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Cooking, Baking and Painting in Italia

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Too Many Eggs



Yesterday I noticed I had too many eggs. My overly producing chickens haven't noticed yet that it's winter,  it's cold and they should slow down. Since even after giving away a lot of them, the eggs were still too many, I decided to make an eggs-consuming cake, here we call it Torta Margherita or Pan di Spagna (Spanish bread). It requires 8 eggs,  300gr of potato starch,  300gr of sugar, half an orange's juice, baking powder, some cinnamon,  dried vanilla and grated orange skin. I whipped the whites with half of the sugar till hard. 20160111_182437.thumb.jpg.2ead698c6d2accThen I whipped the yolks with the other half of the sugar till they doubled and became creamy and whitish. I mixed them together in a very big bowl carefully stirring with slow bottom-up movements. 20160111_183927.thumb.jpg.e6ab495005c2b2I added the sifted potato starch bit by bit always carefully stirring as before. At the end I added a pinch of baking powder,  half an orange juice, a pich of cinnamon,  vanilla and the orange skin. Mixed carefully as before. 20160111_184836.thumb.jpg.5b9838cc037368 Then I cooked it in the static oven at 180ºC  for an hour. It's important to start with a cold oven, turning it on only after putting the cake inside. After an hour I checked if it was ready and then left it on a grid to cool down. The result is a very big cake that lasts for days (not in my home ;)),20160112_110522.thumb.jpg.8d2e7e21b2906a  best eaten with any sort of tea or caffelatte. If you want to reduce the doses you must half everything and use 4 eggs.


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  • Posts

    • AmazonGrace


    • indianabones


      Derick better watch out before he completely violates his NDA... You'd think for a future lawyer he'd know better.

      Nothing will come of this, he just likes stirring up drama for attention (as Jill has acknowledged) in his social media comments. 

    • JanasTattooParlor


      56 minutes ago, frugalitymom said:

      Has anyone seen Derick’s twitter comments in regards to the season premiere. There were some interesting things said. I saved the screenshots Pickles posted but not sure if I can post them. It looks like he was responding to the tweet by TLC announcing the season premiere.  Get the popcorn ready Jim Bob might explode. 


      Holy cow, I just read through that thread of comments and it was really nice to see Derick stand up for his wife and to fans of the show. Someone asked him to spill more info and he responded “in due time” so he seems to have some plan of when he’ll be speaking out more specifically. He reiterated that him and Jill are in therapy and put “#nomoreabuse” after his comment. He also said he hopes some of the other siblings come to their senses and get out. 

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    • wendy-sparkles


      9 hours ago, mpheels said:

      I feel so bad for Josie watching the art class segment - she’s 10 years old, and probably rarely allowed to play with paint before. She finally has a chance and gets in trouble for being a little messy in her attempt to be creative. I remember how exciting it was to get to work with paint or clay in elementary school art class. Those kids have few enough outlets for joy and expression - Jana had the same confinement as a kid, but now gets to enjoy gardening and other “messy” activities. She can’t find an ounce of empathy for her little sister?

      I got the impression from Jana in that scene is that what she really needs is space from her sisters/ family. LIke, that is how I might respond if I still had to share a bedroom with 4 sisters half my age and younger, in a chaotic household where I couldn't ever get a job or move out. I think Jana's garden, her greenhouse and her shed etc are obviously how she escapes from her family. This was in the lockdown episode, right? I am a complete homebody and so I had no trouble not going out during lockdown, but I found it really hard not ever having a break from my family, who I love and get on really well with generally (hence me living with them), but the constant contact made me very prickly. Jana I think must exercise extraordinary patience generally, and this was just an occasion where it wore out.

      What I actually came here to say was I loved so much in the recent episode Jinger referencing that she used to say she wanted to marry a man who lived in a big city, because it reminded me of how we snarked on Jill SO MUCH for saying Jinger should try to practice contentment, and how Jill is now ~free (or on her way to it) (while Jinger is doomed to be OfBooks for the rest of her life). I'm so glad Jill didn't take her own advice!

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    • frugalitymom


      7 minutes ago, marmalade said:

      It was on IG, not Twitter. He called JB controlling and threatening and talked about how they were able to stop filming (more couples got married). 

      Thank you I was thinking Twitter but realized my mistake after posting. 

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