.  If he can't handle 1.5 days of urgent costing needs on the 1.5 days prior to a long weekend when the place will likely have tumbleweeds blowing through it - we have issues.


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    • KWLand


      How old are Shalom and Justin’s kids?  I can’t imagine leaving my kids when their other parent is dying.  The poor daughter who was down with him.  It just doesn’t seem like they are thinking about the kids, especially if the kids are too young to understand.  I don’t image Mike and Debi being support for the kids emotionally during this.  I’m sure Shalom is torn and she was raised essentially being taught husband is above all.  Someone in those kids lives are hopefully there to hold them.

    • patsymae


      On 7/11/2024 at 8:22 PM, Audrey2 said:

      I just think of a first grade class I subbed for this year with Aiden, Kayden, Grayden, and Zayden.

      was Braden absent?

    • Ozlsn


      Ok, I am not going to say I haven't read the left leaning conspiracy theories about this shooting, even if I'm trying to hold off until we have more verified information.

      But I don't get where this "Biden sent the shooter" idiocy is coming from because seriously here? He has an actual job, with stuff to do etc. Now if you wanted me to believe Steve Bannon sent the shooter I would be more receptive, mostly because it's the kind of out there theory I can get behind.

    • Ozlsn


      3 hours ago, Bassett Lady said:

      I don’t mind that they want to see people they love, but why the prevarication

      Doesn't fit in with the "we need a safe and stable home across the country " grifting theme. I don't think people would have donated as much if they knew there was a planned holiday in the middle, and I am wondering how many donors are now side-eyeing the hell out of them. Because that wasn't a small omission there, it was strongly implied that both flights were sequential and necessary to get to where they are planning to live.

      I swear if it turns out they've moved two suburbs away in Seattle... I will probably laugh. I doubt this is the case - why fly the cats? - but part of me is expecting to find out they've moved to Salem, Oregon, or Sacramento.

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    • noseybutt


      It is possible for spouses and children of defendants in federal CSA/child porn cases to request (and receive) mental health services through the Federal Defender Victim/Witness programs. But the key detail is that it has to be requested and typically that happens in situations where the spouse is trying to separate/divorce from the offender.

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