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Fun Fun Fundies, Sims 2 and 4

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Smiths Part Six: Keep On Keeping On

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As I mentioned previously, I've been mainly playing the Bancrofts, as I wanted to get Michael and Mary married. In a comment on the Married! post, I mentioned that Madison is also married! She is now a Walker. You'll get to meet husband Paul in the next post.

So, the Smiths. Since you can't move teens out early like in Sims 2, life has been pretty mundane. Eliza and Emily have a week left in-game before they age up. I'll probably kick them out, so that Nicole can have a final pregnancy... since aging freezes whilst you're pregnant (which I find a pain in the ass), Edward is a fair bit older than her, when they started off the same age.

I may have mentioned this already, but Eliza wants to be an awesome musician. Her main instrument is the violin.


Eddie and Elijah aged up! Eddie making a slight DERP face.


Eddie's a painter. He can't wait to capture God's wonderful creation!


Sometimes Eliza just feels so *inspired* she starts playing in the kitchen.


Carrot cake for breakfast? Whenever Nicole makes a group meal, I put any leftovers in the fridge. The family often help themselves.


Although Emily's normally a conscientious student, sometimes things can be a bit last-minute. No-one's perfect, after all; we live in a fallen world.


Nicole gets bored alone at home, so she goes to visit the Markhams. Becky and Callum appear to not be in school. Becky seems rather warmly dressed; they live in Oasis Springs which is a desert-y neighbourhood (the Smiths live in a more verdant area).


Here's Roseanne (I realise I missed a trick by not calling her husband Dan or her other kids Darlene and DJ*. She has two sons and one daughter. The other son is Alistair).


In another post I mentioned how Energised Sims tend to work out wherever they are... the kitchen isn't exactly the best environment for push ups.


Nicole goes out fishing; there are some Baking recipes she cannot cook because she doesn't have any fish.


She soon gets bored however and starts singing God's praises.


When you all arrive home at once... you get a big blob of Sims. No wonder Eliza's looking uncomfortable here!!


Emily also decides to do some woodworking. (Maybe I'll have her be a bit rebellious when she leaves home? As in... possibly (shh)... PANTS?)


So, 5 pm. Edward arrives home from work...


... Eliza has just taken a shower and is taking a selfie...


... Eddie's putting a book away in the study...


... Elijah is in the bath (I forgot what Emily was doing) ...


... Evelyn is playing the piano...


... and Elliot is napping on his bed.


Yo, Eliza, you have a table behind you. Why are you standing up to eat your baked potato? How can you eat it standing up?


Sorry this was rather dull. Hopefully things should improve once the oldest two move out.

* I haven't actually watched very much of Roseanne. My mother introduced it to me a long, long time ago and we only had Season 2 on DVD. I need to watch it more!! 



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    • hoipolloi


      2 hours ago, Lisafer said:

      This information is easy to Google, but I think a lot of oil-shillers would rather bury their heads in the sand about the true origins of the company.

      God forbid that anything diminishes their ability to peddle this shite to the sheeple.

    • Dandruff


      I wonder what would have happened if Anna had cheated on Josh (not that I think ever), especially if it was highly publicized.

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      Ankle biters? Does that mean they hate children or chihuahuas? If it's children, then why would they be against "baby killers"?  And what is a devil healer?  So many questions!

      On the bright side, at least they hate the KKK. Or so they claim. 

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      45 minutes ago, Ms. Squishels said:

      He also said he knew that people from the outside (I think he meant us) are watching his videos.

      I thought the same thing.  With 4 viewers, and no one commenting, he must have a dim clue that the people watching aren't necessarily fans.

      Join in, G-Haw.  We would love to chat with you, you know, before tomorrow doesn't happen.

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      I think Bro G missed his true calling. With that screech/scream and that kind of stamina and volume, he should’ve been the lead singer in a heavy metal band. :character-beavisbutthead:

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