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The Gay Agenda (TM)

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I did not eat an entire X at once!

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So, as I have mentioned in some threads about fundies and such that restrict food or go for a certain ideal, thin, look, that I have a complicated relationship with food. Mainly, the thing is, due to my parents' restricting food, especially junk, growing up, plus severe money issues in 2015 that created food security problems for my spouse and I, my mindset with snacks that taste remotely good is "Eat it all now so you can get enough/while you have it/before someone takes it." This, of course, is a problem when one buys anything larger than snack-sized! But, it's more cost-effective not to, and anyway, some snacks only come in bags with multiple servings.

But, lately, although I usually still eat all the snack within 2 or 3 days (I seriously don't understand someone who can buy a treat and then leave it in the kitchen for several days/weeks?), I am no longer eating the entire bag/box and then hating myself. Yay?

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yay! congrats! i understand this so much! i went through a long time of food instability and developed a lot of bad habits that i'm still trying to shake (and will hopefully have a much better handle on after i have jellybean, especially when he gets a little older, so i can pass on good habits to him). one of my biggest things is slowing down my eating speed and recognizing when i'm full, because while living with my ex's family i had to hurry and eat while there was food (because most of his family was inconsiderate and if you weren't there to eat the food, it was gone...nobody cared to be considerate enough to save some for anyone who might want or need a meal) and as a result i would often eat until i was bout full to bursting. being pregnant has actually helped the not eating until i'm overly full thing, because being overly full while have a 5+ lbs baby pressing on your stomach is the most uncomfortable feeling ever. i just have to make sure i keep it up after he gets here and i don't have that physical reminder to slow down and pay attention to my body!

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I have my own complicated history with food, trying to switch out snack foods for real food snacks...

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