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Dear cat, THINK out of the box! Don't POOP outside it!



So my cat, Kingsley, keeps pooping just outside the litter box in the kitchen! It's really annoying. We have the roll-over litter boxes with a top piece, and he is big, so it's a close fit. But I know for a fact he can fit in the litter box, because he can pee in there (and sometimes poop!) just fine. The boxes are cleaned each night, sometimes more often. He was a street cat before we got him, but he is healthy and has all his claws. So I just don't know what the problem is!



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Maggie Mae


Some cats don't like the enclosure. In the wild, when the eliminate, it's a vulnerable position to be in. I bet if you took the top off, he'd be better at going in the box as he can see all around him. 

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My cat does this like once a month but it's not habitual. I think she just...misses? Ever so slightly off the edge. (Some pre-clean up if you can't stomach it immediately, sprinkle with baking soda to try it out and adsorb some of that smell.)

I have had cats that hate the cover though. 

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I don't really have any advice, but you reminded me of a cat we had when I was a kid. He would carefully dig a hole in the litter, then turn around the wrong way and poop on the floor. Every day. For years. He also routinely ran into a big upright piano. 

really hope your cat gets over his problem. Like others said, try a different litter pan or maybe a different litter?

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I don't really have any advice, but you reminded me of a cat we had when I was a kid. He would carefully dig a hole in the litter, then turn around the wrong way and poop on the floor. Every day. For years. He also routinely ran into a big upright piano. 

really hope your cat gets over his problem. Like others said, try a different litter pan or maybe a different litter?

Thanks! He does usually go in the box and dig in it...and then turn around and poop outside of it! I could scream sometimes.

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our old guy started doing that then peeing outside too. that was about it for him he was pretty much worn out. 

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Keep your chin up! Hopefully yours is smarter than ours was. Ours was just a big old mama's boy. He never even washed himself!

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Season of life...


Our sweet Maine Coon was a big boy, and would do exactly the same thing. He always peed in his box with no problem, but I'd wake up every morning to a little gift left in front of the bathroom sink. 

We bought a huge litter box with high sides and back, and filled it fuller than normal with litter. It turned out he liked to circle, dig, and circle some more before settling down to business. It really helped, and although he still gifted us on occasion, it was drastically reduced.

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    • postscript


      1 hour ago, Jasmar said:

      Fuck. You.

      (eta: not you @thoughtful 😘)

      Says the former-Christian with decades-long, treatment-resistant depression

      (And hey Gar, how about you take your own self back into the pitsa Hell whence you came)

      I’ll second that fuck you (aimed at Gary, of course). Depression, anxiety and I are old friends. Prayer is but one of many treatments that doesn’t help. I’m sure if Becky suffered from depression, Gary would just tell her to get over it. 

      I’m shocked he’s coming back to Michigan in November. He could very well run into snow. I look forward to hearing him whine about the weather. 

      Yet another vehicle repair. Color me not surprised. I agree with @Black Aliss that these donated vehicles are probably all one step away from the junk heap. 

    • danvillebelle


      BEC because I'm in a bitchy mood: this past Sunday pic is one of the most unflattering of Braggie I've ever seen.  That dress is NOT doing her any favors; her boobs look smashed and the huge print doesn't suit her.  And she's wearing the hairstyle (if you can call it that) that makes her head look 10 miles long.  And the company she bought (or was probably gifted for IG exposure) the dresses from is run by Mormons.  Tsk tsk Braggie, your hypocrisy is showing again. :naughty:

    • thoughtful

      Posted (edited)

      The 6/6 evening service at Walker Bible Baptist Church in Lansing MI begins with the guitar trio again, playing The Family of God again.

      Pastor Garver (aka Brother David) tells them his wife is now the "producer" of their service videos, and milks them for some applause for her, then says "she alright for a white girl, I'm tellin' ya, she's not bad at all." :wtf:

      He says the credits will list him as "extremely handsome pastor."

      Gary moans through the prayer, and the pastor announces that Gary will be coming back next June and they will be having a camp meeting under the tent. After some salvation-blather, he reminds them that Gary, the missionary coming to visit next week, and the parsonage project all need money.

      But only if God puts it on their hearts.

      The teens with the guitars sing a song I couldn't find anywhere, about how they can't wait until Sunday, because church. Then all sing At Calvary. The Hawkinses sing something - I fast forward.

      Pastor reminds them of Gary's need for $5000 for his truck before the offering.

      After the offering, the pastor tells them to "love on sister," meaning Becky, "livin' on the road's not easy, and she's also outnumbered in the house, so that can't make it to easy either."

      Becky says "No. I miss my girls."

      Gary comes up, and talks about his plans to come back. He may also see them in November, because he will be coming to Michigan for another church. He says the only thing he doesn't like about coming there in November is that "y'all could have snow," and some wag warns him "No cussin' in church," just in case.

      After his thank-yous, Gary announces a verse. It's very short - Proverbs 25:25: As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.

      With the help of the Lord, Gary wants to preach There is Good News.

      He does several minutes, of course, about how there is no good news from the TV, Facebook, radio, etc. It's from the pulpit - sometimes.

      Gary mentions the three heavens - I never heard him talk about that before.


      Gary has a comforter, and he tells them about how Brother McFadden is comforted. Some vague Becky-bashing follows.


      Jesus loves Gary, and Gary can't figure out why, because he knows he doesn't deserve it.

      While talking about all of the things God gave him recently (that actually came from other people, of course), Gary tells us that, yesterday, God let him walk about a mile and a half from where his vehicle was broken down, and walk back with the part he needed.

      Yes, the van broke down yet again.


      Gary's on the winning side. Screaming about this, back and forth, ensues.

      "Joe Bahden's a loser." Gary's not talking about the election, he's talking about  not being saved.

      He talks about Mrs. McFadden's great death again, and the preacher who fell over dead just after putting his money in the collection plate.

      Gary reads Hebrews 13:14 - well, sort of.

      KJV: For here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come.
      BGV: For here we - for here we have continuing cities, but we seek one to come.

      Somebody in the congregation beats Gary to the punch, and yells out "I'm looking for that city!" just before Gary starts to say it, so they overlap like a weird mindless-preaching round.

      Gary does his Heaven schtick.


      While yammering on about how forgiving God is, Gary tells them that sometimes he messes up and says something backwards or wrong, and Becky and Jacob always point it out to him later. He says "Well, you go up there an' trah it and see how it works out for you."


      Lots of shrieking back and forth about not being able to lose your salvation.  And, of course, the story about the Wesleyan teens who told Gary he could lose it if he died in the middle of a bad dream.


      He stumbles through this, messing up almost every word.

      "Out of all the people ah know, ah hate the devil." Gary screams about the devil for a while.

      "The blood. The devil hates the word blood."


      Gary babbles to the end.


      Edited by thoughtful
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    • JermajestyDuggar


      I feel bad for Elizabeth. She’s only a teen and has to be the new family blogger and probably a bunch of other work on top of it. 

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    • ElizaB


      Eh... I wouldn't read to much into that.The Bonts are not good posters and things often are posted late -especially with Chelsy gone (who was the main blogger). 

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