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Fun Fun Fundies, Sims 2 and 3

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Taylors Part Two: One Child, Two Toddlers, Three Babies

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We start off with a sweet photo of Andrew in his highchair. I love toddler faces in this game!


Here we have a perfect tool for fundie Sims: the Head Start Playpen (Sims 3 Store). Bung your child in and she/he can teach themselves to talk. Parent doesn't have to bother. Win win!


Joey was a self-employed gardener, so he dropped off some produce at the grocery store. I say "was" because there wasn't much money so he joined the Science track instead, which emphasises Gardening at the beginning. I'm getting him to master Gardening before any other skill so I can get to the challenges later on, which only really come if you focus purely on Gardening. I'll tell you when I come to it! 


"I'm happy to give you some produce, Honey Darnell, but I'm having to try really hard not to focus on your big... err... chest."


Because I have Supernatural, we get Full Moon every so often. This means ZOMBIES appear. Joey has to keep his plants locked up so the zombies don't eat them. The zombies are often old people, and that night one of them died. 


Sweet fellowship time!


Bethany and Christopher aged up. Here they are in the living room. Christopher is making use of the walker; yup, bung a kid in that and they'll teach themselves to walk! Now, if only there was an automatic toilet-training device...


Pregnant again! Melissa decides to take Andrew out to the park.


Not many babysitters turn up in a suit and bow tie...


Andrew aged up. I gave him the Heavy Sleeper trait so he wouldn't be woken up all night. First-born-son privileges and all that.


Melissa was much bigger this time around.... triplets! Blessings #4-#6 are Diana, Elijah and Francesca. Francesca isn't purely Biblical but it's the feminine form of Francis. Faith would've been a little too obvious and didn't really fit with the other names.


Joey is holding Elijah, who's colour is orange. Diana is lilac and Francesca is red. 

There's a lot of screaming and crying at the moment. Thankfully they should all age up soon and it'll be easier. Babies seem to get lonely a lot, so it'll be nice when they're older and can interact. 

Bonus photo: Bethany and Andrew playing peekaboo (back when Andrew was still a toddler). Seems that if you put two kids into the playpen and they interact, they really improve their relationship; the two are already Best Friends.



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    • Lgirlrocks


      I got blocked because she posted, on her doodle about work place affairs, how 83% of affairs happen in the work place and I called her out on it. I posted proverbs 19:9 A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall perish. And told her she needed to check her facts it’s actually 36%. 

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    • anjulibai


      Alatheia is 14 in March. I imagine she's quite a sister-mom at this point, poor thing. 

    • Million Children For Jesus


      Bradley peaked in the 80's. I think because of Brad Pitt, born in 1963, and Brad from Fast Times at Ridgemont High (released 1982, Brad was a senior, that makes him born in 1964), I think of Brad as a 60's name. 


    • anjulibai


      I'm still bothered that they used Grace twice for a middle name. 

      Now I'm even more bothered by it since I now know Hannah means grace. 

    • 7 hours ago, chaotic life said:


      Thank you, and no it’s not better at all. But I have hope it will be one day and I would choose this over what I endured for too long every day and twice on Sunday. My advice to others now is to never do what I did and get out immediately. But fundie religion teaches you to ignore your gut instincts and to forgive at all costs, even when the cost is you.


      I am genuinely sorry to hear that. I just cannot understand that line of teaching and I'm glad to see people rejecting it when it makes no sense. Not that the alternative is simple (as you say).