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Need virtual hugs and/or entertainment!




So, after a lot of drama, I have both a new antibiotic allergy and a staph infection in/on my face. I have massive swelling around my eyes plus the face rash, so I can't fully open my eyes, or leave the house like this. Not only am I embarrassed, the severe redness and swelling looks like the after-effects of a beating, and so I can't leave the house with my spouse. The only upside is I'm not really in pain, just severely bored and on lockdown. Looking for good Netflix recommendations, fun things to do at home that don't take a lot of energy, and good foods to eat when sick. I really wish my grandma was still alive enough to be functioning, because I would for sure get a visit and a care package. I miss her so much right now.

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I've been in your shoes with the same face deal and it sucks ....you have my sympathies.  I could t stand looking in a mirror.

if you like historical stuff I'm newly in love with the BBC series' Victorian Farm, Tudor Monastary Farm, etc.. Ruth Goodman is amazing with her passion for history and Peter Ginn and the other archeologists are first rate.  Like a reality show where they really live as in ther period...but unlike a reality show no drama just entertainment and educational.

Also BBC History Cold Case where a trio of women all respected in anthropology, DNA, history solve (or shed light on) ancient crimes based on skeletal remains and historical data.  I am so bummed there aren't more epis of these or I'd find a way to quit my job so I could watch them full time.

feel better!

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I just want to add my virtual hugs to you. Sorry you are going through this, sounds awful.

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As far as food when you're sick, comfort foods are nice. Soft, warm things like macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, or whatever your easy favorites are. Also, remember the BRATtY diet if any of your medications give you digestive upsets. Bananas, Rice, Apples (Applesauce), Toast, and Yogurt. 

Sorry. I'll climb off my "mommy soapbox" now. I really do hope you start feeling better soon. Hugs!

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    • justmy2cents


      8 minutes ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      Stephen was in the group picture at the discipleship summit but Jana wasn’t. But I bet she was there. Her best friend was there and her boyfriend was there. Along with a bunch of her siblings. I doubt she would miss it.

      Yup. And they were all together at the TTH just a few days ago. 
      @Smee Hannah and Jer were seen together just last month. 

    • JermajestyDuggar

      Posted (edited)

      Stephen was in the group picture at the discipleship summit but Jana wasn’t. But I bet she was there. Her best friend was there and her boyfriend was there. Along with a bunch of her siblings. I doubt she would miss it.

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    • WiseGirl


      All aboard!  :isb:       

      I hope she does get the wedding of her dreams that JB can't profit off of.

      Engagement speculation article - nothing that the FJ sleuths didn't already find, lol, just about the two sites.



    • rabbitholejulie


      9 hours ago, RFfamANON said:

      I would love to be a fly on the wall in the leadership meetings these days. Are they strategizing about letting everyone settle before Elizabeth takes the reins full on. Or are they trying to get Elizabeth to step up. Or is it a curfuffle tug of war with one leader saying we should do this and another saying we should do that and another saying we should listen to Elizabeth the double double prophet.  Im betting that at least one person is thinking about double double profit from the double double Prophet. 

      double double prophet/profit ha ha- you should write the sermons

    • ihaveanexamintwodays


      4 hours ago, QuiverFullofBooks said:

      I checked Fundamentalists Wiki and Reddit. Apparently he’s a family friend named Joe Shoemaker, and he’s also the groomsman from Jed’s wedding who we’ve been trying to identify in Jessa’s thread. He’s in MedicCorps. 

      Yeah, it's pretty easy to figure out if you just look at his face in the videos and his insta profile pic, Jed follows him and he was one of Jed's groomsmen. I figured I wouldn't name him because he's not a public person. Fundie circles are always smaller, yet bigger, than I expect.

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