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The Gay Agenda (TM)

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In which I do not electrocute myself

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Had to fix the fuse box and address 40 Christmas cards tonight instead of having sex. Being mature is boring. I did get a new candle from Yankee Candle though- it smells like peppermint cookies. Also. I was so scared of the fuse box shocking or burning me that I used rubber-coated tongs to reset it and stood as far away as I could. Still! First emergency home repair. Do I get an Adulting merit badge?

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  • Posts

    • Knight of Ni


      I tried making divinity before and it was a complete disaster.  But if you ever want something that's the consistency of sheetrock mud hit me up.

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    • indianabones


      People on Reddit are saying that it's a Yiddish name (usually spelled Baila). Lots Jewish Redditors seem to consider them giving their daughter that name a form of cultural appropriation. Kind of like when Jill Duggar used to wear that star of David necklace all the time...

    • JermajestyDuggar


      35 minutes ago, luv2laugh said:

      Braggie's instagram post today... What a judgmental b*tch. She has the most crabby, judgmental personality with the exception of Lori Alexander.  Braggie Abbie is a close 2nd. What an unlikeable person. 

      I’m always amazed she has any friends. 

    • JermajestyDuggar

      Posted (edited)

      49 minutes ago, Edhelfin said:

      I am surprised Metzgers are not discussed more actually. She is definitely as stupid as JRod, however I find her much more dangerous. She has the deluded self confidence her 'university' education and her husband's job brings and the family looks fairly normal on the outside. Jeans, long sleeves, mainstream music and films etc. 

      The statements she makes in her Facebook page are the sort which make you laugh at first and then you catch yourself thinking: how it possible that someone gets something so wrong?! More dangerously, she ia completely unaware of how ignorant she sounds.

      Here are two more lovely snippets. One from her son's birthday - the little buddy 'shopped' for him apparently and he got a gun, Blue Lives Matter and a cake topped with a machine gun carrier. They sure train em young. Little toddlers picket abortion clinics in Babies Lives Matter tshirts. Her daughter Kaitlyn displays her incredible ignorance on her page too but if you ask them... they are 'university graduates' (Liberty and Biola, lol). 

      The 'enemy' is indeed the liberals. Alongside LGBTQI people, communists, feminists, China, Nazis, Marxists, antifa and big corporations that want to get rich by stealing your money (cough MLM cough). They are all the same in the eyes of these idiots, you know.


      Lisa and an example of her boasting:


      I’m pretty sure I brought both TAM (the activist mommy Elizabeth johnston) and Lisa Metzger to FreeJinger. I have no idea why they aren’t talked about more. Both are far more dangerous than JillRod. But they don’t wear ugly as Fuck makeup and 80s hairstyles. So maybe that’s it? Shrug. I would be happy to talk about them more but most don’t seem too interested. 

      Edited by JermajestyDuggar
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    • mango_fandango


      Hold on, England is Muslim now? Funny, I hadn’t noticed. Sadiq Khan is Muslim (the Mayor of London mentioned) but doesn’t push his religion on other people, unlike SOME I could mention. 

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