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Baby Thor

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He's totally fierce. With his little trill/meow...kind of a "dwroooot" sound. 

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  • Posts

    • ignorantobserver



      3 hours ago, formergothardite said:

      And then there is this. This is a positive review and appears to be using examples from the book. 

      Thank you for the link ! And yes, this book absolutely promotes child abuse :

      "a kid uses all his money and no longer has money for lunch. He asks if he can make his lunch from the food in the fridge. The parents agree but only under one condition: that he pays for it"

      And it seems to be based on the assumption that the "real world" is filled with sociopaths and that children should be taught to behave like sociopaths, with every social interaction being a bargain or power struggle :

      "the mother who refuses to give her son a ride (although he asks nicely) because the day before, he had refused to do something she had asked him to do"

      So, Lucinda, this review did not make me want to buy this book and raise my children accordingly. What do you think of these examples ? Would you counsel parents to behave like this ? Or do you feel that these are not good examples of the 'Love and Logic' method ?

    • 1 hour ago, nelliebelle1197 said:

      You keep saying move along.

      You are in our house.

      We don't move along.

      You do.

      Sure thing 

    • NancyDrewFan1989


      6 hours ago, Melissa1977 said:

      I got the impression that Chelsy had to do everything alone. I suppose she had some help, of course, but she was mostly on her own. It was a bit sad.

      I think Chelsy and John outdoor wedding pictures were beautiful with the snow and her turquoise foulard, but the indoors looked like they were in a very dark place, which is not the best light for wedding pictures.

      Overall, she did her best, sew a nice dress for herself and had some decorations at the reception. And was barefoot, which for some reason was a very important detail for her.

      Alison may have still less help! She badly wants a country but fancy wedding and getting good results on that style take a lot of effort.

      Chelsy did make her own wedding dress. I now wonder if that took up much of her time with planning. I know Chelsy likes to sew, but her dress was one of the prettiest home made wedding dresses I have seen. She really did pay attention to detail when making it. I don't foresee Allison making her own wedding dress, so she might have more free time to make things. We will see in August what she does.

      On 6/4/2020 at 9:38 AM, JermajestyDuggar said:

      If she did just get engaged over the weekend, she was planning the wedding leading up to the official engagement. There’s no way she could plan this wedding in such a short time frame while touring around the country for over a month. It’s insane to me that she isn’t allowed to stay home and plan her wedding. Carson stayed home one summer before he was ever married because he wanted to work on the farm. But Allison isn’t allowed. She’s going to be so stressed out. Bontragers have large weddings because they have a huge extended family and a lot of friends.

      I've been rereading the blog posts about the engagement. All we know is that Allison got engaged on a Saturday, we just don't know which. For a few years the Bontragers have become fundie celebrities so Allison could have gotten engaged a few weeks ago and chose to hold off on announcing so she can enjoy being engaged before announcing it. Plus, the Bontragers held off on announcing Chelsy's engagement to John for about a month. They didn't announcing Josh and Cassidys and Mitchell and Bryn's engagements for a couple of weeks post engagement. I believe they did the same with Carson and Lina. So she might have been engaged for a longer period of time and they waited to announce until they had a date. Just speculation.

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    • Nolongeroppressed8.4


      1 hour ago, Tangy Bee said:

      He might calm down once he has sex. Dude been virgin a LONG time. Then again we have some fundie guys who get a bigger ego and appear to get crazier and decide they know it all. But most of them are much younger than Nat. Fresh out of childhood. Nat is pushing 40.

      It usually comes out at some point in their life that they’ve been doing SOME kind of sexual activity that they’ve managed to keep secret. Look at Bradrick! and DPWIAT and the list keeps going. 

    • danvillebelle


      She posted a selfie on her stories...I knew she couldn't go more than 48 hours without posting. 

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