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Worldly Distractions: The Big Bang Theory 8.19 - The Skywalker Incursion





Well, that was a long hiatus. Too long, one might say. So let's kick off Easter Weekend with another installment of the Nerd Saga, which is how I choose to see it from now on. My best guess - Sheldon and Leonard look for jobs on the new Star Wars movie?

Sheldon and Leonard are about to give a lecture at Berkeley, where Sheldon hopes to win the graduate students over with a series of insulting jokes. Despite his usual fears of new experiences, Sheldon is quite excited for the trip. He's even packed his Public Restroom Kit! Opening credits.

Sheldon invents a physics version of I Spy, called I Can't Spy, which involves detecting physics things I'm not smart enough to understand. Much to Sheldon's dismay, Leonard is actually good at it. They reflect on their good fortune in academia, and put on "Play that Funky Music White Boy" to celebrate.

The remaining friends set up a garage sale for the remainder of Mrs. Wolowitz's stuff. While Howard pouts about having to sell his TARDIS, Amy and Penny and Raj set up the old Ping-Pong table. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Leonard discuss the literary implications of Wild Cherry's famous disco hit. Leonard comments that they'll arrive early, which upsets Sheldon, as this might alert the hotel detective. They realize that they're not far from Skywalker Ranch. Leonard thinks that George Lucas might want to be left alone, but Sheldon wants to break in. They decide to have an adventure.

Howard and Bernadette are having trouble deciding on décor, specifically when it comes to the TARDIS. They decide to have a Ping-Pong tournament to decide, with Raj and Penny acting as their champions. Sheldon and Leonard pull up to Skywalker Ranch. To their surprise, it's a perfectly ordinary gate on an only slightly out-of-the-way road. They decide to push their luck a little further, and try the speakerbox. Amazingly, due to a malfunctioning speaker, they are let in. Sheldon's next restraining order, coming right up!

They pull in to the magical fairyland, facing their first challenge in the form of a security guard. Sheldon favours a complicated plan. However, Leonard simply wants to be honest. Leonard wins out. Unsurprisingly, the guard doesn't let them in, but he does offer them some T-shirts and hats. While the guard goes to get them, Sheldon breaks free of the car and tries to reach the Ranch. He is quickly subdued by some scary-looking guys with Tasers.

Raj absolutely clobbers Penny, but quickly gives in when Bernadette reveals that she'd give him the TARDIS if Howard was no longer allowed to keep it. Howard begs Amy to be his new champion, forcing Bernadette to claim Raj as hers. TARDIS trumps friendship any time.

Sheldon sits in a sterile waiting room, where surprisingly, he and Leonard are not the only nerds waiting to be arrested. The third was caught doing unmentionable things to a Chewbacca statue. Sheldon and Leonard are let go with a warning, and banned from Skywalker Ranch for life. Sheldon still wants to know if he can meet George Lucas.

The TARDIS tournament continues. Raj tries to be intimidating, but isn't very good at it. Amy readily defeats him in the first round. However, since all she can do is serve, they quickly tie each other, and the match is in deadlock. Amy wins, and the TARDIS is placed at the entrance to her bedroom, where it is guaranteed to finally command Sheldon's presence.

Sheldon and Leonard returned from the trip, grumpy over their unexpected detour. Sheldon points out that at least Leonard got to see him shocked with a Taser. Leonard swears he saw the Ark of the Covenant. They declare the experience an adventure. For some reason, the lecture they were supposed to attend is not mentioned. I think they missed it?

Tag scene - Sheldon keeps running into Amy's bedroom dressed as Doctor Who (complete with terrible accents). It's not the kind of roleplay she had in mind...

Two completely different plots, each of little consequence - and both pretty hilarious. I think they could have gone further with Skywalker Ranch, but what they had involved some good one-liners and a nice demonstration of the friendship between Sheldon and Leonard. Their absence, on the other hand, forced an interesting configuration of friends at Mrs. Wolowitz's, which allowed for new dynamics and quite a bit of physical comedy, as well as some excellent pop culture references. So this week was a solid outing. With just three episodes left in the season, I'm excited to see what they'll come up with next.

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