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Random (not so deep) thoughts

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Where do I put this fear and sadness.

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Really I don't know.  Just don't know. I'm Jewish.  My daughter, brother-in-law, two nieces, many of my cousins and extended family are people of color. Where is this madness going? Where will it end? I've been listening to music songs which make me cry. Why you ask?  Because I need it as a cathartic release. Crying my eyes out right now to 


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It's overwhelming right now.

I am so angry. SO ANGRY.

Last night "protestors" pulled down a confederate statue here and even though we are this little progressive haven in the midst of all this red hate, all the crazies have come out today.

I wish I had words of wisdom. I'm sorry.

This has definitely been one of the worst days since 11/9. 



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All of this is disheartening,  sad, scary, embarrassing, horrifying......  so many sleepless nights.  I feel like my shirts should say " I'm not a trump loving racist asshole, and you?".  I don't know where to put it either.  I'm having a hard time in personal family matters the last two years.  Under President Obama, I didn't have this extra backwards racist running my beautiful country into the depths of a hell I don't believe in thing though.  With 45?  I have so much worry and fear for my fellow humans as well as everyday personal worries.  Like we all do.

Idk.  I'm rambling.  And it truly is 45's fault.  FN nazi love, really???!!!


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  • Posts

    • quiversR4hunting


      4 hours ago, Liza said:

      Snipped from @Liza From Ken: "...There is certainly men who are not loving and caring for their wife and family as they should, but we get about a husband a week asking us what he can do with his difficult wife, and how his marriage revolves around her difficult and often mean demeanor..."

      Let me think of the ways that the wife might be difficult (from my friends and my own experiences)

      1. He is out with friends all the time. (for example: golf, fantasy football, hunting anything you can get a license for)

      2. He volunteers for everything and is never home (for example: volunteer fire department, Masons/Lions club)

      3. He doesn't do the simplest tasks at home (put laundry in the hamper*, read to the kids, help check homework, play with the kids)

      4. He has to "rest" when he gets home from work, meanwhile the wife (who also works) is busy putting dinner on the table, carting kids to and fro and checking homework.

      5. The "manly" chores don't get done (the leaky sink, lawn mowing, patching a hole in the wall, cleaning the garage) without a lot of reminders and finally nagging by the wife.

      6. The wife has to figure out everyone's schedule, remind everyone and sign all paperwork for events and deadlines.

      7. The wife pays all the bills and the husband has champagne tastes on Bud Light wages.

      So, @Ken all these father duties and husband duties go months and years with neglect, it will make a "difficult" wife because she needs some help from her PARTNER. If she wanted to marry a child, she might as well have adopted one from foster care instead of marrying a man child.

      I have had friends after awhile say- if I am going to do everything myself, I might as well be by myself.

      *if a person has 2.5 kids plus a husband, doing laundry is a chore and if there are more kids laundry is an every day all day affair and if the wife has to pick up and sort laundry from every room and pick up all the random dropped dirty laundry around the house it gets frustrating very fast.


    • WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo?


      2 hours ago, seraaa said:

      I, too, think it's interesting that they target international students. Are international students regarded as being more religious than home students, and so therefore more open to religious discussions? Or is there another motivation, like wanting to establish themselves in more countries? 

      I guess I assumed that international students were seen as more vulnerable, because they're away from their friends and family. In some cases, it might be their first time away from home. I think international students are seen as easy marks.

      I don't know if that means I'm cynical or that these proselytizers are cynical.

    • Palimpsest


      2 minutes ago, church_of_dog said:

      But no choice on the part of a customer, even that of accepting bigoted treatment quietly, means that it's ok for the service provider to behave that way.

      Tacit permission.  Excellent post, @church_of_dog.

    • Captain Obvious

      Posted (edited)

      On 21/09/2017 at 3:23 PM, ihaveanexamintwodays said:

      you guys i figured out how to do spoilers O.o #technologicallychallenged lol.

      Here's something like what I'd imagine Jessa in:

        Hide contents


      And here's what I'd imagined as being more Joy's style:

        Hide contents


      Meanwhile, Anna we don't know what wedding-dress style she might have gone with if she'd not worn her sister's, but thinking about how very basic and unassuming she was in the 18kac days......here's my preferred young-Anna-ish version of the simple short-sleeved gown:

        Hide contents



      Oooh, I'm going to play too!

      I honestly wouldn't change anything about Jessa and Kendra's dresses, apart from making them higher quality versions of the same things really. I thought both dresses really suited them and their personalities.

      Don't get me wrong, Jinger's dress was spectacular and she looked beautiful, but I wasn't entirely sure if if it was really her style at the time. This is more of what I pictured for her.



      For Joy, as a non-girly girl, I'd have picked something minimalist but still with a full skirt, since apparently a train was important to her. 




      For Jill - the same sort of vibe, but  without the need for modesteining.



      For Anna - I can't imagine her in anything but a traditional, structured style, but I think if she were choosing today she'd go for something with a touch of lace. So this is my pick for her:




      Edited by Captain Obvious
    • CelticGoddess


      12 hours ago, usmcmom said:


      This is Ken Alexander,  who has said that hunger is not a real issue and, even if it was, starvation is not such a painful way to die. This is a man who tried to convince his readers moleststion among siblings is normal. This is a man who can't fathom why a woman would need to move into a shelter to protect herself from an abusive husband. This is a man who has suggested that IF a woman left her husband because of abuse, she should pop in every few days to cook and clean for him. 

      Finally, I think this is a man who gave up his dream to be a minister because his spoiled shrew of a wife could not live below a certain financial level. He knew what she was like before they got married - they fought constantly from day one - yet he married her anyway. 

      All that to say, there are some really ugly people with really ugly beliefs living in that beautiful home. 


      I didn't like Ken to begin with, but now, I am thinking thoughts my Goddess is not happy with.   He and Lori deserve each other, through all of eternity.  That's all I have.  Except this, I hope he rots