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House Redo is a Go

I love Pringles


We closed on our house and today we ordered our flooring and got our paint colors picked and bought. We are getting the walls painted tomorrow and the next day and will be doing the floor next week (It has to acclimate to our home and the air has to get to it for about 5 days before installing it. I figured I'd share the living room colors we are doing and share a before photo here in my blog.

So these are the colors. The blue will be on the walls and the trim around the door and windows the sand color. I'm also attaching a photo of the room before and let me tell you all I cannot wait to get that nasty carpet up and gone. I'm sure it doesn't look bad (It's a new carpet) but honestly with my wheelchairs I hate the stuff. Its very thick and cushy and that makes it really hard to roll over in both manual and power chairs. 

Tonight the kid's job is to get all the books off the bookshelves (I think we have about 400 books?) and into the craft room and get the shoes and stuff out of the front room. I need to figure out good by the door shoe and coat storage. Does anyone have any to recommend?

Our front door? Don't laugh but it will be red. I've wanted a red door since I was a child so yeah lol. My husband gave me free range of colors and flooring of the house since I'm paying for it all. 

See the grandfather clock in the living room photo? I think it will look fabulous against the blue walls.

Anyway there's an update on the buying and house redo. I'll share photos tomorrow of the painting process and during it.



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Congrats on closing on your house!  I think your grandfather clock will look great against those blue walls, too and I love that you are getting a red door.

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I love Pringles


16 hours ago, Cartmann99 said:

What kind of flooring did you choose? :pb_smile:

We went with bamboo in a dark color. It was the most expensive thing we got but will be so worth it. Super durable and it isn't too hard to install because it snaps together. 

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    • mysweetetc

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      Surprised that it was these two who won the game of Twin Roulette between the G2 Dugglings. As a twin mom myself, I was under the impression that fraternal twinning is passed down through the mom, due to it being a case of hyper-ovulation. And I'm guessing it's fraternal twins because they did a double gender reveal--if they were identical, they'd know the kiddos were boy/boy or girl/girl.

      ETA: What will this be, 4 under 4 for them? Yikes on bikes.

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      I fat-fingered the "enter" button.
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      Laura and Katie are checking people in at Fort Rock this week. Jed is there too of course:



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      6 hours ago, Bluebirdbluebell said:

      There are some versions of the bible that clean up the story of Jacob and Joseph, so that the reader is missing something. Joseph wasn't the arbitrary favorite. He was one of the only biological children of Jacob and Rachel. His brothers who plotted against him were all half brothers. Jacob wanted to marry Rachel, but was tricked into marrying her older sister Leah. The Lord made Leah very fertile to make up for it. Rachel was almost barren until Joseph. (In the meantime, Rachel and Leah both sent their maid servants to have children by Jacob.) Jacob and Rachel were eventually able to have 2 biological children: Joseph and later, Benjamin. Benjamin was too young and not apart of selling Joseph into Egypt. Some versions clean up the story to just say that Rachel and Leah are the bio-moms of all the kids and Joseph just happens to be the favorite, but this is incorrect. 

      Jacob's father-in-law arguably started the problem when he tricked Jacob into marrying the wrong sister. 

      They really don't do Biblical marriage like they used to.

      I think the best part of Gary's retelling is struggling to remember any of the names or relationships, that's what people look for in a preacher. Although I can see all the women in the story going through all the kids names until they hit the right one!

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