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Worldly Distractions: Community 6.5 - Laws of Robotics and Party Rights




You know, I totally selected my graduate school today and I'm happy with it, but wouldn't you guys trade it all to go to school with these guys instead?

Everyone's waiting for something to happen, and the Dean accidentally says something racist, but Elroy is too busy being a nominal computer genius to notice. As the Dean digs himself further into that particular hole, Britta proposes that they have a post-midterms party. Even though half of them aren't even students anymore. Annie objects, and threatens eviction if Britta invites more than a few people over. But do you think Britta cares?

...aaaand for some reason Frankie is now a phone on a robot Segway. Carry on.

Turns out it's part of a gimmick. The state of Colorado will put up some cash if they allow some inmates to attend remotely, using the robots. I...really don't see why a stationary video program couldn't work just as well or better. Annie and the Dean object, and Chang is terrified that they'll all be raped. Jeff, having had vast experience with crimnals, supports the idea, especially when he hears how much money they'll be getting for it. Naturally, the Dean changes his mind instantly. Opening credits. (Still sad and desolate.)

While Jeff attempts to negotiate a raise (with little success), Frankie sets up the new inmate-students. The Dean warns them against race gangs, then sends them on their merry way. The inmates assure them that they're only there to get back on the right path. I predict serious chaos in about eight seconds. (Leonard the prankster does not help.)

One inmate is excited for Jeff's class, believing it will help him get out, but Jeff quickly quashes his hope with the words "Automatic A". The guy talks about his murders, and asks Jeff if he's ever killed anyone. And guys, he hesitates.

Britta still seeks permission for her stupid party, so she goes to Abed, who technically has apartment seniority. He recalls a time earlier, when Annie first moved in and he was trying to set up the plot for future episodes, and OH MY GOD THAT'S TROY'S HAND. It's his hand. You guys, Troy is back, even if only for a millisecond. COMMUNITY DON'T DO THAT TO ME.


Anyway, Abed won't play Britta's game, mostly because he doesn't like parties and there's a Joss Whedon marathon in his plans. Of course, he couches it in insane meta terms, but that's the gist of it.

Heading out to the parking lot, Jeff finds himself stalked by his murdering robot student, Willy. He tricks Jeff into walking down some stairs and tries to push him, but can't, because he's a fooking robot. Jeff understands immediately, but is still pretty confused.

Annie comes home to find party preparations in progress, though Britta claims it's for Abed's new movie, "Britta's Party". Abed even has a script ready. He's totally stoked for his new project. Annie, not so much. She takes Britta aside and threatens her, Trudy-with-Pete-in-Season-6 style.



Jeff arrives at Greendale to find that Willy has tattled on him for being a lazy professor. The Dean takes him to task, and won't hear his accusations against Willy (because community college teachers are not worth murdering). Later, he arrives in class to find Willy answering a prison AMA from the students. Jeff attempts to teach law, badly, while Willy taunts him about his past - and manages to get under his skin. Jeff tells a folksy yet intense story about his past, which impresses no one.

At the party, Jeff complains. We also find out Britta's explanation for the expression "hosted by his own petard", which is as good as any. Abed runs around filming things, which confuses Jeff even further. Frankie and the Dean arrive, which temporarily brings the party to a halt. However, they have good news - Greendale has earned a ton of money from the new program. To celebrate, they have smuggled in some iPads for a "prison break". The inmates join in the festivities from afar. Willy is among them, which prompts Jeff to leave.

The party lasts until 6 AM, when it consists of Abed, his camera, and some random dancing guy. Britta demands that it come to an end. Abed flips out, because he has not gotten the perfect shot yet. Britta mumbles something non-committal, which prompts the party to start up again. No, I'm not kidding. All the guests return as actors, including the fake Dean and fake Frankie, and chaos reigns once more. I assume Annie has long since died from the horror.

Willy confronts Jeff in the parking lot yet again, so Jeff tosses him down the stairs. He declares himself a "murderer" as Willy's screen pixellates. The Dean walks in at that moment. He takes Willy in his arms and holds him until the iPad dies. It's pitch-perfect. The Dean immediately forces Jeffrey into two weeks' paid sabbatical, AKA the world's best punishment.

The study group meets at a bar, where they discuss their varying degrees of homelessness and how it relates to where they poop. Annie and Britta still are barely speaking. However, Britta is so traumatized by Abed's never-ending film shoot that she gives in and admits Annie was right. They hug it out. Jeff learns that the Dean is planning to make Willy a professor, and is appropriately horrified. His friends call him out for being just as callous and manipulative as the criminal. Jeff vows to bring him down nonetheless.

The party continues, complete with creepy lookalikes. Britta confesses her entire scheme. A disappointed Abed ends the shoot. From the look in his eyes, it's clear Britta is dead to him. "You're going to be punished," says Annie, "in ways you won't understand." However, she does concede that it will end someday. They declare themselves to be "Girls", and a title card comes up from a sitcom called "Female Friends!", complete with jaunty theme music.

The professoring ceremony takes place. Like every ceremony at Greendale, it is bizarrely like marrying the Dean. Jeff is barred from the celebrations, as wanted posters all over the college indicate. Jeff rides in, or rather an iPad taped to a broom rides in bearing Jeff's image. He objects to the ceremony. Graduate parody incoming?

Instead we get a Winger speech about how much he likes his job, even if he's a slacker at heart. He assures the Dean that he will never hurt him, but indeed considers him a friend. Just then, the jail warden (there to conduct the ceremony) tells them all that Willy is actually innocent - he was wrongfully convicted and will be released soon. Once they realize he's not a murderer, the people of Greendale lose interest in him. A giant community college fight breaks out, with the two iPads at the centre, and I can't believe I just typed that sentence.

Soon Jeff is knocked over, and it looks like the fight is lost. The Dean cannot take the insult to his beloved Jeffrey. He steps in and turns the iPad off. Looks like community colleges fight dirty, too. The Dean picks up the broom and spins it around while Jeff protests. (More disturbingly, he then carts the broom off to be ravished.)

Tag scene - everyone has a meeting, attending from their iPads. Abed has a custom background, Britta's constantly stalls, Elroy keeps shaking because neighbourhood kids are throwing things at his trailer. Jeff doubts the whole endeavour. We learn that Greendale has lost the funding because they handled the program so badly. They discover that Chang breaks into Abed and Annie's apartment to use the bathroom, everyone starts shouting and quits the meeting, and Abed is left to override all the iPads with his own face. The Abeds (and a random janitor) are then directed to take over the world.

So, yeah, this episode was stupid as hell. And it was amazing. At this point, the characters feel like old friends and you're willing to watch them do anything - as long as it's properly executed. And this one was. It hit just the right note of absurdity. And it was nice to have a Jeff storyline once again. The character, despite being a bit one-note at times, has a lot of room for poignant and biting development, and it was on full display here. Abed's story was also pretty funny (if repetitive), and there were lots of good bits here and there. I don't have any complaints about this season so far, really. Something about it just feels right. Until next week, dear Readers!

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      On 5/16/2024 at 12:36 PM, JDuggs said:

      This guy has a PhD from the University of Notre Dame in Computer Science and Engineering. He’ll  at least add some IQ points to the gene pool.


      On 5/16/2024 at 12:36 PM, JDuggs said:

      This guy has a PhD from the University of Notre Dame in Computer Science and Engineering. He’ll  at least add some IQ points to the gene pool.

      Annndddd, he and Pris will have loads to talk about. WinWin

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      You can consume hundreds of raw eggs, Allison, but all of those “safe” ones have no bearing on whether the next one is safe or not. It only takes one bad one for you and your unborn child to be SOL.
      Same is true for all the other potentially dangerous things she consumes. Personally, I consider nine months of missing out on certain foods a small price to pay for peace of mind and a healthy child.

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      We believe in Texas with the Wallers. 

      Oh! I didn't realize they'd actually moved. I assumed they were still going back and forth from the Duggar compound. How sad. I hope Mac's still in regular contact with whichever aunt she was closest to. 

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