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In which I do not electrocute myself




Had to fix the fuse box and address 40 Christmas cards tonight instead of having sex. Being mature is boring. I did get a new candle from Yankee Candle though- it smells like peppermint cookies. Also. I was so scared of the fuse box shocking or burning me that I used rubber-coated tongs to reset it and stood as far away as I could. Still! First emergency home repair. Do I get an Adulting merit badge?

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    • Snarkasarus Rex


      Hold up, did we get confirmation Pest is going to trial?

    • waltraute


      Josh may be hoping for a miracle but I don't think JB is. I think he knows Josh is going to prison either way and it doesn't matter to him whether that is for 3 years or for 40. He does not want a guilty plea because that is an admission of guilt. I think the big picture now is to hang on to their loyal Christian followers because they already have irretrievably lost the occasional TLC fan who might have bought into the 'wholesome' family façade. There will still be that alt-right Christian contingent that will believe the 'Josh wasn't the one who downloaded the content' argument because it fits into their paranoia of government overreach and an evil secular society out to get them. 

      I don't think JB's main focus is trying to get Josh off with lesser prison time. I

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    • Alisamer


      34 minutes ago, Jinderella said:

      I’m glad the Pest decided to go to trial, but I don’t understand it at all. The media will absolutely cover all the details about the horrible kind of images he had (age of the children involved) and I struggle to see any defensive strategy they have left. So I see more publicity, more costs, more jail time. What are they hoping to win?

      I think they are hoping for a miracle. That a jury full of white Christians will be chosen, who only vaguely know the Duggars as "that big wholesome Christian family that used to be on TV", and will be willing to buy into their "devil made him do it/he's being persecuted for being Christian/he has repented" schtick or will buy that a good Christian father like him couldn't possibly have done this, so it MUST have been some random other person who downloaded this stuff.

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    • Pathologic Antagonist

      Posted (edited)

      3 hours ago, Animosus said:

      I thought that was telling as well.  Although Gwen seemed to be head over heals with Joe, it appears she also loved her money and control more.  I have to wonder if anyone realized Joe was a player.  He seemed to have a better grasp of the bible and how to apply it than Gwen did.  Maybe he was rehearsing the role to be an eventual Prophet of a church.  

      After a long time of sharing with those who would know, I'm glad the documentary found a former associate of Joe to make clear that his role as middle aged and self made guru dispensing spiritual bon bons was just that .. a role.

      Those acting classes were being repurposed through Gwen's coaching and Joe's growing ego contributed as well. He didn't know any more about the Bible and its application than what his Hallmark card dialogue made him seem to grasp.  And for Gwen, lost in her gushing middle age honeymoon crazy, that was fine. All knew who wore the pants in that department.

      I honestly don't think they knew how they were going to proceed with his next characterization. They were too busy enjoying Life and letting Zion burn before the fateful crash. One thing Grider DID say that I DID agree with is that she did find another lead for her soap opera there.

      Joe truly was that, but the Remnant effort to anoint him as a new David Koresh firebrand (another scruffy musician whose zeal was nourished by his association with the Branch Davidian matriarch before his ascendancy) would likely only have lead to him becoming just an Edward Francis instead. Francis was the one time paramour of cult leader Elizabeth Clare Prophet whose 15 year marriage ended after a "growing apart" ..  Joe just didn't have the depth to sustain that kind of role, but it sure was Fun while he played the Man.



      Edited by Pathologic Antagonist
    • Idlewild


      I dislike the word wholesome too - but it’s a word Duggar supporters often used to describe them eg ‘ refreshing to have a wholesome family on TV’ etc.

      JB & M are extremists, using a brand of religion to justify their extremism. JB is also a greedy control freak. He saw an opportunity to make money and control his family. His behaviour has left them educationally stunted so they either have to rely on him or marry their way out. Why he is given a platform to speak about parenting I’ll never know.

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