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The Gay Agenda (TM)

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About this blog

A blog by Lawlifelgbt

Entries in this blog


I did not eat an entire X at once!

So, as I have mentioned in some threads about fundies and such that restrict food or go for a certain ideal, thin, look, that I have a complicated relationship with food. Mainly, the thing is, due to my parents' restricting food, especially junk, growing up, plus severe money issues in 2015 that created food security problems for my spouse and I, my mindset with snacks that taste remotely good is "Eat it all now so you can get enough/while you have it/before someone takes it." This, of course, i




Need virtual hugs and/or entertainment!

So, after a lot of drama, I have both a new antibiotic allergy and a staph infection in/on my face. I have massive swelling around my eyes plus the face rash, so I can't fully open my eyes, or leave the house like this. Not only am I embarrassed, the severe redness and swelling looks like the after-effects of a beating, and so I can't leave the house with my spouse. The only upside is I'm not really in pain, just severely bored and on lockdown. Looking for good Netflix recommendations, fun thing




In which I do not electrocute myself

Had to fix the fuse box and address 40 Christmas cards tonight instead of having sex. Being mature is boring. I did get a new candle from Yankee Candle though- it smells like peppermint cookies. Also. I was so scared of the fuse box shocking or burning me that I used rubber-coated tongs to reset it and stood as far away as I could. Still! First emergency home repair. Do I get an Adulting merit badge?




Dear cat, THINK out of the box! Don't POOP outside it!

So my cat, Kingsley, keeps pooping just outside the litter box in the kitchen! It's really annoying. We have the roll-over litter boxes with a top piece, and he is big, so it's a close fit. But I know for a fact he can fit in the litter box, because he can pee in there (and sometimes poop!) just fine. The boxes are cleaned each night, sometimes more often. He was a street cat before we got him, but he is healthy and has all his claws. So I just don't know what the problem is! Advice?




LGBTQ Musings

Ended up getting kind of drunk tonight and having pre-Thanksgiving wine with a neighbor who is also gay! It's interesting to see the older generation's perspective and stories though. I'm too young to know the AIDS crisis and so on, so it's like a real history lesson to hear about it. At the same time, I'm so grateful to be a part of this new LGBTQ generation who WON'T have to wish for marriage or face non-acceptance from every quarter.




Intro post!

Decided to start with this blog feature! I'm calling it the Gay Agenda because I'm guessing I'll mostly write about my daily life, which does not include ripping up the fabric of society or wrecking others' marriages! Also, cat stuff, law/bar prep stuff, and probably politics will get mentions. And if I keep this blog up long enough, I'll talk about my one sport I engage with- World Cup Soccer! I am not happy about Russia hosting (understatement of the century), but I'm already excited for 201



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    • FluffySnowball


      With the covid numbers on the rise everywhere (Germany broke another scary record today) I wish you all a healthy weekend!!! Stay safe, everyone! 🤗 
      · 1 reply
    • feministxtian


      My house should be finished Saturday...then I have to wait for the final inspection before I can move in. Pray, sacrifice virgins, goats, whatever, send light...hell, I don't care...that Arapahoe County building inspector gets his shit together, shows up Monday or Tuesday and everything passes with flying colors. 
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    • Destiny


      So much this. I’m tempted to change my avatar. 

      · 6 replies
    • HarryPotterFan


      My friend: My baby has a clogged tear duct so he has gunk in his eye every morning
      Me: My cat has the same problem
      I think nobody is surprised that my life has come to this.  I also sought life advice from her four year old, who told me that she was afraid of spiders for A WHOLE YEAR. But not anymore. Whereas I’ve been afraid for 30 years. 
      · 3 replies
    • MayMay1123


      Pray for peace for Philadelphia! 
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