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Cooking, Baking and Painting in Italia

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And finally...not exactly painting




When I chose the blog title I hoped it could become a chance to start painting again.  When I was pregnant three years I gave up on it, I loved to use acrylics and oils so considering my habit of smearing colours all over myself and the risk of inhalating the solvents used to clean brushes I thought better just stopping. Since tthen I never painted again.  I miss it but you know...toddler! 

However I am feeling the call of the colours pretty strongly lately ao today I decided to decorate a Christmas card. Nothing too difficult nor time consuming (in theory), just to start. I thought to try watercolour but expensive colours and toddler don't mix well plus I don't have the right paper to do what I wanted. I went for my second choice: pencils.  I don't like  pencils too much, they tend to trigger my need for perfectionand I end up vvery dissatisfied with the results. This time was no exception, I fussed about the drawing for too long and at the end I got tired (the writing os wonky and tomorrow I'll have to retouch some details), but I made it after three years hooray!

 I took some pics, I tried every angle and every illumination but they came out ugly nonetheless. So here they are in progressive order, nothing special. 











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Wow!  That is very cool.  Thanks so much for posting the progression, it was really neat to see how it progressed and the final outcome.

I wish I were this talented!


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You are too kind. You'd be surprised by how much the simple application of the right techniques and some practice can improve your drawing skills. Should you ever get tired of coloring you could try...:56247957a2c7b_32(17):

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I am forever trying to become an artist ;)   I have a gazillion books on drawing and I have an artist friend (like a real artists who makes her living from art) that INSISTS that anyone can learn to draw it just takes practice, practice, practice.

I will do pretty good for a while and draw something every day and then I get distracted by something shiny and go off and do that for a while and then go back to the drawing.   I need to get in the habit of just forcing myself to practice every day so it becomes part of my routine.

I did get my drawing stuff out again after @Tikobaby posted one of her drawings that she colored, as well.

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I see you already know the theory and your artist friend's persuasion trying to involve everyone in this magic world. Well if you enjoy it it's easier to find the time and the patience. I'm not much of a drawer, I nearly stopped the day I found I love the sensation of the brush in my hand. With a pencil I feel like on reduced bandwidth. After the first paintings I even stopped taking the trouble to make the preparatory drawing. I feel the brush is rougher and more vibrant too, this helps me to get over my perfectionism and dare more...I need to paint :my_biggrin:

And I noticed @tikobaby work but got derailed by other FJ dramas :my_confused: I need to go back to give it more attention. 

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I am just now catching up on your blog. That is a beautiful drawing. I have gotten out of practice myself and I have lost a lot of my skill. I have been playing around with basics and fundamentals again just to get back into it. I find it frustrating to see how much I lost. Of all my children my seven year old son shows the most interest in drawing so I draw with him sometimes. He's not bad too. I am pretty a average and had to really work at it. My oldest daughter has more talent than I ever had but has no real interest in drawing and has never taken a lesson.

     Thank you for sharing.

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    • JermajestyDuggar

      Posted (edited)

      Stephen was in the group picture at the discipleship summit but Jana wasn’t. But I bet she was there. Her best friend was there and her boyfriend was there. Along with a bunch of her siblings. I doubt she would miss it.

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    • WiseGirl


      All aboard!  :isb:       

      I hope she does get the wedding of her dreams that JB can't profit off of.

      Engagement speculation article - nothing that the FJ sleuths didn't already find, lol, just about the two sites.



    • rabbitholejulie


      9 hours ago, RFfamANON said:

      I would love to be a fly on the wall in the leadership meetings these days. Are they strategizing about letting everyone settle before Elizabeth takes the reins full on. Or are they trying to get Elizabeth to step up. Or is it a curfuffle tug of war with one leader saying we should do this and another saying we should do that and another saying we should listen to Elizabeth the double double prophet.  Im betting that at least one person is thinking about double double profit from the double double Prophet. 

      double double prophet/profit ha ha- you should write the sermons

    • ihaveanexamintwodays


      4 hours ago, QuiverFullofBooks said:

      I checked Fundamentalists Wiki and Reddit. Apparently he’s a family friend named Joe Shoemaker, and he’s also the groomsman from Jed’s wedding who we’ve been trying to identify in Jessa’s thread. He’s in MedicCorps. 

      Yeah, it's pretty easy to figure out if you just look at his face in the videos and his insta profile pic, Jed follows him and he was one of Jed's groomsmen. I figured I wouldn't name him because he's not a public person. Fundie circles are always smaller, yet bigger, than I expect.

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    • Smee


      So Jana and Stephen are trying a Jed & Katey style secret wedding. Good for them I guess. Has there been anything more to indicate that Jer and Hannah are still together? Is a double wedding possible? Or a few weeks apart - who would go first, I wonder.

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