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Sew many machines




I am getting ready to buy what will probably be the last sewing machine I will ever own and it has been a gut wrenching decision.  There are machines that cost as much as a good used car (upwards of 10,000 dollars) and there are cheap plastic pieces of crap for a couple of hundred.  There are also many, many in-between.  So I started my search on the internet.  First piece of advice that made sense to me…determine what type of sewing I would be using the machine for.  Now on the surface that sounds like good advice and it is good advice but it required me to get honest with myself.  How's that you might ask.  Well, my knee jerk response to that question is I want to do it all.  I want to be able to do beautiful embroidery, I want to be able to sew every type of material from sheer to canvas, leather, and denim.  I want to do it all!  But the question for me is…will I really actually do it.  Honestly, no I won't.  I'm good enough with hand embroidery that anything I want to embroider, I can do without the aid of a machine.  What I do want is a machine that can sew a wide range of fabrics so that's what I focused on.  


When seeking advice I found that most folks I sought out were brand loyal sometimes to a fault.  "Oh, brand X won't handle canvas or leather but I love this brand so much you should modify your wants and buy this brand."  One brand loyal person told me that no household machine can handle the really heavy stuff and if I really want to sew those materials I should get a used commercial machine (after buying the brand they loved for every thing else).  I can only buy one machine so I kept looking.  And after looking high and low and reading every review out there…I found the one.  And I am in love.  I can't buy it until after the first of the year.  I'm counting the days until it's mine, all mine.  I go to the makers website everyday to look longingly at it.  I watch the videos and blow kisses cooing that it will get to come home with me soon.  Yes I know I'm no better than those other dewy eyed fools I spoke of I guess  it is like finding a life mate when the right one comes along you just know in your heart of hearts.  Hang in there Hazel (she has a name all ready) we'll be together.

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I love your cover photo.

What kind of machine did you decide on?   I went through that a few years ago and ended up getting a Pfaff and I love it.

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    • EmCatlyn


      On 9/17/2021 at 12:18 PM, Queen Of Hearts said:

      Yeah, because completely normal, non-guilty people would automatically assume THAT was why their business was getting raided.  Josh really is a dumb ass.  

      Sometimes I wonder if Josh is unconsciously driven by the desire to get caught and punished because of some deeply ingrained need to go through exposure, confess, and thus be absolved of guilt.  (You know, repent and come back to Jesus.)  

      He is a terrible person, but also a pathetic one because he seems to throw away all his advantages to satisfy his inappropriate sexual desires.  Maybe it’s because he is stupid and entitled, but he does seem driven by compulsions he can’t control.

      Even if he doesn’t believe all the stuff his parents taught about God, even if he only pays lip service to the rhetoric of fundie repentance, I would guess that he has some sense of guilt and some fear of divine punishment deep down.  So maybe when the FBI shows up at his door, he babbles in a way that shows he is guilty because (at that moment) he thinks The Lord may be intervening.  Maybe (one hopes) he has been using CSA as a way to prevent himself from acting on his impulses and molesting children in his environment (one prays that is so).  Maybe he feels that makes it okay, that though he has violated the law, what he has done is not as bad as molesting a kid.

      I am just speculating, and none of this makes his crime(s) less, but perhaps on some level Josh is crying out for help.  He may be torn between wanting someone to catch and punish him and wanting to get away with it all.  Maybe the best thing that could happen to him would be prison and secular counseling—if only he can let go of his need to conceal and seem better than he is.

      Just thinking aloud here.  I am not excusing him in any way.

    • catlady


      1 hour ago, Alisamer said:

      I think it's largely very successful marketing from the diamond industry, really. I remember ages ago seeing commercials saying that "three months salary" was the most proper price to pay for an engagement ring. Diamonds, of course. 

      I’ve heard this too.  @Queen Of Hearts would have better info since she worked in the industry, but I’m pretty sure it was DeBeers or a similar company that began marketing diamond rings as engagement rings in the early 20th century because they wanted to sell more of them.  Spending two/three months’ salary was also a marketing campaign.  And it became a thing.

      I like sparkly jewelry as much as anyone else, but having been poor through my teens and twenties my personal priorities involve not spending money where I don’t need to.  Rhinestones are as shiny as a diamond, so I’m content to buy those instead.  This is also why I never got around to fixing my engagement ring even though I can afford to now; I’d rather direct my spending money elsewhere.


      oopsie on the quote box below; my phone got wonky and I can’t delete it.

      1 hour ago, Alisamer said:
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    • Hane


      2 hours ago, JordynDarby5 said:

      I love that movie. Its really good and really funny. And yes in real life they had two kids together bringing the total to 20 kids. 

      I read the memoir by one of the kids. He said the only truthful thing  in the movie is that a widower with 8 kids married a widow with 10. According to him, when visiting the family for research purposes ahead of filming, Lucille Ball was creeped out by the father and told the production folks, “Keep that SOB away from me.”

    • JermajestyDuggar


      Having armpit hair isn’t gross. It’s just hair. As long as it’s clean I’m pretty meh about body hair. But going weeks without washing your hair is gross. Especially when it’s as long as hers and how much she works out. 

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    • SassyPants


      1 hour ago, danvillebelle said:

      Today, the LORD has laid it on Braggie's heart to tell you how she, um, keeps her armpits hair-free, because, she, um, hates shaving!  

      And there was much rejoicing! (in Monty Python and the Holy Grail voice)

      I swear, if I encountered someone in public whose hair was that much of a rat's nest I would probably involuntarily back away. 

      I can just imagine the people at her church when she badgers someone to take her Sunday family picture..."oh sweet jesus, here comes that lady that's obsessed with instagram and her passel of kids...ugh"

      Well she has admitted to using a dirty fork to fluff her dirty ass hair (prior to a wedding, no less), so I’m sure her arm pits, that the general public rarely sees, are a REALLY LOW PRIORITY!

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