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Worldly Distractions: The Big Bang Theory 8.11 - The Clean Room Infiltration





Well, it's time to bring the fall of 2014 to a close with the last episode before our Christmas hiatus. Overall, I think it's been pretty good, if not genius. Let's see how they close it out!


Raj's parents are still getting divorced (prompting a talk about superhero lawyers), and his dad is coming to visit. Amy suggests that she host Christmas dinner and invite Raj's dad. Also, it's going to be traditional Victorian themed, and Sheldon is not on board. Raj is pissed, mostly because none of them came to his Tom-Hanksgiving. Opening credits.

Leonard and Howard work in the clean room, which at least spares Leonard his usual allergic reaction. Unfortunately, they accidentally let a bird in, which would probably get them thrown out. Howard suggests getting rid of the bird before anyone notices, though his ideas for extraction all suck.

We finally get to meet Dr. Koothrapali, who is quite the distinguished gentleman. Seriously, I want him to be my grandpa. He unsettles everyone with his constant barbs about marriage. Raj is called away for the lab emergency, leaving the good doctor with Penny and Amy. Bernadette drives Sheldon, who looks like he's about to be executed, especially when she starts singing Christmas songs in her high-pitched screech. They change the subject to gifts. Bernadette is horrified to learn that Sheldon isn't getting Amy anything, which is pretty much because of his hatred of all things Christmas. He decides to get back at her for actually making him celebrate. That's right - Sheldon's a Grinch.

His brilliant plan is to buy Amy a gift, which will make her feel guilty because of the implied social obligations. Since Amy is not a lunatic, Bernadette is a bit skeptical of this plan, but Sheldon won't listen. Back at the lab, Howard has a great new plan - lure the bird out with a Slim Jim. Leonard goes on for several minutes about how Howard's an idiot, only for the plan to work. You go, Howard.

The party continues, with Dr. Koothrapali, Amy and Penny, which sounds like the start of a really bad porno. They play some terrible parlour games for a while. Penny, tipsy as usual, tries to lighten the mood with some poorly chosen remarks. Raj, Howard and Leonard argue at the lab, which turns into a treatise on the state of the group's dynamics. Bernadette and Sheldon go to the mall to look for a gift. After some initial nervousness, Sheldon reveals himself to be seriously in love with Amy, though he won't say so in as many words. Sheldon attempts to explain his dilemma to the mall Santa, who does not quite understand and wants the creepy guy off his lap.

Operation Bird Removal has progressed to a fire extinguisher and a burlap sack. TBH, I think this would cause more damage to the clean room than the bird would. They wind up killing the bird, by the way. Howard begins to sob, convinced that he is a failure, probably because the guys have been teasing him all evening. He decides to do CPR on the bird to relieve his guilt, which is hilariously awkward. Miraculously, they bring it back to life, whereupon it perches in the clean room once again.

They decide to give up and call Building Services. Leonard gets a call from Penny, who is bored out of her mind and comes up with the novel idea of taking their names off the sign-in sheet. The guys joyously return home for a fabulous Christmas dinner. Sheldon presents Amy with a picture of himself sitting on Santa's lap, complete with a personalized message recorded in the frame. He is sure that she feels guilty, until she reveals his Christmas present - MeeMaw's Christmas cookies, made from MeeMaw's own recipe. Sheldon is overwhelmed. And everyone at home is crying, don't lie.

Tag scene - everyone plays more stupid parlour games. Raj reflects that at least Tom Hanks-giving would have been better. End credits.

We haven't been short on sweet Shamy moments this season, but this one might have been the sweetest. Don't tell me you didn't tear up. Dr. Koothrapali was a nice addition, though I thought we could have seen more interactions involving him. I hope he'll return for at least another episoe. The lab storyline provided some decent laughs, but the episode belonged to Sheldon and Amy. It's a weird little relationship, but damn if it doesn't have heart.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Freejinger, and I'll catch you with the Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife specials on Christmas Day. With the last season of Mad Men, the addition of Call the Midwife and Girls, and some special moments from the shows we've got going on, our 2015 season is going to be a blast! Stay tuned.

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      My stepmom helped raise me. So she’s my stepmom. 

      I don’t think my mom will marry her boyfriend. At least I hope not. And it’s not because I dislike him. I’ve known him since I was like 7 years old. He’s an old family friend. But my mom is not the marrying type. She’s just too independent. It’s better that they not marry and always live separately. But if they did marry, I would just refer to him by name. I probably wouldn’t call him my mom’s husband though. And it wouldn’t bother me if my kids called him grandpa. Currently they call him by his first name. 

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    • PopRox


      I also do the "my Mom and her husband" thing, because her husband is a scoundrel who doesn't deserve the dignity of a name. My aunts refer to him as "it."

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    • Giraffe


      51 minutes ago, Father Son Holy Goat said:

      We believe in Texas with the Wallers. 

      Oh! I didn't realize they'd actually moved. I assumed they were still going back and forth from the Duggar compound. How sad. I hope Mac's still in regular contact with whichever aunt she was closest to. 

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      2 hours ago, Red Hair, Black Dress said:

      Much of Kendra's uber strict uber trad Catholicism is exactly the same as the fundies we follow.

      Kendra definitely believes she holier than the pope. Her hubris about this knows no bounds.

      She absolutely adored Pope Benedict (Best. Pope. Evah.).

      She seriously dislikes Pope Francis.  As I mentioned above, several years ago she wrote Pope Francis (and encouraged her readers to do the same,) because she said he was doing something/ said something wrong.

      She wanted him to know it was wrong and to stop it. Because she disagreed with him. She posted the letter in her blog for her readers to use as a template.



      Just imagine being Catholic and thinking you are a better Catholic than the pope. 

    • Father Son Holy Goat


      On 5/20/2024 at 12:26 PM, SassyPants said:

      Do we know where Anna and the M’s are living?

      We believe in Texas with the Wallers. 

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