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Worldly Distractions: Girls 4.6 - Close Up




Yes, everything on television got delayed this year because of the Oscars. This year I don't have the advantage of updating from Moscow, when you guys are all asleep and I've barely started to drink. So it's a full day delay. #sorrynotsorry

Let's see what Hannah, Shoshana, Jessa and the other one get up to this week!

The sun rises on Adam and Mimi-Rose curled up in an unknown apartment (Caroline's?). He cooks her a ridiculously large breakfast and they eat it on the roof. It's love, folks.

Hannah, meanwhile, is not in such great shape. She yells at Elijah for eating her Cinnamon Toast Cr - wait, hold up, Elijah? When did he come back? Does he have a curse on him, where he'll die if he doesn't see Hannah once a day or something? Or did he already go through every guy in Iowa?

We get gross sex from that gross couple, Marnie and Desi, accompanied by some more of their terrible music. Yes, they fuck to their own music. It's playing on someone's laptop.

Shoshana interviews at a soup company, which goes downhill when she decides to be her typical honest self. That, and she has no actual experience. They get into the world's weirdest argument, in which I learn the term "budussi", which means "butt, dick and pussy". Shosh winds up storming out. I guess the job hunt is really getting to her. However, the guy asks her out on a date. I guess if you're as cute as Shosh you can get away with just about anything. Bitch.

Ray arrives at an elementary school, where apparently he is entering some model buildings into a contest.



Okay, it's a town hall meeting, and I assume Ray has redesigned his street because of the traffic noise. But let's leave one of the few interesting characters for Mopey Marnie and Dull Desi! More arguing about music. It's not worth it, guys. For Desi, at least, the spark seems to be going out. They talk about a lot of bands I've barely heard of, but which are apparently deadly serious. Marnie accuses him of doubting her artistic ability. They're both unbelievably stupid.

Adam and Mimi-Rose are finding that all is not perfect - she likes to stay in, he wants to go out, she just had an abortion yesterday and wait, WHAT?

Yeah, and she says "abortion" like eight times in a row just to be shocking. Adam is a little confused. Especially when he finds out it was his. Yeah. If you're in what is considered a trusting relationship, it's probably a good idea to share that kind of thing with your partner. Though in the end it is your choice - well, don't be surprised if your partner is upset that he didn't know. However, she is very proud of being open with him after the fact. He goes into one of his Adam-rages and knocks things around the room. I think this relationship will last another .05 seconds at least.

Meanwhile, Hannah sees her therapist, who thinks she is making good progress. He's also quite hung up on Hannah's body shape. Hannah talks about how aimless she feels, and whether writing actually fulfills her. The therapist happily declares a breakthrough, while everyone else breathes a sigh of relief at the prospect of no longer having to put up with Hannah's artistic endeavours. Meanwhile, Adam presses Mimi-Rose for details of the abortion, and gets angrier and angrier as the answers come. He calls her evil, she storms off. It appears that they are toast.

Elijah and the four girls meet at a bar, where he recounts his wild Iowa life (apparently he was dating a mayoral candidate and almost bought a farm). Shoshana has given up on a career and wants to marry the soup man. Jessa has just about given up on Desi entirely. Jessa just rolls her eyes at the lot of them. Hannah announces that she wants a more selfless career, which causes everyone to snort and recount tales of Hannah's selfishness. Some friends. They suggest a whole bunch of careers for her, including clog maker, schoolmarm, and Tenille from The Captain and Tenille. My personal favourite - Mayim Bialik's stunt double. Hannah, barely listening, decides to go into teaching. Everyone almost drops dead.

Ray's important meeting comes to an abrupt end when the people running it get bored. Since he hasn't had a chance to speak yet, he objects. And yes, that's an official objection. The committee tries to blow him off, but he gets the support of other people in the room. The board still tries to leave. Ray takes the mike and angrily chews them out for being dullwitted bureaucrats. Amazingly, other members of the board even start to agree with him. The board members all get into insane personal attacks with each other. Or, as they call it in Australia, business as usual.

Adam packs up his stuff. As he's leaving, he runs into Mimi-Rose. He asks her why she never seems to need him. Neither of them seems to understand how their wants will fit into the relationship. Still, since they like each other a whole lot, they decide to give it a go. This is going to work out just great.

We see the two of them together, then switch to Hannah working on her resume while Elijah lies passed out. Ray decides to run for public office. Hannah enters a Catholic school to try to get a job, even though she has no teaching credentials whatsoever. So what happens now?

To be honest, this episode felt kind of disjointed. None of the characters seem to be on the same planet anymore, and their lack of connection is beginning to grind at the show a bit. It's not as cohesive as it could be. Dunham keeps them together just enough to justify putting their stories in the same episodes. Lately, everyone just kind of seems to be - drifting in their own spaces. And that's good, for a while. But we need some sort of connection soon, I think - otherwise the show will drift right along with them.

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